New chic is a clothing and accessory brand for women, men, as well as kids. They offer high end fashion in a price range that wouldn’t break your bank. You can find a massive selection of clothing and accessories at their website. 

The best part about them is that they’ve established themselves as a global brand that means you can shop from them, no matter where you live. They are a fashion forward brand that’ll always offer you latest trendy and chic clothing. 

And that’s everything they claim about themselves. But of course their claim alone is not enough so I did all the required homework to find out if New Chic is worth it or not. So let’s see what it’s all about!

Is New Chic Legit?

New Chic is based in China and that of course brings a lot of questions and concerns to everybody’s mind. But unlike most Chinese companies, New Chic is concerned about its quality and service. And I know that because I’ve seen them stand behind their products. 

Their customer service is really responsive and addresses the concerns of its customers instantly. And they’re always ready to compensate for a bad experience. And that speaks volumes about them as a company. 

Apart from that, you can have a look at Google trends about them and judge for yourself. Because to me, New Chic seems to be a legit brand. 

Online Shopping Experience 

Shopping online from new chic is a super easy process, all hail to their user friendly website. You can find a bunch of your desired articles within seconds if you land in the correct category. 

On the home page, you’ll find chic options for t-shirts, blouses, dresses, and button down shirts. And just by the way, this is just a fraction of what you’ll find in these specific categories.

The women’s section offers everything that you’d want in your closet. They have a massive collection of jackets, sweaters, coats, swimwear, dresses, PJs and robes, denim, capris, tees, hoodies, and whatnot. The list is quite impressively long. 

Other than that, you can find shoes, bags, and other essential accessories. Likewise, the men’s section too, offers everything from shorts and denim to suits and coats. 

Additionally, they offer a specific category for plus size clothes. You can shop for your kids as well as for your home and garden. And you can filter out all the stuff according to its color, price, material, pattern, occasion, etc. 

The payment methods at New Chic are quite diverse. You can pay via COD, all VISA and MASTERCARDS. Moreover, you can also pay directly via online banking. COD, however, is available for limited countries only. While residents of Mexico can also pay via OXXO. 


New Chic is a mid-range, affordable brand that’ll not offer you huge bargains unlike most Chinese e-stores. You can say you’ll pay a fair price for what you buy because prices are not crazy expensive. The most trendy and fashionable styles can be found at their website at affordable prices and that’s the best thing about them. 

But anyway let’s take a look at some of their items. And then you’re free to decide what you think about their prices. 

First, I made a trip to one of my favorite sections on their website. Chic comfy tees, yes that’s where I landed. I found out that the cheapest tee at New Chic is worth $7 while the price for the most expensive t-shirt was around $50. You can find a bunch of t-shirts at an average price of $15. Just like the one below for $14 only. 

Next, I checked out their collection of chic boho dresses because who doesn’t love flowy and breathable summer dresses? The starting price in this range is $16 while the maximum price goes up to $50 only. 

Furthermore, I looked up some trendy coats and found out the prices to be quite pocket friendly. The starting price for coats at New Chic is $25 while it can go up to $115. Just like this super cozy faux fur jacket that retails for $73.

All in all, the prices are quite impressive. The average price at New Chic is around 40 to 50 bucks. And these prices are fair as long as we’re getting our hands on good quality stuff. 


Here comes the million dollar question, what kind of quality can you expect from New Chic? So let me break it to you that you can expect anything from them. Because I’ve not seen consistency in their quality. One thing might look like a high end purchase while the other might look like a $1 copy. 

You’ll mostly find mediocre quality stuff at New Chic. But there will be times where you may come across something with a crappy manufacturing quality. And it’s not something only I noticed. 

Most of the customers have a similar say in terms of their quality. And most of the times, the problem is not with the quality of the material but with the size of the clothes. 

There’s a huge chunk of complaints that mention about their size chart being inappropriate and clothes having a terrible fit. Just like this one:

So it looks like New Chic really needs to work on their quality and their sizes. I was actually expecting better from them based on their popularity as well as their customer service (we’ll talk about that later on)

Sure there are customers that have had great experiences but we can’t overlook the other side.

Store Location 

New Chic is based in Hong Kong but they do not have a physical storefront as of yet. Shopping is only possible from their online store. 

Their online store houses a huge collection and variety of clothing from different brands at different price ranges. 

To shop for stylish and chic clothing from New Chic, you just need to head to their website and not drive to a retail store. And that of course has its pros and cons both. 

I do agree that having a physical store is always a plus point for any brand but not having that isn’t much of a deal breaker either. 



New chic offers shipping to a variety of international locations. But we’ll talk about that a bit later because there’s something I can’t seem to digest. At first, I wasn’t ready to believe that they do not ship within China.

But then, I double checked and didn’t find China in their shipping locations. And that sounds quite fishy. Anyhow, I don’t exactly know why they do not deliver within their own home region but at this point, I sure am a little skeptical about them. 

On the other hand, when it comes to international shipping, the list of locations is almost endless. Also, the shipping methods are quite diverse too. They ship to the UK, US, Spain, Australia, Canada and the list goes on and on. You check out the remaining locations HERE. 


There’s no fixed shipping cost mentioned at their website. Shipping costs vary largely according to the customer’s location and shipping method. Some countries are eligible for free shipping as long as the conditions for free shipping are fulfilled. 

Shipping charges for some countries can be found at their website. The shipping cost varies according to the amount of the order as well. 

So overall, I’m clearly not over the moon about their shipping service. The availability of international shipping is of course laudable. But the shipping charges are not customer friendly. 

Return Policy 

New Chic offers a 30 day return or refund policy to its customers. To file a return or refund claim, you’ll just need to get in touch with their customer service. And as soon as they confirm your claim, your refund or replacement will be processed.

At their website, they’ve done a full-fledged explanation on how to file for a claim in different cases of returns. You can check all of that here if you want!

One amazing thing about them is that they’ll immediately contact you for a refund in case the item you ordered goes out of stock. Refunds are also possible for items that do not match their said description. 

Return policy of New Chic is fine overall. I mean I do not have any reservations as such. The policy is pretty basic but shipping a package back to China is what concerns me over here!

Customer Support 

Okay so New Chic has done a pretty good job in terms of their customer service. Their customer support is actually really responsive. Your questions, complaints, and queries will be addressed within 24 hours. They’re always ready to assist you in case of any problem. 

Additionally, they also respond to all the complaints and negative reviews about them at different platforms, almost instantly. And they do respond with a solution most of the times. This is what I appreciate about them quite a lot. 

You can reach out to their customer support via live chat or send a message directly through their website. 

New Chic Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, the customer reviews about New Chic are not some good news. Like I said previously, there are happy and satisfied customers as well. But the negative reviews easily overshadow the positive ones.

This person had a ‘reasonably satisfied’ experience with them

But this one says their items look more like a cheap copy:

And here’s another person who’s happy with their service

Final Thoughts

A massive number of mixed reviews about New Chic is what has made me quite doubtful about them. Their responsive customer service gives me a little hope about their authenticity. But of course that’s not the only thing we can depend on. You can give them a shot if you want to. But looking at their overall reputation, I’d not recommend buying from them.


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