Horse Saddle Shop Review: Legit or Scam?

Last Updated on: June 23, 2022

Find the right kind of saddles that do justice to your horse. Of course, you don’t want to harm the animal with poorly constructed equipment and yet have your equestrian requirements fulfilled. Horse Saddle Shop is the place that can effortlessly deal with all of that.

If you don’t have a clue about it then, you should definitely go through our review to find some leads. We’ll be covering the quality, prices, and all the essential factors you need to know before making a purchase from HSS. So let’s get into it!

Is Horse Saddle Shop Legit?

Horse Saddle Shop is an absolutely legit family-owned business, operating since 1986. It is currently owned by the co-founder Chuck Klockow. Previously, it was operated by Chuck and Dales who decided to upgrade from a small tack store and create an online business. 

Horse Saddle Shop proudly mentions the profiles of the owners as well as the employees. They operate active social media profiles as well with customers sharing their experiences over there and that definitely suggests Horse Saddle Shop is indeed authentic. 


Starting off with the price range at Horse Saddle Shop because that’s what is incredibly impressive about them. But before we start on that, you should know Horse Saddle features products from different brands so the prices significantly vary because of it.

Yet despite that, Horse Saddle Shop guarantees to offer the lowest price. On their website they mention:

“If you find a saddle cheaper (and in stock) let us know, we are happy to work with our customers and provide the best buying experience available.”

Via: @horsesaddleshop

They efficiently work to cut down the prices of the items and provide their customers with the best of deals. So let’s check out the prices of a few saddles and boots from their collection!

The prices of Training Saddles at their store start from $1099 and go up to $2300. These training saddles are built on a reining tree with leather cutouts. For instance, this American Saddlery AJ Trainer for $1099 boasts incredible build quality with sturdy materials that ensure a confident training ride. 

Similarly, the prices of Endurance Saddles start from $852 and go up to $2599 for this Tucker Horizon Outpost Endurance Saddle. It is built with a shock absorption seat, gel cushion for enhanced comfort, and exceptional quality leather. Therefore, comes with a price. 

Moving to the ‘Used Saddles’ section and let me tell you that the collection is massive. You get around 200 products to choose from and the prices for used saddles are starting from $375 to $6000 for premium show saddles that would’ve cost you a lot more otherwise.

And let’s not forget that you can also benefit from their Financing Options that help you pay in installments for up to 18 months. All in all, Horse Saddle Shop does keep up with its lowest price guarantee and makes the payment quite convenient for the customers!

Online Shopping Experience 

Well, I think that Horse Saddle Shop is really the best bet for the equestrian community out there. Shopping online at their website and browsing through a huge inventory from the comfort of your home, nothing can beat that, right?

In terms of inventory, they have really outdone themselves. They have an incredible collection of everything related to horse riding. They feature products from multiple well-known brands on their website. It gives you the liberty to compare and find the best prices for your desired item in a single place. 

Moving on to the items that they offer and well, I highly doubt that I’ll be able to mention all of them. They have an endless variety of saddles. You can find Arena Saddles, Ranch Saddles, Endurance Saddles, Mule Saddles, Trail Saddles, and the list will go on just like that. 

Via: @horsesaddleshop

They also have a tack supply section on their website where you can find all the horse essentials from rein and horse blankets to protective gear and grooming supplies

Another thing that’s really impressive is the availability of used saddles at their store. In case you don’t have a budget for new saddles, you can browse through their inventory and find the right saddle for yourself in half the price. 

And let’s not forget the incredible boot collection for men, women, and kids at their website. You can also find some basic western wear, riding helmets, leather purses, riding gloves, and literally every little essential for an equestrian. 

Lastly, they offer all the mainstream payment options including PayPal, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. Overall, I guess you can’t beat them for their incredibly versatile inventory and also, the website browsing is smooth and hassle-free!


Well, it seems like not only the prices are splendid but the quality too. Horse Saddle Shop is a family-run business that swears by the principle that “if it is not good enough for us to buy then it is not good enough for us to sell”. And that lays the foundation of their company. 

Now, of course, you’re not bound to believe that. It’s no secret that businesses say things like these to sell themselves. But you obviously can take leads from genuine customer reviews. Here’s a customer appreciating the boots she received:

Horse Saddle Shop offers high-quality and durable horse riding equipment and essentials. The material used for the construction of saddles is highly sturdy and hence, renders a robust construction of the saddles. 

Saddles are available in different fits with appropriate size guides. The tree, stirrups, and rigging of each saddle boast an incredible construction. You can rely on these saddles for comfort and safety, for you and your horse both. 

A poorly constructed saddle can do more harm than good and Horse Saddle Shop owners as riding enthusiasts themselves understand that very well. That is why they work their best to sell the saddles that meet the expectations and requirements of their customers as well as horses. 

While sure the positive feedbacks outnumber the negative ones, here’s what someone had to say about them: 

But that’s no big deal because each company does receive its fair share of negative reviews. Overall, Horse Saddle Shop is doing pretty well and is worth a shot!

Store Location 

Horse Saddle Shop is based in the United States. They have had one physical store ever since the beginning in Indiana, USA. However, the major sales happen through their e-store since it is accessible to people all around the world. 

So if you want to purchase any horse riding essentials then, you can visit their store in Bremen, Indiana. But in case you do not reside nearby, you can always visit their website to find out everything that you need. 

To find their physical store location, you can visit their website. 


You can expect a good shipping service from Horse Saddle Shop. The items are always well packaged to avoid any damage during transit and also, arrive on time. In fact, in multiple instances, customers reported having received the order even before the said date. 

In short, they have a pretty good reputation for their shipping services. Anyway, let’s find out about their shipping locations and cost.


Horse Saddle Shop offers quite a flexible shipping service. They deliver all across the 50 states of America via UPS or USPS. They offer UPS Ground, 3 days, and 2 Day Air shipping options. For Next Day Air booking and availability, you’ll have to contact their customer service. 

For shipping to Canada, Horse Saddle Shop collaborates with Canada Parcel Post to cut down the shipping expenses. Apart from that, Horse Saddle Shop also provides International Shipping to 45+ countries around the world. 

International orders are shipped via Global Airmail Parcel Post and usually arrive within 6 to 10 days. 


Yet another great news for the people in the US is a free shipping service. Horse Saddle Shop offers a free of cost ground shipping on all orders above $99. Free shipping is almost like a treat for the customers so Horse Saddle Shop does get brownie points for that. 

Since the International shipments are sent via Global Airmail, the shipping costs are not sky-high for international customers either. But shipping charges vary from country to country so you can find them out at the checkout after you provide your accurate shipping address. 

According to Horse Saddle Shop, they have successfully shipped 3,507 international packages since 2014 and I guess, that’s a pretty good score!

Return Policy 

Returns at Horse Saddle Shop are quite hassle-free as well. They stand behind all of their products and guarantee quality as well as satisfaction. However, in any case, if you do not find your package up to par, you can contact them for a return or exchange.

Horse Saddle Shop offers a 2-week money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, make sure to ship the package back in under 2 weeks. The returns are only accepted if the item is in its original and unused condition. 

As for the return shipping fee, it is the responsibility of the customer. Moreover, a 5% restocking fee will also be deducted from your refund amount. Also, keep in mind that Horse Saddle Shop does not offer returns for DVDs, Books, Bits, or bulk orders. Here’s a customer sharing an amazing overall experience with HSS:

So overall, the return policy is quite neutral. It goes in the benefit of the company as well as the customers. Nothing unusual or extraordinary!

Customer Support 

Well, the customer support department is where the Horse Saddle Shop exceeds our expectations. They take pride in serving the equine community and therefore, you’ll always receive prompt and helpful responses from their side. 

And the quick responses are not only in terms of your order but also, you can contact them for efficient guidance whilst choosing the saddles and finding the right fit for your horse. The majority of the people had something good to say about their customer service and that makes them quite a reliable company. Here’s a customer sharing that they couldn’t ask for a better customer support:

In case of any problem, you can always turn to them to find a workaround for your order or product issues. To find the contact details, you can visit their website contact-us page. 

Final Thoughts 

Needless to say, Horse Saddle Shop seems to be doing exceptionally well. They provide a huge inventory, offer free US shipping, deliver quality, and a fantastic customer support and we can’t ask for more. You can find a variety of products at prices that match the market or even less than that. So definitely worth a try!

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