Is Micro Ingredients a reliable brand? Today’s post is all about Micro Ingredients Review. You asked, so we will share our review on this very fast growing brand.

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Despite the stellar 5-star reputation at most places online, I suggest you should think twice before buying from them.

Now this review isn’t ‘anti’ Micro Ingredients at all. However, get ready to see a lot of facts that may come off as a surprise to most of you. 

For those of you who do not know about Micro Ingredients at all, it is a supplier of all-natural, pure nutrition and herb-based supplements based out of California.

As a matter of fact, they are the biggest supplier at Amazon but there’s a lot that needs to be addressed. As you read about Micro Ingredients as a brand, you will be better informed about the brand’s image overall.

So let’s find out how much their products are natural and effective, if at all. 

Is Micro Ingredients Legit?

Micro Ingredients as a company is legit. But is the claimed organic status of their products legitimate? I highly doubt that. If you’ve ever searched beyond their apparent amazing repute, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

As far as the company is concerned it is authentic and not a scam. You receive what you order. Their products are claimed to be tested by USA labs, and most of all, they have a huge selling at Amazon. 

But let’s dig in further and find out if there’s more to the story because a lot of well-known herbal supplements are notorious for their quality control issues. And there’s a chance Micro Ingredients is one of them.

Is Micro Ingredients a Good Brand?

Very good question. The company as it is, is legit as we pointed out above. And it is good, not great. Let’s look into more details on this.

Now “good” is subjective. While a brand may be good for some, it may not be necessarily good for others. Products are available at an affordable prices.

One product does not define the brand. While some are really good for a customers, it may not have the same effect on another customers. There is nothing specifically bad about the brand Micro ingredients. You see the deals, get them.

However, you can’t expect great products with a cheaper price.

Pricing of Products

The biggest selling point for Micro Ingredients is perhaps their low price point.

They offer all the vital supplements at unbelievably low prices which is a major reason why they’re becoming increasingly popular among the public.

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But what seems affordable to some is suspiciously cheap for others.

Their supplements are available at half the prices of their closest competitors and don’t even talk about their price difference from the leading supplement brands in the US. 

For instance, the 300 capsules of Vitamin D3+K2 by Micro Ingredients are available for around $24 only. On the contrary, Vitamin D3+K2 by Nested Naturals cost around $19 for 60 capsules only. 

Similarly, a pack of 720 tablets for the Organic Chlorella and Spirulina will cost you around 35 bucks. But as far as Spirulina is concerned, it typically comes at a similar cost from other brands too. 

However, the low cost of supplements by Micro Ingredients leaves a lot of customers questioning their authenticity which is totally justified. If the cost-effectiveness of these supplements is coming at the cost of your health, then what’s the point?

A lot of controversy surrounds Micro Ingredients. One of the most convincing of which is the fact that they might just be another bulk buyer of uncertified Chinese supplements that rebrands at a mark-up. 

Quality Claims

Micro Ingredients claims to be an all-organic company with products(as with many other companies) that are:

  • Preservatives free
  • Free from artificial flavor/color
  • Free from fillers or binders
  • Tested by USA labs

On top of that, their supplements are approved by USDA and they also claim to be registered by FDA. Unfortunately, most people are naive enough to believe these claims.

At least a vast majority of people looking to buy their products, don’t look much further than the price. Even more so because Micro Ingredients mentions on their website that “customers can request free digital copies of any lab reports”.

But really can you? 

Lab Reports are Just Marketing Gimmicks

The truth is that the company fails to provide any such reports. They don’t even care to respond to the customers who demand these reports or any certificates of authentication. 

Then, what’s with the internet flooded with 5-star reviews and even their Amazon store that boasts a fantastic reputation? Could their reviews be paid as well? Well, we never know.

Well, either the customers do not care enough to probe further about the company or the reviews are fake. Because honestly, there’s a suspicious amount of 5-star reviews that have probably been made to overshadow the negative ones.

 One of their popular products is the D3+K2 vitamin. Shall we take a quick look at the D3+K2 vitamin?

Micro Ingredients D3 K2 Review

There’s a massive amount of reviews like the one below, that suggest the Vitamin D3+K2 might just be the best thing you’ll ever buy:

But then, have a look at this mess in the FAQs of the same product:

Clearly, the company has a shady reputation in terms of quality and they’re trying to hide it.

Micro Ingredients Spirulina Customer Feedback

Likewise, Spirulina is yet another product that people apparently can’t stop talking about. 

This is one of the many splendid reviews about Micro Ingredients Spirulina Powder:

And then, if you look into the FAQs, people have opinions that are poles apart from what’s mentioned in the reviews. Like this one:

So the primary problem is that Micro Ingredients does not provide adequate testing reports, contrary to their claims. 

Another common problem with their products is that they stink real bad(Sorry to be too honest). But according to them, it’s because they don’t add any artificial odor or flavor to their supplements. And we’re ready to believe to that.

But we cannot compromise the lack of adequate testing and robbing the customers of their right to demand COA and third-party testing. 

Where are Micro Ingredients’ Products Made?

Micro Ingredients is based in California, USA. However, not all of their products are manufactured or grown in the USA. For instance, the organic Spirulina is grown and manufactured in Taiwan which means the company technically has its origin in China. 

Who even knows the company may be entirely a Chinese manufacturer. Here’s one shocking detail mentioned by a Redditor:

“Their office address in California is just a front …” Oops!

All of this is sort of debunking the excellent reviews at other places online and leaving all of us questioning the origin and authenticity of the company. 

Online Shopping Experience 

Their office address in California may just be a front but their website is totally authentic. It is easy to browse and looks really interesting, by the way. 

They have categorized their inventory into 4 basic sections:

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Super Foods
  • Wellness Supplements 

They claim to offer around 200 raw ingredients ranging from simpler stuff like Organic Stevia powder to supplements that help with mental alertness and dopamine production like the L-Tyrosine. 

You can even find some unique recipes to try out by using their products. Other than that, you can also purchase from their Amazon Store which is a good choice for customers outside the US.

Micro Ingredients accepts payment via all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.


Let’s talk about the shipping locations and cost of Micro Ingredients. There are limitations, and cost involved depending on where you order the products or where you are located. Stay with me.


If you order directly from their website then, you only get the option to get your order shipped within the US. Micro Ingredients does not offer international shipping.

However, they do happen to have a store on Amazon as well which means you can check if Amazon’s shipping is available for your country. 

Shipping Cost

Micro Ingredients offers free shipping on all orders above $49 which again is a promising point for the customers. For orders below $49, you will be charged a $7.94 shipping fee. 

If you’re purchasing via Amazon, the shipping charges will vary based on your location and the package weight as per Amazon’s policy.

Returns Policy

Micro Ingredients offers a 30-day return policy which is only applicable for their US customers purchasing directly from their website. 

Any item is eligible for return or exchange if it’s in the original, sealed, and unused condition. The packaging of the product should be intact. 

Also, the shipping costs are not covered by Micro Ingredients so you will be responsible for that. If you’re purchasing via Amazon or any other store, you’ll have to check with their return policy. 

Customer Support

This is yet a big part of Micro Ingredients review and forms the basis of our overall review.

The customer support team at Micro Ingredients is flat-out disappointing. In fact, at some point, you may even wonder if a customer service team exists at all. There are multiple complaints about them not being responsive via phone or email either.

Especially if you ever dare to contact them for a COA or lab test report, the chance of you getting a reply is close to zero. Here’s what a customer said about them:

They simply do not respond timely or at all. They refuse to address the concerns of their customers about the origin or the authenticity of their products. 

To be fair, there’s nothing that makes the reputation of a company more questionable than the lack of efficient customer support. 

Anyway, if you wish to connect to Micro Ingredients, you can find the contact details here.

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Final Verdict

Needless to say, I do not have a pleasant opinion about Micro Ingredients. But of course, we can agree to disagree. If you want to give them a try, go ahead but make sure to give it a good thought.

But after reading the above Micro Ingredients review, you may like to compare other sources for similar products you are looking to buy.

You get what you pay for. There’s always that and this is just to appraise you of Micro Ingredients before you decide to make your purchases.


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