Home furnishings that stand out of all and also are affordable are not easy to find. Discovering a furniture retailer that offers both is a dream come true. Manhattan Home Design is famous for its Mid Century modern furniture replicas in amazingly low prices. 

But before you buy from them you need to know the ins and outs of Manhattan Designs, their policies, shipping, quality and everything else that anyone normally considers before laying hands on something. 

We’ve scrutinized quite enough about their reviews and shopping experience and thereby, this review is based on our endless inspection about MHD. 

So let’s see if Manhattan Home Design is worth it or not!


Manhattan Home Design is fulfilling its promise to provide affordable furniture to the masses since 2008. Affordability was the prime factor behind the emergence of MHD. 

MHD manufactures high quality furniture and delivers excellent mid-century designs that too in economical prices. This company is based in New York and is run by an enthusiastic and young team of experts that strive to create the best of furniture. Both in terms of quality as well as appearance.

Over a decade has passed since the very beginning of MHD and they’ve fairly made their mark in the furniture market for sure. 

Website Navigation 

The website of Manhattan Home Design looked a bit intimidating to us in the first glance. Especially due to the pool of “On sale” items on the home page looks a little too much, or maybe that’s just how we felt. Someone else might like it. 

As you scroll down on the home page, you will see the hallmarks of their perseverance mentioned in the form of all the awards MHD has earned over the years. Apart from that, you can also check out the various media mentions they’ve received in all these years.

Moving on, let’s talk what kind of furniture categories are found on their website. So Best Sellers, Lounge Chairs, Living, Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Bedroom, Outdoors, and a Sale section is what you’ll find in their navigation bar. And of course, these categories are sub classified for a targeted shopping experience. 

The tables, for instance, have been categorized into Dining, Living, Coffee, Side Tables, Consoles and Carts, Bar Tables, and Computer Desks etc. Furthermore, you can filter your search according to brands, colors and price ranges. 

The best thing about their website is the fact that they provide a comprehensive description and specifications about all their items. 

Overall, the website design and interface is average. However, browsing through all the categories is very convenient. You can easily shop from the website, but in case you’re not comfortable with that you can simply contact on their sales number and place your order over call.

Store Location 

Manhattan Home Design has a total of one showroom only and that is located in New York. The address of their showroom as mentioned on the website is 325 W 38th St Suite 1501 New York, NY, 10018. However, the showroom is temporarily closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. 

Other than that, they have no physical stores anywhere else. The only place you can visit if you want to shop from them right now is their website. 


Manhattan Home Design is driven by the thought of providing affordable but high quality furniture. That’s what they themselves claim. And we cannot disagree with that. 

MHD has a very affordable price range overall. Perhaps, because they sell replicas. However, the quality of all their furnishings is commendable and at the price ranges they offer, their furniture is a steal. We don’t often say this about other brands, so yeah we actually mean it when we say it is super pocket friendly. 

We went through the categories that feature the most cardinal furnishings for a house. For instance, we did browse through beds, chairs, and tables. The cheapest option for a bed is the single Twin Vinyl Bed that will cost you less than 300 bucks. 

Similarly, a modern full bed frame such as this one, will cost you $749 only. And it’s perfect for a basic bedroom or guest room setting. The most expensive bed is this Tracy Queen Bed for $1400. It can effortlessly transform an ordinary bedroom to an extra ordinary one. Honestly, you’ll hardly find something like this at this price elsewhere. 

Moreover, they have a very compelling collection of lounge chairs at reasonable prices. A basic plastic rocker chair will cost you no more than $200. However, if you want something classier then you can check out this dense foam upholstered Vinyl Lounge Chair that looks exquisite in a contemporary, vintage, or chic setting. This one costs $493 only. 

The most costly chair set at MHD retails for $2400. It is a set of 2; one reach lounge chair and one reach ottoman.

Besides all this, everything else on their website is reasonably priced. Lightings, tables, patio furniture all are available in prices that will be easy on your pocket.

 Conclusively, we’d like to say that the claims by MHD of being affordable are legit. You won’t find such nice stuff anywhere else at such prices.


The quality delivered by Manhattan Home Design is unrivalled at the price point they offer. It is easily one of the best affordable furniture retailers in the market right now. 

While some other “affordable” furniture retailers cannot always manage to maintain their service and quality, MHD stays committed to providing amazing quality and value for money to their customers every single time. 

Reviews on the Internet for such brands can become a bit too harsh at times. For instance many people expect a replica to be an exact copy of the original thing and judge MHD furniture on those terms, even though we all know it’s not supposed to be like that. 

If you consider their price range and compare it to the quality that they provide, you’ll most definitely come to the conclusion that the quality is much better than the price you paid. 

We haven’t seen many reviews reporting durability problems. Most of the negative reviews mentioned about the differences between the replica and the original thing, which in our opinion is not justified at all. When you’re paying a small portion of the original price, you better align your expectations accordingly. 

So overall, Manhattan Home Design is the perfect option when you’re in search of affordable but classy furniture. They’ve managed to maintain a decent reputation in all these years and we consider them worth trying.



Currently, Manhattan Home Design offers shipping to Canada and US only. They do not offer any international shipping at the moment. However, you can get in touch with an international transporter who will ship the item to you. In which case, you’ll be providing the transporter’s warehouse address to MHD. 

All other dealing will be between you and the transporter and it will not be the responsibility of MHD once your item has been received by the transporter.

Moreover, they do not ship to APO/FPO addresses. Shipping is available for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


A free shipping would’ve been a cherry on the top but unfortunately that’s not the case. The standard shipping from MHD will cost you somewhere between $39-$199 depending on your location.

Larger items are shipped through FedEx or common carrier truck deliveries. In both cases, the items will arrive at your doorstep provided that you reside on the ground floor.

Return Policy 

We’re not really happy with the return policy offered by Manhattan Home Design. And we have a plausible reason for that. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you’ll only get 7 days to file for a return or refund claim unlike the usual 30 day return period offered by most online stores. 

In case of refunds, you will not receive full value of your purchase. A shipping fee (which is understandable to some extent) as well as a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount.

Quite honestly, the return and refund policy is major disappointment for us and most likely for you too.

Customer Support 

For your questions and assistance you can contact MHD at their phone number or via email. In both cases, pray that you receive a response soon because Customer Support of MHD isn’t something that we’re fond of. And it’s not only us, most of the customers have had bad experiences with their customer support. 

But anyway, you can try your luck at:

Sales: (646) 578-8606 Ext. 1

Existing Orders: (646) 578-8606 Ext.2

Or via email


Manhattan Home Design Customer Reviews

You will rarely ever find solely positive or negative reviews about any brand on the Internet. And that’s exactly the case with MHD. The reviews about their service and quality are not entirely positive. 

Most people seem to have problems with their customer service. However, the positive responses about MHD clearly outnumber the negative ones which says a lot about them as a company.

We have a collection of positive and negative reviews that we found on different websites

Tremendous quality for the price, satisfied with the customer service

While this one reporting a terrible customer support

Also, someone on Reddit has a detailed review about the Eames Lounge Chair which by the way, we think is a bit too much considering that the company manufactures replicas.


If you’re looking for reasonable yet classic high quality furniture, then make sure to check MHD out. But our best suggestion to you would be to keep your expectations a bit aligned with the fact that they offer replicas. The quality is, without a doubt, amazing. 

Also, the price range is within the reach of everybody. They are a bit notorious in terms of their customer service. But apart from that, everything else that’s beyond great makes them worth a shot!

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