Burke Decor Review( Is Burke Decor Legit?)

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

A lot of furniture manufacturers are available in the market. At times, the amount of available options make the decision of buying furniture too intimidating. What can help in such conditions? Perhaps, a full fledge review based on a fusion of personal opinions and customer ratings from around the world.

Burke Decor Review

So yeah that’s exactly what we’re gonna do here with our Burke Decor review post. Burke Decor is a lifestyle and home furnishing brand that is driven by design, function, and form. Burke Decor is the home of classic and contemporary luxury and unique designs. So let’s see if it is worthy of a shopping haul.

History of Burke Decor

The launch of Burke Decor dates back to 2007. It has been delivering outstanding home decor and furnishings for over 14 years now. Burke Decor offers uniqueness in each of its items.

It is run by the best artists, designers, and photographers from all around the world. When you buy from Burke Decor, know that what you receive is a blend of creative minds from all across the world.

It has its roots in the USA and is now one of the leading e commerce furniture stores in the market. Burke Decor offers a boutique like shopping experience to you that will help you curate a one of a kind look for any place in your home.

The distinctive designs at Burke Decor are a result of artisans from all over the world who are inspired by artfulness and great design.

Website Navigation

Browsing through the website of Burke Decor has never been a problem for us. The website design and interface is very minimal and simple. And that means it is quite easy to navigate through it.

On the home page, you’ll get to see a few basic categories of Burke Decor. Such as ‘Cozy Up’ that features plush and aesthetic pillows, ‘Kelly Behun’ that features new lighting and a few others that feature other home essentials.

Burke Decor offers a vast selection of things ranging from furniture to kitchen. This also means that there will be numerous categories on their website.

Sale, Gifts, Decor, Candles and Scents, Tableware, Bed and Bath, Pillows, Lightings, Rugs, Furniture, Wallpaper, Outdoor and lastly a Kid’s section.

All of these are sorted into items related to each of the respective categories just so you can be more particular in your shopping. Like the Pillows section is classified into All Throws and Pillows, Pillows by Size, Pillows by Color, Throws, Inserts and Pillows on Sale.

You will find similar categorization in all other sections as well.

In addition to that, you can filter and limit your search by arranging the products according to price, best sellers, newest to oldest or vice versa.

In short, the website is a 9/10 from our side. We haven’t encountered any problem while browsing on their website

Store Location

Burke Decor is mainly an e commerce store so don’t be surprised if you don’t find many locations. We do understand that it is crucial for any brand, especially a furniture brand to have physical stores so their customers can visit and shop with greater ease but we can’t do anything about it.

Anyway, Burke Decor does have 2 physical stores in the US. Thankfully. One is located in Los Angeles while the other one is in Ohio. So if the stores are within your reach, you should definitely visit them to have a greater quality inspection of the items and shape your decision accordingly.

It would be amazing if Burke Decor plans more physical stores across the US. But guess we’ll have to settle with online shopping until then!

Pricing at Burke Decor

It won’t be wrong to say that Burke Decor offers premium items at premium prices. The prices are quite justified. The products are not crazy expensive. The price tag will match the type and quality of product you choose.

For instance you can find a basic metal bed at Burke Decor for $700. On the other hand, if you’re rooting for a luxurious addition to your bedroom you can check out the most expensive Quadrant King Bed that is a classic with a streamlined silhouette. This one retails for $6800. You can find plenty other options between the $700-$6000 range.

Similarly, if you want to browse through mirrors on Burke Decor, the prices will fall between $12 to $216. They also have a really nice collection of dinnerware starting at $15 to the most expensive set for $600.

Burke Decor has a huge variety of lighting as well. The chandeliers are starting at $178, however, the amount goes up to $16000 for the most luxurious chandeliers such as this Karina Grande Sphere Chandelier.

All other products at Burke Decor are priced in a similar pattern i.e. starting at affordable prices and reaching to premium according to their design and quality etc. Overall, price ranges at Burke Decor are versatile.

Quality of Products

Burke Decor offers a wide range of unique items. The quality of their products is actually commendable.

They have a handful of good reviews over the Internet. Many satisfied customers whp were happy to shop from Burke Decor. Each piece at Burke Decor is meticulously crafted be it an outdoor rug or a bed frame.

All their items have a nice finishing overall. Paints, wood, color, quality of material; all of this is taken into account during manufacturing of their products. Which is why most of their products are quite long lasting and retain their appearance over the years as well.

However, we have gone through some negative reviews about Burke Decor as well. The good thing about them was that almost none of them were complains about their quality. The bad side is that most of the problems were about their customer service. But let’s leave that for later.

In terms of quality, Burke Decor is doing a splendid job. And we’d say that their items are worth a shot!


One of the most important, if not the most important thing is the delivery service of a brand. So let’s see if Burke Decor delivers in your vicinity.


Super impressed with the delivery service of Burke Decor because “there’s nowhere they don’t deliver”. This means you can shop from Burke Decor no matter where you live. Your package will be delivered at your doorstep.

Burke Decor has done a tremendous job by delivering not only to the 48 contiguous US states but also all over the world.


The delivery charges vary depending on where you’re located; US or International customer. If you reside in any of the 48 contiguous states then, on all orders under $50 will cost you delivery of 7 dollars according to flat rate. However, if your order is above $50 which is most likely going to happen every time, then you don’t have to pay a single penny for the delivery.

In case of international shipping, the rates will be calculated based on your location at checkout. These rates will be based on live rates USPS or UPS. Besides that, the tax and duty charges will be depending on your country’s law. The tax and custom charges will solely be upon the receiver.

All in all, Burke Decor is a winner in terms of its delivery service especially because of the fact that they deliver all around the world.

Return Policy

Burke Decor has a standard return policy, nothing too exceptional. They offer a 30 day return period starting from the day your package arrives.

If in any case, you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return or exchange it by contacting their customer support. The returns are only possible if the item is in its original condition. Also, the returns are not possible for wallpapers and special orders for obvious reasons.

However, one thing that we don’t like about their return policy is the fact that they charge a 5% return fee as well as the delivery charges are to be paid by the customer. The return fee is waived off in case of exchanges.

Customer Support

Burke Decor can be contacted via email or phone number. In case of any complains or queries, you can contact them at 888-338-8111.

For contact through email, you can reach out at [email protected]

The reviews about their customer support are not quite promising. Many people have mentioned that they weren’t able to get in touch with them at all. Contrary to that, there were positive opinions as well. So we can’t really put a label on their customer service.

Burke Decor Customer Reviews

Burke Décor has mixed reviews all over the Internet. We found a lot of good reviews about their quality and timely delivery. On the other hand, we also came across many negative reviews about them particularly about the customer service.

Such as this customer who is completely satisfied with everything about them

Contrary to that, this person is super disappointed with Burke Décor’s customer service

The good thing is that a representative has responded to most of the negative reviews. But this makes us wonder why they aren’t able to do that when customers reach out to them directly!


Burke Décor offers home furnishings and other essentials from a variety of brands. Their furniture and décor collections are quite unique. They offer great prices. Also, they also offer coupon codes

Besides these coupons, they have a lot of Sales going on at all times. You can always expect to get a good deal from them. So they’re a solid option if you’re considering to make a purchase for your furniture.

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