As the world of e-commerce progresses, nascent as well as mature organizations flourish. Especially those with continuous hard work backing the passion of the owner entrepreneurs, reach phenomenal apexes of progress.

In this read, we will review one such thriving and particularly accomplished e-commerce site i.e., DHgate. It is a cross-border e-commerce platform, founded by Diane Wang in Beijing.

Established in August 2004 and launched in 2005, in DHgate, the “DH” stands for Dunhuang. It is a Chinese city in Gansu and previously a prominent juncture for trade on the Silk Road.

The road interconnected China with the rest of the world, hence owning the reputation. Inspired as a modern follow-up of the point, DHgate is a B2B and B2C platform. It supplies wholesale products globally to small and middle-scale e-commerce organizations. 

Is it legit?

The authenticity of a platform is of pivotal significance. Trust is hard-earned in the online world and being aware of the dark corner of the web is essential.

Therefore, before bringing out our review to you, we tested out the platform ourselves. Turns out, it is indeed legit. With a huge community of sellers and buyers, the platform itself is credible. 

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This is further confirmed by a decent number of followers and likes on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Other than these outlets, DHgate has an app to connect you with the sellers or buyers as well.

The app itself displays a healthy amount of downloads and positive ratings. These factors reflect the trust people put in it. 

Approximately more than 10 million buyers are using the platform at the moment. They belong to a diverse range of countries, the number estimated to 230 regions and countries. Along with this, more than 1.1 million sellers benefit from the platform.

However, as home to a plethora of different sellers, the platform itself might not be deceiving but the seller as an individual can be. To check if the seller you want to buy from is reliable or not, you should go for the reviews as they are good indicators. But in any case, there’s always the option of a full refund.  

Online Shopping Experience

When you want to order online, be sure that the experience doesn’t leave you bamboozled. To aid the cause, we have compiled all the required information for you. From breaking down their website navigation to the pricing and quality of the items available, we have investigated all. 

Website and App Navigation

The website, along with the application of DHgate, has a smooth and user-friendly interface. It wouldn’t require a lot of struggle on your part to navigate through them. 

Starting with the website, once you reach the homepage, you will see several categories on the top. The first would be All Categories, and clicking on it would lead you to a list of the sub-categories. These portray different groups’ products, neatly organized into several sections.

The division makes it easy to find the product you are looking for. You can also type what you are looking for in the search bar and filter the results. Then there are the Flash Deals, which offer products at discounted prices and are time-limited. 

Superior sellers are those sellers who are well-trusted and appreciated by the customers and the platform. A straightforward way to gain potential discounts on your products is the VIP monthly. And a greater value for money can be obtained using Local Warehouse as well as the Trade Show. 

The categorization is similar to that of the website in the app. However, there are several more deals to avail. For example, DH coins are one of the most profitable methods. You can redeem them to get discounts or exchange for coupons etc. 

In addition to these, you have the Coupon Center, Win Coupons, and Super Deals which can be used to avail discounts. For personalized search, you can filter the list further while searching for the product you desire. 

Pricing of Products

Most of the sellers at DHgate are native to China. The country is termed as the “world factory”, and is host to some of the best quality products at comparatively affordable rates. With that said, the majority of the items at DHgate are much cheaper as compared to the market rates in other countries. 

A huge collection of such products are available at wholesale prices for consumers as well as businesses. This is a star quality of the star, one of the primal reasons for the success it obtained globally.

Quality of Items

The quality of DHgate products, throughout our testing, remained exceptional. Many of the sellers hold stellar pieces which are precisely unique. Browsing online, we discovered that we weren’t the only ones to have the stance. Many people appreciated the quality of products available through DHgate, similar to us. 

Check out these classy handbags, for an instance, or the daydream dress below it. Both are absolute stunners.


These and other products available on the platform do not require the sale of a kidney. Although the quality might make you think it was supposed to be that way. You can check out more of such products here.

Customer Service

There is an FAQ and help section available on the website. In case you require further assistance, you can always click on the online service option. This will enable you to submit your query and get a timely response on the issue. 

You can also scroll down on the website and click on the help icon. From there, you can choose your preferred method which includes chatting online, opening a dispute, or even accessing them through social media. Check it out here.

However, in case of issues with the product, you will need to contact the seller. You can chat with him and resolve the issue. Although DHgate does take responsibility for its sellers, we suggest a stricter rule to apply to them. Most complaints with failed orders are due to the low level of response by dishonest sellers. 


DHgate ships globally and each product takes a certain amount of time and fee to ship, depending upon the specific product and the provider.

Shipping Fee:

As a general rule of thumb, the shipping fee for the product is 3% of the total cost. Each item must be paid for within 3 days, which will lead to the delivery of the item. There are no hidden fees. There can be an increase in the fees in case of a faster option, especially globally.


For common instances, it takes 3 to 15 business days for your order to reach you. However, this time may become elongated, depending upon your and your suppliers’ location.

Return and Refund:

The seller is not paid unless the successful delivery of the product is confirmed by the buyer. This is done through Escrow. Your credit and debit card details are completely safe with DHgate as they are not provided to the seller. Therefore, in no way can you be scammed by any seller.

In case of any uncertainties, a dispute request can be opened in a period as short as 4 days within the dispatch of the item. If the product isn’t up to the mark, you can gain a full refund.

Initially, the payment is held under escrow. But once it is released, you still have the chance for a complete refund. This can still take place within 30 days of receiving the order. However, you might have to pay the shipping fees when you want to return the product.

Customer reviews 

We as humans tend to perceive the majority opinion as valid. It is in our nature to see things the way others portray them. After all, we’re but social animals.

However, when it comes to shopping online, checking for reviews and ratings is an important task. Therefore, not neglecting this factor, we held deep research on the topic and discovered where the majority opinion lies regarding DHgate.

Most of the reviews about the platform are positive. These include prompt customer service as well as getting the bang for the buck. Many praise the exceptional quality products they receive, at an admirable cost.

Here a few of them:

However, this is not the case with every review. Some people claim the platform to be insensitive towards buyer rights. Although there is a strict return and refund policy, some sellers still slip through. You must check the seller rating and trustability radar before ordering.


For enthusiasts who love shopping, DHgate is a great platform. It is home to an astral variety of products, many being one of their kinds. With stellar service, pricing, and quality, this platform gained is great, to begin with. Similar to every other platform, it has its ups and downs but we still recommend it, keeping in view the above-mentioned traits. 

Not to forget, this was one of the first platforms to introduce e-commerce trade at a global level in China. It is worth a try, whether you are a sports champ, a tech lover, or a fashion diva.

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