Who doesn’t appreciate adornments? Especially when they are adorable. Crafty masterpieces hold special places in abodes.

Along with beautifying the place, they bring a distinct feel of comfort, native only to them. But beauty might seem like a money drain that washes away your fortune if you don’t have enough. Most art is expensive and this is a fact. 

Therefore, this time, we reviewed an e-commerce store, which is dedicated to providing you with memorable pieces of artwork. What’s special is, the prices don’t demand you to sell one or both of your kidneys.

Ideal for arts and crafts, Peggybuy is a comprehensive platform for children and women to buy anything they desire at reasonable prices. It is an online shopping place built by a crew of engineers, designers, visionaries, and artisans.

This company is working as an e-commerce store to help its customers access a wide range of high-quality products at relatively lower rates than the market.

This versatile store deals with different kinds of items including kids’ toys, DIY handicrafts, jewelry, essentials, watches, apparel, shoes, and other home and garden products. 

In this read, we scan every nook and cranny of the store and present it to you, just to aid your buying decisions.

Is Peggybuy Legit?

Now for the big question, Is Peggybuy Legit? What kind of a brand is Peggybuy? We are here to find out.

Online shopping is not deficient in risks. Especially when one or another scammy organization lies in every inch of the internet world.

For you to have the best experience, we have analyzed Peggybuy deeply and verified every possible indicator to guarantee the authenticity of this store. 

On Facebook, Peggybuy has more than 10k followers which speaks about the reliability of Peggybuy. Based upon this information, this store does not look like a scam and won’t rip you off your money.

A good following reflects the trust of people in a company and says a lot about its reputation.  Keeping that in mind, Peggybuy seems to be well-balanced.

Moreover, on Youtube, many people have unboxed and reviewed Peggybuy products. The reviews constitute a majority of positive feedback. 

After dedicated research on many other platforms and personal testing, we can say that your card and bank details are safe with Peggybuy. The products you order would be safely delivered to you as shown.

Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping shouldn’t be a baffling process if you aren’t tech-savvy. Although mostly it is effortless, it can be complicated at times as well. This is mostly when owners decide to create a website which is a mess in itself.

Some websites do not support a user-friendly interface which causes a hindrance for customers to explore the store easily. The authenticity of a store is not enough, the ease it brings to the customers while exploring weighs heavily too. 

Website Navigation

While reviewing, we observed that the nature of the website is very smooth and calm to navigate. On the top, all of the products are categorized into sections.

On the home page, we can see promotions, new arrivals, recommendations, and whatnot. This part could’ve done better in sections, however. In this way, customers could get the chance to open a particular segment and explore it. 

But this is no particularly horrible thing. Overall, the website is nicely built, and showing your way around is easy.   

Payment Options

Peggy accepts payments via Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and also Discover. If and if only these are connected to PayPal. For the countries which do not support Pay Pal, this might or might not be the end of this journey for you.

However, bank transfer (debit card) is possible through Paypal only. You will have to connect your card with Paypal to proceed with the payment. For details, check out here.

Product Pricing 

Peggybuy but is renowned for its pricing. Unlike many other art and crafts outlets, this store does not ask for a transplant-worthy amount. This store was specially designed for the customers to get supreme quality products at cheap rates. 

One of the most featured products of this store, diamond paintings, is available for just $7.99. Adding more to it, an aesthetically appealing DIY range includes bags, keychains, bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, pendants, notebooks, and accessories. All of these are just under $10. 

This is a plus point for the store as it ensures that if you are on a budget, you don’t need to deprive yourself of adorable charm. 

These products will prove to be a colorful and delicate addition to your life without breaking your bank. Moreover, the store has different deals going on where you can buy products for as low as $2.99 and multiple “buy three get one free” offers to avail. It’s all in there.

Items Quality 

Almost all the products are handcrafted and their quality is remarkable. The details and creativity are to die for. For instance, these DIY keychains look elegant. 

The details of pieces available at Peggybuy are commendable. According to the lengthy research we conducted, this store delivers quality for the money. However, for some products, it might not be the same, elegant craftwork. But for this cost? Totally worth it.

Store Location

As mentioned earlier, Peggybuy is an e-shopping platform. You can only place your orders via mobile phones and laptops. This store will save you from the troubles of physical shopping.

However, there is a warehouse, etc. The address of the company is Shenzhen Huanjin Technology Co., Ltd.

Factory Building 401, Xin Tian Xia Industrial City, Vanke City Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000. 

Shipping and Delivery

Peggybuy offers two shipping methods worldwide. Peggybuy Standard Delivery and Peggybuy Express Delivery. Standard Shipping includes DHL global mail, Uk direct line, AU direct line, and EU direct line and 5-12 days to deliver your product.

However, Express Delivery uses DHL, EMS, and FedEx and takes 5-7 business days. Normal shipping usually takes about 15-30 days. These days only include the working days and weekends, holidays, etc don’t count. You can track your order as it travels!

The delivery charges are $5.99 in some countries and $7.99 in others. However, the shipping charges are free on orders above $60. 

You can see the details of shipping methods and charges country-wise here

Return Policy

Peggybuy offers a satisfactory return policy. In case of any damage, you can return your order 3 days after delivery and 14 days after the shipment.

If your product gets damaged in 90 days from delivery, you can either return or replace it for free. After 90 and within 180 days, Peggybuy will compensate for the damage. However, after 180 days, they will not accept any refund or replacement request from your end. 

For every kind of incorrect and defective item, Peggybuy has made a well-defined policy. Click here for details.

Customer Support 

For complaints and queries, you can reach out to them via email or call. They are online from Monday to Friday (9:00-18:00).

Email: service[at]peggybuy[dot]com

In case of questions, you can also consult the site’s FAQ section.

Customer Reviews

While testing, the majority of our experiences turned out fine. However, the reviews about this company are mixed. For your satisfaction, we have researched and then compiled some of the reviews which show peoples’ experience with the products overall. 

This guy seems pretty satisfied with the quality. Most of the reviews were in favor of the store. 

The majority of the complaints were related to the detailing and customer support. 

It is found that people term the pieces as “cheaply detailed”. While this issue was addressed by some people with the fact that the price was significantly low as well, others weren’t as comprising. The quality isn’t bad, however, the close-up details might disappoint a little.

Final Verdict

When crafts cost limbs, Peggybuy is here to save the day. Our in-depth research has led us to nothing but to recommend Peggybuy to you.

From the variety of products to customer service and quality, this store is praiseworthy. Let the adorable products adorn your home, with a tongue of the beauty of cuteness combined.

Not only are these aesthetically pleasing but if you have kids, they are going to thank you for them. The creative collection of the store serves as the delicious flavoring of a cake.

And the affordability of this store is like a cherry on the top. If you’re a die-hard fan of DIY crafts and diamond paintings, Peggybuy is the right choice for you!

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