Workwear should be a blend of comfort, style, and professionalism. However, when we think of professional wear, we often think about western wear which many women are not comfortable with.

Pakistani outfits come in various styles. Some styles have delicate embroidery and floral patterns that depict feminity – perfect for formal or festive occassions. On the other hand, some styles blend the look of western professional wear with Pakistani outfits such as solids or matching separates.

While Alkaram Studio presents a wide range of stitched outfits for the professional woman, the unstitched collection is also quite amazing, and we’ll just explore why:

1. Unstitched Outfits Give You the Perfect Fit

Forget cookie-cutter looks! Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection gives you the freedom to tailor your outfit to your unique body type and preferences. You can get cuts that flatter your figure, lengths that suit your comfort level, and necklines that reflect your individuality.

When you have a dress with a perfect fit, you feel comfortable and confident all day long – performing better at work and leading meetings every day!

2. Unstitched Outfits Let You be Creative

With unstitched outfits, you can unleash your inner fashionista. You can get a kaftan made for casual work outings or simple straight cuts accentuated with classy buttons for everyday workwear. The possibilities with unstitched outfits are endless.

Another advantage: you can mix and match separates, creating new combinations without breaking the bank. Invest in one-piece unstitched dresses to wear with plain, straight trousers or jeans for rocking two looks – professional and casual.

3. Unstitched Outfits are Easy Care

Ready-to-wear outfits often come with laces, buttons, and other design elements that get ruined on a machine wash. You might see that machine washing the ready-to-wear category make it appear duller in comparison to a fresh piece.

Compared to this, unstitched fabrics like lawn, cotton, viscose, and khaddar are machine washable. These hassle-free fabrics make unstitched outfits perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have time for delicate dry cleaning.

4. Unstitched Outfits are Budget Friendly

Alkaram Studio has many 3-piece and 1-piece outfits on sale. It’s one-piece khaddar outfits cost around PKR1000 which is quite affordable for the working woman. With a budget friendly, high-quality unstitched range, you can get a lot of outfits to wear for work without repeating a lot.

Tips for Styling Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Collection

Unstitched outfits are perfect for the work environment. So, we are here with some tips that can help you stand out of the crowd and rock a professional and stylish look:

  •  Elevate your look by wearing delicate jewelry.
  •  Don’t wear chunky jewelry at work as it would look unprofessional.
  •  Boost the look of your dresses by investing in same-colored delicate laces for the sleeves, neckline, and daaman.
  •  Get classy (not decorative or shiny) buttons for your dresses to accentuate your look.
  •  Get inspired by the designer designed looks from the Alkaram Studio unstitched collection.

We also have a blog on trending styles this winter that you can get inspiration from. Also get inspired by these trending trouser styles for women.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio has a wide range of dresses in its unstitched collection. This winter season, Alkaram Studio has a variety of fabrics including viscose, neps yarn, khaddar, and karandi.

Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection allows you to unleash your inner fashionista, wearing styles that reflect your unique personality and wearing cuts that are perfect for your body.

Get your hands on Alkaram Studio’s website by visiting the Alkaram Studio Website or heading to your nearest Alkaram Studio store!


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