On today’s post we have Farmhouse Fresh review – Is it good, bad or at least legit?

They say “It’s not hoarding if it is skincare” and I cannot agree more. Once you start seeing skincare as an investment, you really won’t think twice before grabbing a skincare product.

Nonetheless, you should spend your hard-earned money at the right place and choose the best for your skin.

One of the places really worthy of spending that money is Farmhouse Fresh. Their products are infused with freshly grown botanicals to ensure healthy and supple skin.

But anyway, let’s just put all that I know aside, and do a quick review of Farmhouse Fresh to help you find out if it’s really your cup of tea.

Is Farmhouse Fresh legit?

Farmhouse Fresh was founded back in 2005 by Shannon McLinden. The access to authentic information about the owner and very credible social media profiles of the company suggest that Farmhouse Fresh is indeed a legit business. 

They believe in using only certified organic or naturally derived ingredients for their products. And because of their unique philosophy, they’ve been honoured as one of the Favorite Body Care Line in America’s Spa Magazine awards. 

What’s even more interesting is the fact that one of the popular FRIENDS star, Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), was prepped with ‘Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip‘ for the FRIENDS Reunion as stated by her makeup artist, Bret Freedman. 

Online Shopping Experience 

The shopping experience at Farmhouse Fresh is really amazing. Personally speaking, I couldn’t get enough of browsing their products. Not only the website is easy to use but also boasts a very visually appealing theme that keeps you hooked to shopping.

All their products are categorized quite well. You’ll find skincare, body care, and fragrance products in separate sections. The skincare products include everything that you can possibly need from exfoliators and moisturizers to lip care and self-tan items.

Similarly, the body care range is also quite vast. You can find body balms, body wash, scrubs, soap, and much more. What really impressed me was their ‘Find a Facial’ feature that helps you choose the best facial kit according to your skin type. They’ve options for oily skin, combination, acne-prone, pore minimizing facial sets, and more.

If you’re not ready for the shopping, then you can even book a virtual skincare consultation via their website or find a nearby FHF Spa. You can pay for your purchases via American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

In essence, shopping online from Farmhouse Fresh is really a pleasant and customer-friendly experience. You can easily find the formula for each product before you buy and that makes the shopping even more satisfactory.

Additionally they also have a store on Amazon.


I see many people investing in tonnes of makeup products that really just cover the face and do no real benefit in the long term. And when it comes to skincare, they think of it as a huge expense when it’s really the opposite. 

FHF products are expensive, I’m not gonna sugarcoat that at all because that’s how it is. But if you care to check out the ingredients and how they’re extracted from organic sources then you’ll see how justified the price is. 

For instance, their ‘Full Moon Dip Facial Mousse’ that I mentioned earlier costs around $46. The product quantity of around 50ml is quite sufficient and it also includes the skincare magic potions, Retinols, and Peptides, derived from all organic sources.

Similarly, there’s another irresistible product, the Honey Lavender Fine Sea Salt Body Scrub that costs around $34 for a 12oz jar. That is really a generous quantity for the price and the ingredients are great as well.

If you’re interested in after-shower body oils that keep the skin hydrated, you can find those as well. The prices of FHF Body Oils start from $25 and can go up to $45. You can also try out scented candles starting from $35 that really set the mood for a self-care regimen!

So if you really analyze each of their product with all its magical ingredients, you’ll begin to see how they’re worthy of the expense. The ingredients are natural and environment-friendly. They’re extracted from organic sources and serve their purpose really well. 


FHF is stellar in terms of its product quality. As I said earlier the quality and formula of their products is what makes them worth the expense. Farmhouse Fresh products are especially amazing for people who’re switching to a natural lifestyle. 

It’s really amazing that many people now do not like to use harsh chemicals on their skin and seeing how FHF introduced that idea years ago is quite impressive. Most products by FHF are produced from 90% natural sources.

Here’s what someone said about FHF on Reddit:

A majority of FHF products as per customer reviews, are paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, and gluten-free. And while many people are concerned about the odor of FHF products, you can rest assured that it is not toxic for your skin since they use phthalate-free fragrances for most of their products. 

Paraben-free products are really a big deal ever since most of us have learned the harms of cancerous paraben ingredients. So keeping the products free of parabens is definitely a big plus point for Farmhouse Fresh.

Here’s someone rooting for their body care products but not the facial products:

Basically, it’s all about what works for your skin. Someone likes the body products while another person prefers only the skincare range. 

But overall, the skin and body care range by FHF is widely popular in spas, hotels, and resorts. The quality and formula of their products make them worth a shot. Also, most of their products tend to serve their purpose quite well which speaks for the quality itself!



Farmhouse Fresh is based in the US so you can expect a nationwide delivery in the United States. Orders are shipped within 24-72 hours from the date of purchase. The orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. You can avail overnight shipping, priority mail, or ground shipping according to your requirements. 

Unfortunately, FHF doesn’t offer worldwide shipping. They currently offer limited international shipping regions. FHF international shipping is available in Canada, the Middle East, and a few other regions. 


FedEx Ground Delivery for orders above $50 is free of cost. For orders below $50, a $10 flat rate will be charged. The shipping charges for overnight service or airmail vary accordingly.

For international shipping, the charges are calculated at the checkout based on your location. In addition to the shipping charges, you’ll have to pay the custom/duty charges based on your country’s requirements.

Store Location

Farmhouse Fresh is mainly an e-commerce store only. If you want to shop from them, then you’ll have to head to their website. However, if you’re based in the US, there’s good news for you.

You can find your FHF favorites locally near you. Since their products are available at spas, you can find a spa near you using this ‘Find FHF Near You’ feature on their website. 

So basically living in the US means that you can book a rejuvenating spa session for yourself with your favorite Farmhouse Fresh products and enjoy!

Returns Policy

The return policy of FHF is quite customer-centered which accounts for a reliable shopping experience. They offer a 30-day return policy starting from the date of purchase. 

I really appreciate the fully refunded return offered by FHF. Unlike most companies that deduct a restocking fee from your return balance, Farmhouse Fresh offers a full refund amount. 

The return process is absolutely hassle-free. You just have sent in an email to file for a return claim. They’ll provide you with a Return Authorisation Number and then you can proceed with the rest of the process.

You can find the return shipping address for Farmhouse Fresh and other details here. 

Customer Support 

Farmhouse Fresh review can not be complete without the customer support aspects. FHF offers quite a big team of customer support representatives directed towards different purposes. For general queries, you can contact them on their Toll-Free number, Monday to Friday (8 am – 5 pm).

For accounting, operations, regional events, or spa/salon current account assistance you can find all the details on their contact-us page. They’ve also mentioned the address to a headquarter FHF farm, however, that is not open for the public.

Overall, FHF offers a pretty responsive and customer-friendly service. You can even book a virtual skincare consultation as mentioned earlier which makes them great in terms of customer support as well!

Verdict on Farmhouse Fresh Review

Speaking for myself, I really admire the whole idea behind Farmhouse Fresh. They promote natural, organic, and environment-friendly products. They’re a really great option if you don’t like to use harsh chemicals on your skin. Also, they’ve been sticking to their purpose all these years which makes them a really reliable brand. But at the end of the day, it’s really you who’s going to decide what works well for you!

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