Do you have an obsession with the luxurious accessory of handbags just like me? This review article on Dallas Designer Handbags, based in the US, will surely hook you up for all the right reasons! Dallas Designer Handbags claims to offer an exclusive store dealing with authentic pre-owned luxury accessories including; watches, shoes, jewelry, apparel, etc. Their high-end product lines come from some top-rated brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Versace, and many other renowned brands. 

Dallas Designer Handbags gains popularity under the motto of “Never Compromise,” but is their service and product quality really justifying this motto? Just keep on reading to know more about the highs and lows of this much anticipated online accessory store!

Is Dallas Designer Handbags Store legit?

Dallas Designer handbags have been the talk of the town since its launch in 2015, courtesy of the diverse collection of luxury goods it owns. But it would certainly be an overstatement to acknowledge their claim without going into depth about their history and business strategies. After all, they are bringing a variety of luxury accessories under one roof that too comes from different sellers. 

Not to forget that apart from selling new branded goods, Dallas is also taking your preloved and vintage accessories to their online store. Umm, don’t you think the Dallas accessory line needs a bit of introspection before making it our go-to store? Okay, let’s just dive more into the business dynamics of Dallas before jumping to any conclusion!

Dallas Designer Handbags’s Average Rating

Dallas Designer Handbags has become a one-stop shopping destination in the year 2015, but they are still new to this fashion industry. I did not get much information regarding its net worth, but surprisingly, it’s the high rating that impressed me. I just googled Dallas Designer Handbags to check out how people are rating their luxury products and services, and it turns out pretty awesome. 

Also, Dallas Designer Handbags is showing a great presence on eBay with 5.5k followers with 100% positive reviews. This high rating is proof that Dallas surely has become a trusted brand for people and is definitely, NOT A SCAM!

Presence of Dallas Designer Handbags on Social Media

On the contrary, when I check on their promotional activity and presence on social media platforms, they somehow disappoint my high hopes. Despite consistent posts about the latest arrivals and promotional events, they failed to get even 10000+ followers on their Facebook page. However, the YouTube channel of Dallas Designer Handbags has almost 2.19k followers while the Instagram page again has just crossed the triple century. 

I guess not every customer wants to like, comment, or review on their Facebook page. That’s why one upsetting factor cannot undo the fact that Dallas Designer Handbags stands proudly among customers as a legit and reliable store for accessories shopping. 

What about the online shopping experience at Dallas Designer Handbags?

Website Navigation

If I had to name one flawless element of Dallas Designer, no other online store can compete with its user-friendly interface. The website design of Dallas designer handbags is as neat and sophisticated as its luxurious collection of branded accessories. New arrivals, promotional ads, featured items, and of course, a one-click option to shop accessories of different categories, everything displayed so cleanly that customers can navigate anywhere in one go. 

On top of that, the navigational menu with a discrete display of the category of handbags, accessories, designers, and sunglasses is simply unparalleled to any other site. And guess what, each category further unfolds many sub-categories leading visitors directly to their favorite item. Users can filter out their searches for a particular luxury accessory based on their favorite brand. It means there is no need to hustle while scrolling for a specific brand. 

I personally loved the way they put various stuff together without exaggerating the outlook of their homepage. Thus, you can browse any collection of accessories in just a few clicks to make your online shopping experience enjoyable. Do you also favor a minimalistic design over a fancy one? Then Dallas deserves every second of your attention. 


Now pricing is another impressive aspect of Dallas Designer Handbags. If you ask me about their price range, I would say it’s pretty much affordable. They are selling everything from handbags, watches, agendas, sunglasses, wallets to belts, so obviously, one cannot assume the same price range in each category. And honestly, it would be wrong of us to think of a branded accessory at a cheap price tag, right! Overall, you will see branded watches are available in two-digit figures and expensive handbags in four-digit price tags. Okay, let me highlight some of the accessories in both cheap and expensive ranges. 

In the handbags category, this crossbody leather bag of Hermes costs $2995, and another shoulder bag of Hermes will cost you $8895. So, you can clearly observe the wide scale of price, and the same goes for others. Like I saw a grey pouch bag from Prada for $475, a pre-owned item but so classy!

As I mentioned, Dallas does sell pre-owned products; they try to be transparent in giving the condition details in the product description. The cheapest handbag I came to see is the Tiffany & Co Tote bag which costs around $550 only. Oh wait, how can I forget to mention that Dallas, just as they claim, is offering discounted prices on many of the luxury items. 

There was a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag with a retail price of $2350 but selling at the discount price of $1195. Though the bag was gently used, I’ll never mind buying such a gorgeous-looking bag! I mean, we all have been looted in the name of sale offers at other shopping malls; At least Dallas is not hiding anything from their customers.

Moving on to the section of branded watches, almost every best-selling item got amazing discount prices. Here I came across a unique wristwatch of Invicta having a flawless silverish look that costs $149. From Adidas, Ray-Ban, Gucci to Tom Ford, their exclusively designed watches start with the cheapest price of $59. That is why many of their best-selling wristwatches have been sold out completely. 

And we all love fancy shades, don’t we! Dallas Designer Handbags owns an outstanding collection of sunglasses of different brands. There is almost 76% off on a silver-mirrored sunglass of Cristian Dior with a price tag of $116. 

And lastly, when I check on the category of wallets and belts, trust me, their colors and design are so aesthetic to leave you in awe. 

Dallas has been very successful in providing customer satisfaction in terms of pricing. Getting hands-on luxury accessories could be troublesome, especially since its price tag certainly keeps them out of our reach. Dallas Designer Handbags, therefore, is a premium shopping stop for people who want luxury accessories at affordable prices.  

Location of Dallas Designer Handbags

Dallas Designer Handbags, despite having popularity, and customer network, unfortunately, are still stuck at their main outlet. Dallas only physical store locates in San Francisco state, United States. Since the first day of the opening, Dallas Designer Handbags has been handling their business from this main store. This store has opening hours from 10 am to 6 pm, six days a week with a weekend off. I strongly believe the way they successfully established a reliable customer network; it’s high time they should consider moving out to other locations as well. 

Shipping Policy

Dallas Designer Handbags have taken this proud to provide free shipping to domestic orders, and honestly, I am proud of them too for this initiative! Now, I understand why people rely on the Dallas Designer store to sell and buy pre-loved items. By just confirming the domestic order with an authentic signature, clients can enjoy secure and fast delivery of luxury items to their places with FedEx support. Apart from domestic shipping, they charge customers a minimal fee for their orders with expedited shipping. 

And before you ask me about their international shipping policy, don’t worry peeps, Dallas is shipping internationally also, but with few exceptions. Due to complicated custom policies for luxury items, Dallas, unfortunately, couldn’t ship to countries like Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and some parts of Europe. 

For transparency, Dallas has mentioned that shipping orders outside the US are liable to customs duty, taxes, and inspection. So people not living in the US; be prepared to pay for all these expenses when ordering luxury stuff from Dallas Designer Handbags.

Return policy

Having the policy of 30-days easy and free return, Dallas Designer Handbags brought their target of customer satisfaction to another level. Customers have the option to return any purchased luxury items within 30 days for when they shop online. Or, in case of an in-store shopping experience, you can return the luxury item if found appropriate within the time frame of 14 days of your order date. However, the returned order should have proper packaging and tags. Otherwise, Dallas Designer Handbags will charge you a 15% restocking fee. You would also get a return shipping label for domestic orders if Dallas mistakenly sent you a damaged or false package. Dallas is coming with a commitment to refund your payment within 24-48 hours once got done with the item inspection. 

Layaway Service

Moreover, if you are interested in reserving luxury goods by down payments, Dallas Designer Handbags has a layaway plan to help you. All you need is to send the item SKU to their contact number, and Dallas will do the rest for you. Customers have to deposit a 25% down payment first, then the remaining 75% within 30 days, and BOOM, your item is ready to ship. And yes, remember, luxury items on sale are not subjected to avail through layaway plans. 

Customer Support

For any complaints or queries related to services, customers can report to Dallas Designer Handbags by calling their contact number (214) 646 3314. You can also leave your feedback or message by visiting the page of Dallas Designer Handbags.

Customer Reviews of Dallas Designer Handbags

So as I said earlier about their outstanding performance on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, I have seen great reviews about Dallas Designer Handbags. Check out these amazing reviews I saw on Google;

It seems like their customers are having a great time while selling their precious luxury items to Dallas. Just read this out;

Here is another piece of a great review by an overwhelmed customer;

I am yet to find anything bad about the service quality of Dallas Designer Handbags. Well, I don’t have much to write here because the customer reviews say it all!

Final Words and Wrap up

So, it’s time to wrap up this detailed review about Dallas Designer Handbags. I am overall quite satisfied with how Dallas has shown great progress and built up such a strong community of customers. Hopefully, this long rant of mine has made you fall for this emerging accessory shopping place. Now don’t waste your time anymore, and head over to Dallas and thank me later! And oh, happy shopping from my side!

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