Look around you. You are sure to find the majority of men walking around in a t-shirt. This directly proves one thing. T-shirts are the most casual companion that every man has. It is comfortable to wear. So be it to go to the supermarket or to meet a friend, casual T-shirts are the first option.

What is casual clothing?

Before we understand more about t-shirts, let us know what casual clothing is. Casual clothing is basically less formal. It is not something that you would wear to a business meeting or an interview. It is relaxed. However, that does not mean that all causal t-shirts are meant just to stay at home. It also does not mean that these can be worn only for basic jobs. There are varieties of casual t-shirts that can be worn even to work. You need to choose the casual clothing depending on where you want to wear it. So, say printed men t shirt and those with messages on them are great to wear to friendly outings. However, you may want to wear solid-colored t-shirts to work.

T-shirts are casual and here are the reasons why

  • The most important reason for wearing a T-shirt is its comfort. These are way more comfortable than the formal shirts. The fabrics used are generally breathable and soft. This lets one wear the attire throughout the day.
  • The outfit creates a relaxed vibe. So, if the event is laid back then you can easily wear a T-shirt. It shows that you are at ease.
  • T-shirts are also very cost-effective. This can be another reason why men have a range of t-shirts in their wardrobe. And this means that you have several options to wear to a casual event.
  • You can wear a T-shirt with almost any bottom. You are free to tweak the look the way you like. So, for example, suppose you need to go to work. You can wear a T-shirt with pants and a suit. It is a date. You can wear a T-shirt with jeans. You can also add a casual jacket if the weather is cold. You are on a beach vacation. Wear your best men t shirts with shorts. You are also free to wear T-shirts with chinos and cargo pants. So you see that the casual outfit can actually be worn with any kind of bottom.
  • You can wear the t-shirt just to sit at home. You can wear it to go to work. You are free to wear it for a run or to go to a gym. You carry t-shirts on a vacation. You can also wear them to work. Basically, if it is not a formal event you can fit in your t-shirt everywhere. This makes it very versatile.
  • The best thing about t-shirts is that everyone can wear them. From a child to an adult, all can wear a t-shirt. You do not need to bother about your body type. You have slim-fit and oversized t-shirts. So you are sure to get something to wear.
  • It is very easy to wear a t-shirt. You don’t have to worry a lot about accessorizing it. There are hardly any buttons. If you have to quickly go somewhere then the t-shirt is your best bet.
  • T-shirts do not go out of trend. These are thus the ultimate attire that you need. If you buy good quality t-shirts then it will last you for years to come. So you can keep adding to your t-shirt collection.

You thus see that there are a host of reasons why t-shirt is the most preferred attire for men. It is their ultimate companion when it comes to wearing something casual.

Pick from varieties

The good news about t-shirts is that you have a variety to choose from. You can pick from different colours. You also have varied neck patterns. There is round, v-neck, and Chinese collars to name a few. You can buy a fashion tee with slogans and loud prints on them. You can also buy printed t-shirts that are visually appealing. Striped t-shirts create a smart casual look. There are oversized t-shirts and tees that are sleeveless. Polo t-shirts are highly popular too. The henleys are versatile. You see the kind of options that you have when you go to purchase a t-shirt.  

Wear it right

With so much being said about the tees, it definitely wins as the most preferred option in a man’s closet. However, it is important to not pick the first t-shirt that you look at. Understand your body type. If you are stout then a tight-fitting t-shirt is not for you. If you are lean then go for a slim fit that accentuates your figure. The fit of the t-shirt should be just perfect. It should not cause any discomfort. Understand your measurements and buy the right size. Choose the right fabric. Cotton is the preferred option in t-shirts. Also, select different colors. It should match your skin tone.

These simple steps can help you pick the right t-shirt for your body type. Once you get it right you are sure to look your best.

There are numerous options to buy your t-shirt from. However, make sure to buy it from reputed companies like Urbatrailonline. A good quality t-shirt shows. You do not want to end up paying a lot of money and get a dull-looking or badly stitched outfit delivered to you. Take time to understand your requirements. Then go ahead and buy your t-shirt from reputed stores. These will not just look rich but will also last you many years.


T-shirt the name is derived from the English alphabet T. It can be worn to any informal event. You can wear it for your day-to-day events. This is because stylish t shirts for men are comfortable. You can purchase t-shirts in a range of fabrics. From cotton to linen, rayon n, and hemp, there are unlimited choices.

Wear a t-shirt to bed or when you go out for a drink with friends. Just get the right fit and you are sure to look super stylish in them. Wear it with a smart bottom and walk with confidence.



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