A store offering a live aquarium, terrarium, and bird displays as you hunt for your required pet essentials is no less than a heaven for animal lovers. Yes, we’re talking about Pets Warehouse here. And it’s pertinent to say that they sure have figured out a smart way to attract more visitors and generate longer visits with more impulse sales. 

Anyway, this store has been around for years and is a one-stop-shop for all the pet essentials. But do they really offer an experience that you’d enjoy? Well, for now, I can’t say much so let’s probe into all the details about Pets Warehouse to find an answer for that!

Is Pets Warehouse Legit?

Pets Warehouse is an absolutely legit place to shop for pet supplies. They launched their first store back in 1974 which means they have got a success story of around 47 years now.


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On their website, Pets Warehouse mentions:

“Our website has been ranked #2 by Yahoo Internet Life magazine, and is the third most visited pet supply site by NPD Research.”

So it’s definitely clear that they have scored a loyal clientele up till now. This company started off as a result of personal passion for pets but over the years, it has become one of the leading pet retailers in the market.


Let’s start off by talking about the price range at Pets Warehouse so you can decide if it can be your go-to place for pet supplies. To begin with, the prices at their store are quite fair. The store is not cheap but the prices ain’t touching the sky either. 

You can expect to find a good deal for most of the stuff. Simply put, the prices are market competitive and justifiable for each product. So let’s have a look at a few items from Pets Warehouse. 

Starting off with beds for dogs because those cuties deserve comfy and cozy places to nap. Pets Warehouse offers all kinds of beds from simple sleeper rugs like this Sleeper Bed in Black for $5.49 only to really cozy Play Lounge Bed for $227. 

Similarly, you can also find a variety of chews starting from $3 to $270 for this Red Barn Tripe Twist. 

Moving on to fish tanks that are also available in a huge variety. There are small 1-gallon desktop aquariums for $34 and the prices can go up to $650 for a 93-gallon tank. 

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And if we talk about simpler things like scratching accessories for cats, you can find a versatile collection of scratching tools within $4 to $60. Like this scratch and play ramp that retails for $24. 

So overall, I consider the prices to be quite in line with each type of product. Like you can get simpler treats and accessories for under 5 to 10 bucks. But if you like something more elaborate then, you can find that too within a price range of $50 and higher. 

Shopping Experience 

When I said Pets Warehouse is a one-stop-shop for all the pet supplies, I actually meant it and you’ll see proof of that on their website. They feature every little pet essential at their store and it’s almost impossible to name all of them here because really the list is endless. 

But let’s give you a little overview of the store and shopping experience. Pets Warehouse offers Aquarium, Cat, Dog, Bird, Pond, Reptile, and Small Pet Supplies. In addition to that, you can also find freshwater plants, fish, coral, and live rock, etc. at their store. 

In each of these categories, you’ll find all kinds of related supplies and essentials. For instance, for the aquarium, you can find things like filter fiber, medication, reef, decoration, food, heater, light bulb, chiller, and everything else, you name it. 

Similarly, if you’re a cat owner, you can browse through a variety of collars, catnips, odor remover, scratching tools, beds, furniture, food, and all else you need to keep your cat on point. 

And one thing I really appreciate about them is the fact how they avoid the display of cats, dogs, or puppies, etc. at their store. Unlike fish, reptiles, and birds that are comfortable with being displayed, cats and dogs are not. Therefore, Pets Warehouse does not sell cats and dogs at any of its stores. 

Lastly, payments are accepted via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Both in-store and online shopping experience at Pets Warehouse is convenient and customer friendly. The website is super easy to maneuver and offers a smooth shopping spree!


Knowing about the quality of items from Pets Warehouse is yet another factor that’ll help you with moving forward with your decision. And while sure there are a hell lot of negative reviews about Pets Warehouse on the Internet, almost none of them was about the quality. 

Their biggest issue seems to be a lack of stock because every other customer complaint suggests that their order was canceled or delayed because they were ‘out of stock. 

Apart from that, Pets Warehouse features pet supplies and accessories from a few different brands and so, the quality can vary depending on the manufacturer. But despite that, most customers seem to be satisfied with their purchases. 

However, some reviews like this one suggest that Pets Warehouse is not the place for plants and pet food:

Now I’m not sure if that’s actually the case every time for I haven’t seen similar complaints elsewhere. But of course, you can consider this feedback as a heads up if you want. 

In essence, there’s no major issue in terms of quality of items at Pets Warehouse. Of course, there can be unfortunate experiences. What really matters is how the company deals with them!

Store Location 

Pets Warehouse is based in New York, USA. And apart from its e-store, they have 5 independently owned and operated physical stores. In fact, the online store launched afterward. They originally started with their first store in Bayshore LI, New York. 

Pets Warehouse has 5 store locations; Lindenhurst, Carle Place, Selden, Bohemia, and Shirley, all in New York. You can find out the exact locations with this store locator on their website.

This means you have the option to shop from either the website or visit your nearest store and enjoy an entertaining shopping experience with their live animal displays. 



Pets Warehouse offers both in-store pickups and shipping services within the United States. Customers typically receive their orders within 2 to 7 business days. 

The orders are shipped via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS depending on the availability and best processing times. However, in case of special orders like aquatic plants, aquarium, or frozen orders Pets Warehouse uses FedEx Next Day Air or priority mail. 

And apparently, they have an excellent shipping service as suggested by some customers.

Shipping Charges

As for the charges, they do not have any fixed or standard shipping fee. The shipping costs vary according to the size or dimensions of the package. In addition to that, the charges also depend on the carrier partnered as well as the method for each delivery. 

However, there’s one good news too. Some of their items are eligible for free shipping. In fact, as per their claims, around 1/3 of their inventory is eligible for free shipping. These items can be found with a label saying “eligible for free shipping”. 

In case of oversized or bulky orders, Pets Warehouse ships via FedEx terminal truck freight. In case of which, the minimum shipping cost is $189. 

However, an option to pick up your order from their Lindenhurst store is always available so you can utilize that if it works in favor for you. 

Return Policy 

Just a heads up that returns at Pets Warehouse are not flexible at all. You get only 24 hours to report any discrepancy in your package via email. You can only qualify for returns or refunds if you file your complaint by the next business day. 

In case of receiving a wrong package, you get the margin to notify Pets Warehouse within 48 hours. Once you qualify for a return, you can ship the item within 15 days of receipt in its original packaging, unopened, and with all the accessories.

The return shipping cost and restocking fee are to be borne by the customer. Additionally, items like fish tanks and aquatic plants are not eligible for returns. And not to forget, any issues with plants or frozen orders should be reported within 2 hours. 

You can check out their return policy in detail, here. And well, I think Pets Warehouse’s return policy will have their customers on toes about the return.

Customer Support

A tonne of reviews online suggests that Pets Warehouse really does need to work on their customer services and support. The majority of negative reviews about them are based on terrible customer support experiences. 

Just like this person states:

And well, I’m surprised how Pets Warehouse has not learned the trick to keep the customers coming back, even after all these years. Good customer service is really a defining element for any business. So maybe improve that?

 However, there are a few lucky individuals too. 

Anyway, you can contact them via a contact form on their website or email. Find the contact details here.

Final Thoughts 

To be fair, Pets Warehouse can be an amazing place to shop for your pet supplies if they work out a way to eliminate some of the key issues like improving their customer service and keeping a track of their stock. Overall, in terms of pricing, inventory, and quality, they are on top of their game!

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