A mattress can be a game changer for your sleep. A sound sleep helps you recharge for the next day. And a good mattress is first essential to a good night’s sleep. 

Bottom Line Upfront

If you are looking for a mattress, King Koil (link to Amazon) is the way to go, since it specializes in mattresses only. If you are looking for furniture, you should try out Ashley Furniture on Amazon.


Finding the right mattress for yourself becomes a hell of a task due to the availability of an excessive amount of mattress types and their manufacturers. However, we are comparing two top-tier brands and have narrowed down our research to all the rudiments for mattress shopping.

Slumberland and King Koil – two big names are under the spotlight here. Slumberland is now known for its furniture as well but it entered the market as a mattress specialist or rather ‘sleep specialist’. While King Koil, being a veteran in mattress manufacturing, is no less than any other. They have been around the town for quite long and are well-known for their hand crafted mattresses. 


Slumberland mattresses made a debut in the market around 50 years ago. That’s quite a lot of time to build name and reputation. And Slumberland has definitely managed to gain a good reputation over the years. They are one of the first ever stores to put forth the concept of King and Queen sized mattresses with great ergonomics and body support. 

It was 1967 when Slumberland made its first appearance in the market with its store launch in Richfield, Minnesota. The introductory items were mattresses with later expansions to the famous La-Z Boy Upholstery and eventually the furniture range.

King Koil, on the other hand, was not actually known as King Koil when it initially launched. In 1898, the owner, Bronstein, began the company as US Bedding with a staff of only 6 employees. Later on, when improvements were made in the beddings, King Koil came into being. 

Today, King Koil is famous world over for its hand-crafted mattresses. It has a history of more than 120 years with headquarters in Avondale, AZ ever since. 


A suitable price range that fits the budget is what almost everyone’s looking for. Also, price ranges are one of the most important factors during mattress purchasing, or any purchase for that matter. 

Slumberland claims to provide a comfortable bedding for all. The mattresses by Slumberland are priced for as low as 100 dollars. 100 bucks will get you a decent and basic mattress in various firmness levels. Sure it will be different from the premium range. The prices of their luxury mattresses are sky high and can go up to $5500. 

People who can afford these mattresses should definitely go for them since they are designed with innovative technologies that help reduce sleep disturbances and maintaining the posture of your body. Looking at their price range we can safely say that Slumberland provides something for everyone.

King Koil, on the other hand, does a stupendous job in providing luxury at a pocket friendly price. We couldn’t exactly find a starting price on their website but what left us in awe was finding a luxury mattress for as low as $500. The mattresses in their luxury collection are built for an all-night support with advanced coil technologies that help in aligning a better sleep posture.

If you’re looking for something more than that you can find some next-level mattresses in their Intimate LS collection that ranges from $4000-$7000. The mattresses in this collection are made by hand-assembled cotton calico steel coils in a huge quantity. Moreover, layers of horse hair and cashmere create utmost comfort and unparalleled comfort. So much detailing goes into these mattresses and therefore, we believe that the price is quite justified.

Quite frankly, we’d say that the pricing of both these brands is more of a tie. King Koil might be winning at providing luxurious comfort in an affordable price. But so is Slumberland by providing premium mattresses within a price range of $1299-$5000

Which One Is More Famous?

Slumberland and King Koil both have been in the market for quite a long time now. Both have built a notable reputation over the years. But if you talk about the changing interests of people then, maybe we can say that Slumberland has been gaining more popularity in recent times. Have a look at these trends

These trends clearly suggest the rising interest of people in Slumberland while King Koil is not quite the center of attention anymore. We can easily reach to the conclusion that ‘Slumberland is more famous’ at least that’s what these recent trends suggest!

Website Navigation

The website of Slumberland has a user-friendly interface that will allow you to navigate through it very easily. You can browse through different types of furniture such as bedrooms, living, office, etc. 

And when talking about mattresses, the filters are immensely helpful. You can filter out the mattresses according to price, size, color, foam type, collections, firmness level and even more. The filtering comes in really handy when you are in search of something specific. 

Apart from that, Slumberland has mattress buying guides on their website that will you guide you through each step for the selection of a perfect mattress. 

King Koil also has a basic website interface with no overwhelming information or stuff. You can browse straight through the collections such as intimate, smart life, extended life, luxury, and many more. 

Each collection has an overview of its features to help you identify if that’s what you’re looking for. The notable features of their Extended life collection for instance are long lasting, graphite latex, and reaction coil system. 

The website of Slumberland, in our opinion, is a bit easier to browse due to the abundance of accurate filters. King Koil, on the other hand, lacks a bit in its filtering. However, the collections dedicated to different types of matter are amazing.

Store Location 

Note: You can buy King Koil mattresses from Amazon, but Slumberland isn’t available on Amazon.

Slumberland is stuck to its initial launch location, unfortunately. They have established their store across the 12 states of US but nowhere else. The growth and popularity of Slumberland would have been two folds if it were launched across major countries in the world. However, they did not do that. A network of over 120 stores is found in 12 states across the Midwest. 

You can check out your nearest store location through this store locator on their website. 

In contrast to that, King Koil has a magnificent network of stores across 90 countries in the world. The headquarters are located in Avondale, AZ. While their stores are spread across 5 continents. The stores are located in Ireland, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Australia and around 80 more countries. You can check out the rest of their retailers here. 

In terms of availability and locations, King Koil is without question ahead of Slumberland. Had Slumberland not been limited to a single country, it would have been able to do much better. 

Order Delivery


King Koil offers a free of cost delivery through UPS or White Glove Service. The delivery takes place within 4 to 8 working days. However, delivery arrangements may be different in case of a different retailer. 

Slumberland didn’t care any less about the deliveries. They too provide a free door step shipping. However, if you want assembling or setting up of your mattress at your desired location you can opt for the Full Service Delivery for which you’ll have to pay an additional $99. 


King Koil mattress deliveries are available at all the places that have King Koil retailers. To check out for your nearest retailer, you can visit here. They do not ship to remote locations such as Alaska or Hawaii. As well as no shipping is available for APO/FPO and US Territory addresses.

Slumberland deliveries are also available only in locations they have their retail stores. However, the difference is that all the retails stores of Slumberland are located only in the US across the Midwest. Not anywhere else in the whole wide world. 

In terms of delivery charges, both King Koil and Slumberland are pretty much the same as both provide free doorstep shipping. But the presence of more retail stores=more delivery locations of King Koil around the world creates a winning situation for it.

Quality of Products

The most important thing that customers want to know when they’re paying for something is the guarantee of quality of that very thing. Well, these two brands are quite good in terms of their quality.

Slumberland mattresses are manufactured with an innerspring construction, latex designs and body conforming foams. Their mattresses are manufactured with a varied amount of firmness so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. 

Slumberland mattresses are usually a big deal for people with body aches and sleep disturbances. The layered coils provide the right amount of support to your body and help it maintain a perfect posture. The quality of mattresses is pretty promising. They retain their firmness, shape, and flexibility over the years. 

A few of their mattresses, however, have been reported for some durability issues. But most of the collections in the mid and premium ranges are worth a shot.

King Koil goes above and beyond to maintain the quality of their mattresses in each type of collection. Almost all of their mattresses are manufactured with a coil system that is an absolute necessity for a good sleep support. The covers of the mattress protect it from damages over the years and allow you to lay down with a noticeable comfort and soft feel. 

The firmness level is up to the mark. Their mattresses are not rock solid and build an amazing combination of softness and comfort along with the firmness over time. 

Which one is better? Honestly, can’t say one name. We are a fan of Slumberland’s sleep expert mattresses but King Koil is a great competitor as well.

Return Policy

No returns and no refunds, sounds bad! Yes we are talking about Slumberland’s return policy and that is major disappointment. While Slumberland does offer refunds for its furniture but in case of mattresses, they do not give their customers this privilege. 

You can only exchange your mattress for once within the first 120 days of your purchase. So carefully think and re think your decisions before making the final purchase.

King Koil, on the other hand, did not disappoint. They offer returns, exchanges and refunds that too free of charge if you’re within the 120 day period of your purchase.

If the mattress is in its original and undamaged condition, it will be eligible for a return and refund. However, before returning the mattress you should first use it for 30 days at least, just to be more sure!

The return policy of King Koil, undoubtedly, is the winner over here

Customer Support 

Slumberland provides assistance to their customers throughout the week. If you need guidance or have any complains you can simply reach them out through their number @ 1-888-95-SLUMBER from Monday-Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm. Moreover, a contact form is also available.

The Slumberland team is quite responsive in terms of customer support. However, a few people have had bad experiences as well. But we have always heard of good in-store customer dealings.

Similarly, King Koil is also easily reachable through this number 800-525-8331. Other than that, you can reach them through email at Consumer@kingkoil.com. And on top of that, they also have a direct message option on their website that you can check here

Slumberland vs. King Koil on Reddit

The reviews on Reddit are always helpful since we know they’re genuinely coming from people who have had experiences with these brands. 

This person on Reddit has a good response for King Koil mattresses. 

Other than this we found average to good reviews about King Koil overall as well.

This one doesn’t seem happy with their experience with Slumberland. However, there was a positive response as well


In conclusion, we can say that both these mattress manufacturers have their pros and cons. We can’t choose one because both of them are amazing. You can do that yourself by deciding what you actually need. Both of them are worth a try!

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