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Don’t get scammed at Wayrates. They have a horrible reputation online. I’d recommend visiting a legit outdoor store like TACVASEN on Amazon instead. You might have to pay a few extra bucks, but you won’t get scammed at least.

Wayrates is an online store for all the men of the outdoors. They claim to be the leading online store serving fashion, comfort, and convenience in clothing but I’m afraid this claim is quite a stretch.

But anyway, we’ll get into all the details as we proceed through the review. 

Wayrates deals in tactical, outdoor and sports clothing as well as accessories for men. They’ve recently introduced clothing for women as well but they are predominantly a clothing store for men. 

Wayrates is a total novice in the market so let’s just not get our hopes too high and go ahead with our evaluation of Wayrates!

Is Wayrates legit? Read Our Review

Since the company just launched a year or so ago, its authenticity is still a question. To be very honest, I cannot vouch for its legitimacy because Wayrates hasn’t been able to build a good reputation so far. 

Moreover, by looking at the Google trends for Wayrates I can say for sure that the luckiest time for the company was around its launch only.

Onwards from that, its popularity has been facing a decline. Anyway, it is likely that the company is legit and not a scam but hasn’t been able to perform as of yet.

Online Shopping Experience 

The website of Wayrates makes the online shopping spree a breeze. While I cannot vouch for the company itself, the website, I have to admit is super easy to browse. 

The home page has a lot of stuff and a variety of categories that makes you want to instantly delve into shopping. You can shop from their hot sale category, or just go on to the tops, bottoms, outdoor, tactical, and footwear section and browse exactly what you need. 

Some of the items from their hot sale can be found on the home page as well. Apart from that, you can shop specific styles and rock different looks such as retro, route trip, or motorcycle style. 

You can also find belts, hats, gloves and other men’s accessories. The filtering options are not very diverse yet quite sufficient. You can target your search to a specific color, material, style, or seasonal clothing.

The acceptable payment method at Wayrates is via PayPal, Credit/Debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, and AMERICAN EXPRESS). However, I guess the payment method is flexible since they encourage you to make a purchase even if you don’t have the aforementioned payment options. 

Overall, online shopping at Wayrates is convenient. The website is easy to browse with a diverse variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women. And lastly, they do claim that your personal information will be secure no matter what. 

Pricing of Products

Wayrates functions on the philosophy of buy more, save more. This means the more items you buy, the more discounts you’ll get. For instance, if you buy 7 items you can get 90% off on the 8th one. Anyway, the idea of hoarding stuff just for the sake of discounts sounds absurd. 

Most of their stuff is almost always on sale or promotional offers and hence, they trick you into buying lots of stuff by offering lower than market prices. For instance, the actual price of this men’s tactical waterproof jacket mentioned is $105 but on sale, you can grab it for $67. 

Similarly, these men’s outdoor sports shorts actually cost around $61 but the discounted price is $39 only. Now obviously, it’s really hard to resist such sales. 

Wayrates play their customers by offering extra ordinary deals and so, people end up buying useless stuff, especially the ones who are always in for a bargain. 

I’d suggest to beware while buying from them and don’t fall into the trap deals. Because think about it yourself, why would a company offer unbelievably low prices and crazy deals, that too all around the year?

Anyhow, I do agree the prices and discounts sound very promising but don’t you think they’re too good to be true?

Quality of Items

Unfortunately, I don’t have lots of good stuff to say about the quality of Wayrates. Ever since their launch in the market, they’ve rarely met the expectations of their customers.

There have been a lot of complaints about the poor quality of their clothing. Most of the times, the image you see on the website and the item that you receive are poles apart not only in terms of quality but also the appearance is nowhere near to what you ordered. 

Note: Due to its quality and customer support issues, I recommend visiting a legit outdoor store like TACVASEN on Amazon instead of WayRates.

In other cases, when the clothing matches the online image, people have had problems with their sizes. Despite the presence of a size guide on the website, customers have reported major issues with the size of their clothing. 

In short, their clothing in reality is nothing close to what they advertise. All the claims of durable and comfortable clothing seem to be a total scam. On a really lucky day, you may have a pleasant experience with Wayrates but most often that’s not the case. 

Unfortunately, this is what most customers have experienced:

Anyway, if you don’t mind risking a few bucks then you can go ahead and try them out!

Store Location 

Wayrates has no retail store anywhere in the world which means there’s no possibility for you to have a first-hand review of their clothing and stuff. 

The only place you can visit is their virtual store in case you want to shop from them. Go to, browse through their collections and get your hands on your favorite piece of clothing. 

And yeah, that’s about it. Not having a physical storefront is another downside for Wayrates when it is already struggling with its reputation.

Shipping Information


Wayrates is based in China and so offers shipping all across the country. Apart from that, I don’t have quite enough of information unfortunately.

The detail mentioned on their website regarding shipping is quite vague. But since they’ve mentioned about “setting fashion standards worldwide”, I hope they do offer shipping to many countries around the world. 


Wayrates claims to offer free shipping on orders over $99. However, there’s more to that. This policy is not applicable on all orders. The shipping charges may vary when you proceed to payment. 

The shipping charges also vary according to delivery locations. On top of that, you may not receive your items in a single package in certain cases which means there’ll be a hefty amount of shipping cost. 

And not to mention, import duties, and taxes etc. are applicable to all international orders. 

Lastly, the shipping time of Wayrates is longer than average. Their standard shipping takes 10-15 days in addition to the processing time which ranges from 5 to 7 days for every order. So you’ll have to wait for a long, long time before you receive your order.

Return Policy 

Wayrates offer a 30 day return policy after the product has been received. Special items or sale items are not eligible for returns. You can exchange an item for another one or get a refund. As per their claims, the returns are processed within 5 days. 

However, horrendous return experiences have been reported by their customers. They’ll have you wait for months before processing a return. In a worse situation, your returns may never be processed. 

At this point, I cannot help but think of Wayrates as a scam. Anyway, I’d rather not say anything else and let you be the judge!

Customer Support 

In case of any concerns, you can reach out to their customer support team which doesn’t really have a good reputation by the way. They’re not responsive to the complaints and not quite helpful for returns and refunds either. 

An interesting thing to notice is that they have listed their adress as “97 King Alfred Avenue,Bellingham, London, United”, but their contact number starts with +1 855. That’s the country code for Combodia. This makes them look even more sketchy. However, this can sometimes be normal. For example if the company customer support representatives have been hired from Combodia.

Many customers have been misguided regarding their orders which is a major downside for the company. 

Anyway, for any queries or questions, you can contact them via email, phone, or fill up a contact form on their website. Find all the contact details here.

Wayrates Customer Reviews 

Well, at this point, you wouldn’t be expecting pleasant customer reviews, right? And it wouldn’t be a surprise if I say that Wayrates has a terrible reputation among all its customers so far.

I went through a lot of reviews and unfortunately, the amount of negative reviews is way too high than the positive ones. 

The horrible experiences reported by several customers easily overshadow the few positive responses.

On Reddit, the reputation of Wayrates is below average. Like this person sharing a poor refund experience:

Another one that labels Wayrates as a “Chinese rip-off site”

Another one with a bad experience:

Wow! That’s some Wayrates reviews from customer for you all to see. It’s not entirely that great, is it?

Conclusion & Final Words:

Well, I really don’t have much to say now. I’ll let you be the judge because everything is literally out there. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy from Wayrates obviously because of their shady reputation. But if you still wanna give them a shot, the ball is in your court!

If you have any comments that you think maybe helpful to other customers looking for Wayrates review, please share them below. Thanks for your time.


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