An online marketplace that provides exciting deals from leading fashion brands in the world, sounds good, right? Proozy is all about that and more!

It is essentially an outdoor and sport apparel company that has extended its range to sweaters, dresses, shorts, and sleepwear, etc. You can expect to find amazing offers from brands like Adidas, Reebok, Spyder, Under Armour, and many more. 

But how exactly do they manage to that? Well, we’ll discuss that and plenty other things about Proozy. So make sure to stick right here as I unveil the pros and cons of shopping from Proozy. 

Is Proozy legit? Proozy Reviews

Yes, Proozy is legit and I can say that without a speck of doubt. You can find the complete development timeline of the company. Proozy started off in 2004 but actually launched the e-commerce in 2013 and since then, it has been partnering with brands to provide you great deals. 

Proozy operates active profiles on social media such as Instagram or LinkedIn. On top of that, the reviews about them are pretty impressive and that’s how you know that they’re indeed doing some legit business. So you can definitely rest assured about the authenticity of Proozy.

Anyway, let’s get to the real part now!

Online Shopping Experience 

Proozy really gets full marks for the provision of an easy and hassle free online shopping experience. Navigating through the website will not be a problem for anyone thanks to its user friendly interface. 

Proozy offers a huge inventory, especially the outdoor and sports section will catch your heart within no time. They have categorised their items into Men, Women, and Youth sections. And just recently, they started their Home Improvement items as well. 

You can find hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, sweaters, outerwear, tops, footwear, and sleepwear, etc. for men and women both. The Home section offers bedroom and kitchen improvement items as well as electronics like toaster, vacuum cleaners, and even headphones.  

So the inventory is quite versatile. And what’s even better is the fact that each category comes with an adequate amount of filtering options. You can sort the items by price, choose you desired colors, sizes, or look for items from specific brands. 

Proozy offers clothing and footwear from a lot of brands; Adidas, Reebok, Virus, Troop, Under Armour, and Calvin Klein, to name a few. Most of their clothing items are available at great bargains like this Faux Fur Pullover at 65% off will cost $24 only.

Once you’re done with your shopping, you can choose to make payments via Discover, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express. Whatever sounds more convenient to you. Overall, shopping from Proozy’s website is absolutely trouble free!

Pricing at Proozy

Well, Proozy is all about unbelievable prices and exciting deals so you can expect quite a versatile price range at their website. Many clothing or footwear items at Proozy are a total steal for the price while others have fair costs too, if not crazy bargains.

Proozy partners with a lot of brands from around the world as mentioned earlier. They have built great business relations with these brands over the years and that is what helps them bring amazing deals to you. 

Proozy is literally packed with deals and promotions all the time. Almost every other item will interest you because of the awesome discounts. 

Anyway, let’s go through a few items from their store together and you’ll have an idea of what exactly makes people go head over heels for Proozy.

Starting off with a Hoodie Jacket for Men by Reebok and guess how much will it cost you? Originally, this jackets costs around $70 but Proozy offers an 85% discount for it so it will do an $11 damage to your pocket only. Sounds unreal, right?

Next, let’s have a look at something from the women’s section. Proozy doesn’t offer a diverse collection for most categories in women’s section but the things they do offer are sure a treat. 

This Steve Madden Faux Fur Jacket which is originally priced at $225 will cost you around $79 only. The jacket is a perfect winter essential and for the price it looks too good to be true!

Lastly, let’s check out something from the electronics which again are available at awesome prices. You can find Airpods Pro at a 4% discount or find other amazing items such as these Beats by Dr Dre Headphones at a whopping 53% discount. 

In short, Proozy ensures the provision of best prices for most items. Their deals and discounts are available all around the year so you don’t need to rush into buying right now. 

Also, I know most prices seem a little too unreal but they’re not. Proozy really does offer high end items at a fraction of their original cost. So put aside your skepticism and hop onto their website!

Quality of Products

Looking at the prices, most people wonder if the items at Proozy are nothing but fake knock offs. And the concern is genuine of course. 

However, the good news is that Proozy sells absolutely authentic and real items from authorized retailers around the world.

Since all the products at their store are sourced authentically from authorized retailers, it means you can rely on Proozy in terms of quality as well.

The size and fit of clothing items is excellent. Not to mention, the stitching and finish of the clothes is up to par as well. 

Of course, the quality varies from company to company. So your experience will also depend on the brand you’re choosing to buy from. 

However, Proozy ensures a strict quality check before shipping so it is highly unlikely for you to have an unpleasant experience with them. 

Majority of the customer experiences are nothing less than outstanding. Like this person mentions that the prices are cheap but the product is far from cheap:

Another one who enjoys the discounted prices:

All in all, I’d say that Proozy is definitely a legit platform for making purchases. They stand behind their products and are devoted to provide an excellent experience to all of their customers. The quality is up to par for majority of the items and of course, brought to you by authorized retailers.

Store Location 

Proozy is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. However, Proozy does not have any outlets as of yet. Proozy is an e-commerce store only. So if you want to buy from them, you’ll have to head to their website and have the most convenient shopping experience from home. 



The shipping services offered by Proozy are fantastic. Currently, they ship within USA only. However, I am really impressed by the ‘Order for Pickup’ service offered by them. 

You can pickup your order from their headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota within 2 hours, if the order was placed before 3pm. The offer is amazing for the times you’re in a rush and can’t wait for the 5-10 day shipping times. 

An international shipping would sure have been a plus point but I guess they’re just striving to make it best for the US based customers, at the moment. 


The charges vary for the Standard, Express, or Expedited shipping services. The shipping cost also varies depending on the amount of your package. 

If your order costs $100 or more, it qualifies for a free standard shipping. Charges for express or overnight services vary. Anyway, let’s just cut it short so you can check out the remaining shipping details in the chart below:

Return Policy 

The return policy of Proozy is quite straight and fair. They offer a 30 day return period, provided that the returning items are in their original, unworn conditions. 

Most people have had good experiences in terms of returns at Proozy. Such as this person who was not satisfied from the product but the return was super easy:

While some unlucky ones have had the worst experiences as well.

So I guess Proozy does need to work on their return services and accommodate more people. But let me also mention that most people have reported satisfactory experiences so you don’t need to worry much. 

A return shipping cost of $7 will be deducted from your refund amount. And the refund or return process may take up to 2 weeks so you’ll need to have patience too!

Customer Support 

Again, there are mixed opinions about the customer service at Proozy. A lot of people are satisfied with their interaction with the customer support team. They do respond quickly and are devoted to solve the issues of their customers. 

But then, there are a few people who have had unpleasant experiences. And actually, that’s really not a big deal because these things happen even with the most top tier companies. So let’s not beat Proozy for it either.

To get in touch with the Customer Support at Proozy, visit here

Is Proozy Worth It?

As far as my opinion is concerned, I think Proozy is definitely worth a shot. They offer really exciting bargains. All the items are sourced from authorized retailers so quality is not an issue either. The shipping and return services are good as well. So yeah, Proozy is worth it!

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