Setting up a nursery for your little one is quite an endearing experience. You get all excited upon seeing adorable furnishings and decor. However, the furnishings being all cutesy doesn’t mean everything.

Above all, you should look for the things that ensure comfort and safety of your child. Looking particularly for high quality, safe, reliable as well as stylish nursery essentials in this day and age is no more a problem.

You can find plenty of online stores that offer all that. Among those stores, ‘Modern Nursery’ caught our attention with their incredible selections. But unfortunately, not everything is rosy about them. 

So let’s start with our review of Modern Nursery’s shopping experience, pricing, quality, and everything else you need to know before you shop from them!

Is Modern Nursery Legit? Read Our Review

To begin with, yes, Modern Nursery is an authentic business that claims to be obsessed with creating gorgeous and innovative environments for children. However, I’ll be honest that the reviews on the internet got me skeptical for quite some time. 

The majority of reviews suggested that Modern Nursery failed at performing well and meeting the expectations of their customers. But I decided to search for more. And to my delight, I found out that the business was sold by its original owners in 2019 and is handed over to a new team now.

The negative reviews that exist out there are mainly before that. And currently, Modern Nursery is run by a team that’s not only responsive but also striving to gain a good reputation among its customers. 

Online Shopping Experience 

Well, I have to say that the shopping experience at Modern Nursery’s e-store is terrifically amazing. Their website is user-oriented and super easy to browse. The layout of the store is based on a contemporary design that definitely adds to the aesthetics as you browse. 

Modern Nursery offers furnishing and other products from over 50 brands. They offer customers the ease of browsing hundreds of products from different brands, all in one place. And that is something I consider the highlight of their business. 

They ensure to choose only the best of brands that offer quality and reliability. In addition to nursery essentials, you can also find modern adult bedroom furniture from beds and nightstands to seating and ottomans. 

Modern Nursery review

Via: @modernnursery

You can browse through a versatile collection of baby gear including strollers, car seats, and bags, etc. The nursery furnishings section includes cribs, decor, bedding, and storage, etc. 

Apart from that, you can also get your hands on toys and gift items for children of different ages. Also, they have a very exciting collection of beds for kids featuring all the modern designs that’ll get you hooked to scrolling. 

For a targeted search, you can choose filters like color, brand, age, size, gender, and other related categories. So overall, browsing around their website was quite a pleasant experience. 

Once you’re done shopping, you can choose to pay from around 10 payment methods including American Express, Apple Pay, GPay, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, and many others. 


In terms of pricing, Modern Nursery is quite versatile. They feature products from a variety of brands and hence, the prices vary largely depending on the brand. 

So there’s no specified pricing range that I can mention for Modern Nursery. You can some quite cheap deals and at the same time, you’ll find items with their prices touching the sky. Modern Nursery offers something for everyone. 

Anyway, let’s look at a few furnishings from Modern Nursery and help you find out how really versatile the price range is. 

Starting off with this Gelato Portable Bassinet that retails only for $229. This is one of the cheapest items from their ‘Cribs’ section and is a fantastic combination of simplicity and functionality. 

And then, there are super fancy cribs that’ll almost cost you a fortune. This Lydian Crib by Nursery Works with 24k gold fetches a price of $6,900 and will definitely be an exquisite addition to your toddler’s nursery. 

Via: @modernnursery

Similarly, if you’re looking for storage options then, you can find some super pocket-friendly items like the Mini Basket for $22 only. Likewise, if you’re looking for some premium storage options then, you can expect to find that within a price range of $500-$4000. Like the Caravan Double Dresser for $3,695 which is going to serve you with plenty of space. 

Then, there are baby gears like strollers and car seats at fair prices. Like the Car Seat & Stroller for $550 seems to be a really great deal!s

In essence, the prices at Modern Nursery are quite versatile. You can find low, mid, and high range options at a single place and I believe that’s a plus point for Modern Nursery as they can cater to all kinds of customers. 


Just like the prices that vary largely from brand to brand, the quality of items at Modern Nursery is not steady as well. Although they claim to offer items only from the best of brands, you still should expect differences in quality because, at the end of the day, each brand offers different standards. 

If you’re purchasing from a well-known manufacturer then, you can rely on them for the provision of quality in their furnishings. Also, you can check out the reviews about these brands individually and then, grab a deal via Modern Nursery. 

Here’s a customer sharing a terrible experience with some brands:

However, one thing that I really consider worth mentioning is their collection of eco-friendly furnishings. They have a dedicated section for eco-friendly furnishings and gear that are free from toxins and harmful chemicals. It’s definitely a great initiative and engages people who are considered about what they introduce to their child’s surroundings. 

Anyway, you’ll see plenty of mixed reviews about their quality as well. First, because they offer products from different brands and your experience will definitely differ from brand to brand. And secondly, they were previously owned by someone else and now they’re struggling to make their reputation better. 

Here’s how Modern Nursery responded to a complaint:

They claim it’s a night and day difference now and we hope it’s actually that way!  

Store Location 

Modern Nursery is based somewhere in the US. Which state? We’re not sure about that. However, it’s not that big a deal because Modern Nursery is essentially an online store. 

All the shopping, as well as communication, can easily happen through their website so not having a store or defined location isn’t a matter of concern. If you need to shop from them, simply visit the website and that’s about it!


In addition to the regular shipping services, Modern Nursery also offers White Glove Delivery. With this service, you can get the furniture set into your room of choice within two flights of stairs. 

The service includes unboxing and discarding the packaging as well. However, furniture assembly is not offered. Anyway, the service is great but of course, comes with added charges. 


Modern Nursery offers both nationwide and international shipping. If you’re located within the US, you can get your package shipped to any state. 

However, the problem exists with international shipping because not all items are available for delivery outside the US. This is mainly because some brands do not allow shipping outside the US.

You can find out if your selected items are available for international shipping at the checkout. The ground shipping is quite fast and takes only around 2-7 days. However, if your package is shipped via freight carrier then, it may take anywhere around 2-4 weeks or more. 


Modern Nursery claims to offer free shipping on orders within the US. But unfortunately, things are not that simple. With large or bulky items, you’ll be charged a significant shipping fee which is almost always the case when purchasing furnishings. 

However, this shipping fee will be calculated at the checkout so you can always decide if you want to go ahead with it. And as for international orders, free shipping is not available at all. 

The shipping charges will be calculated at the checkout based on your location. 

Return Policy 

Modern Nursery offers very detailed return guidelines. But first, let’s start off with the fact that not every item is eligible for a return. The non-refundable items include high chairs, bouncers, strollers, car seats, furniture items, mattresses, and customized items. 

Next, within the first 14 days, your package is eligible for a refund minus the shipping and handling fee provided the items are in their original condition as well as packaging. 

Here’s a customer sharing their return experience with Modern Nursery and it looks quite satisfactory:

Within 30 days of receipt, your package is eligible for a store refund or exchange only, less the shipping and handling charges. Overall, I think their return policy is not flexible or user-oriented either. 

Customer Support 

About the customer service again, there are a lot of mixed opinions on the internet. Some of the customers have been lucky enough to receive a brilliant customer service while others have had terrible experiences. But then again, it was mainly before the business was sold to new owners. 

Now, the reputation seems to be improving along with Modern Nursery’s revamped services. Here’s what a positive review by a recent customer:

You can contact them via a contact form on their website, call, or email, as well.

Final Verdict

Modern Nursery is seemingly a nice place, overall. However, there is a lot of controversy about their service and quality, etc. They haven’t been able to cleanse their previous reputation so far. But since they’re on the road to recovery, we hope for you to have a satisfactory experience with them, now!


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