Cafago Review (Is Cafago Legit?)

Last Updated on: March 7, 2023

Cafago is an online store that provides a huge collection of electronics, gadgets, and various tech accessories. They offer mobile phones, automobile gadgets and accessories, lighting, cameras, various smart house supplies, computers and much more from different suppliers.

You’ll find lots of deals and promotions at Cafago. Their first and foremost aim is quality, unbeatable prices, and customer satisfaction. And well, I hope they live up to all these claims. 

So here we’ll be doing a comprehensive round up of Cafago as an online retailer; its services, quality and authenticity. 

Is Cafago Legit?

Cafago is not a very well-known website and I guess that’s the reason why not enough information about them is available anywhere. There’s no information about the owner either. But anyway, let’s pay attention to what I was able to find. 

Cafago was launched back in 2016 and that makes it 5 years into business. The company hasn’t been able to achieve a stable reputation so far. 

But they have been trending among a few people during all these years and they haven’t lost their name entirely. This suggests that perhaps they’re struggling and striving to achieve the aims they’ve set for themselves as a company. 

There have been mixed opinions from people all around the world, however, a bunch of good reviews suggests that they’re legit.

Online Shopping Experience 

Since Cafago is an e-store only, that means you only have the option to shop online from them. And in that regard, website is the only thing that’s important. Cafago’s website had me overwhelmed for a bit because it’s just flooding with promos and discounts here and there. 

Especially the home page, it’s all filled with products on big discounts. Anyway, let’s just leave that over here. 

Their online store offers a great deal of products from different departments. You will find categories like Cell Phones, RC Toys and Hobbies, Video and Audio, Cameras and Camcorders, Smart Living, even Automobiles, Tools, Jewelry, and Musical Instruments, etc. 

You can browse the cell phone section to find a decent discount on android phones, power banks, cases and protectors, cool gadgets, iPhone accessories and many more stuff like that. Similarly, you can get your hands on car security systems, car audio and other electronics. 

You get the option to sort your items by popularity, reviews and price. They’ve quite an impressive inventory in each section which makes it easier to find all the required products at one place. 

The acceptable payment method at their website is PayPal and Credit Card. The Credit Card options include VISA, MASTERCARD, QIWI, JCB, AstroPay, and WebMoney. And a variety in payment options makes shopping convenient and accessible for everyone out there. 

Overall, the shopping experience at their e-store is convenient and hassle free. For a better shopping experience, log in to their app via mobile or visit their website on a desktop.


Cafago claims that they offer unbeatable prices. They’re better than the market and come with huge discounts and deals. But do you really think that could be the case? I guess not. 

Of course I’m not invalidating their claim entirely. I’ve no reason to do that. They do offer good deals and better prices for some products. But truth be told, that’s not the case every time. 

Moreover, the huge discounts that can be seen at their website are false, at times. This type of fraud is commonly done by many companies worldwide and a good chunk of gullible customers fall prey to these strategies. 

By false discounts, I mean that they show you a very high “Actual Price” of a certain thing and tempt you with … say 40% discount on that price. (Because damn such a crazy discount, will you ever find one like this again?) 

That’s what most of us think and make an impulsive purchase, right? But if you do some research, your bubble bursts when you finally find that “discount price” to be the Actual Price of that very item.

Like don’t even get me started on this one:

So yeah, that’s what is mostly done at Cafago. Sure there are some genuine deals as well but doing a price check before making a purchase would be good for you. 

Anyway it would be unfair if I do not appreciate some of the good deals at Cafago. Number one, I really like these Earbuds from Lenovo that retail for $22 only while the market price for these is somewhere around $32-$35. 

Similarly, accessories such as bags, cases, and covers etc. are available at a good price. Like this 15 inch laptop bag and this one for 13 inch screens


The most daunting task is to examine and comment on the quality of websites like Cafago because there can never be a definite and accurate opinion about them. You may ask why so? 

Well that’s because they offer products, electronics, and accessories from a variety of brands and you may or may not know the authenticity of all of them. 

You can find some cheap brands, mid to high range brands, all at Cafago. And so the quality of the products depends more on the manufacturer and not Cafago. Of course I do understand that as a retailer they should be aware of the stuff they’re selling but they fail to do so multiple times.

And all of this in turn, affects the consistency in their overall quality as well as reputation among the people. And that is the reason why there’s a huge amount of negative opinions about them.

But here’s someone sharing a good experience:

One thing I can say for sure is that the quality of products from authentic and known manufacturers is never compromised. They sell real and authentic cell phones, gadgets, and accessories not some cheap imitations. 

All in all, I’d say that double checks and a quick research is always a good idea when buying from companies like these. And I certainly cannot vouch for the quality of everything at Cafago due to the multifarious brands and manufacturers. 

Store Location 

Cafago is in an online store only so you’re not going to find any physical storefronts anywhere in the world. However, they have quite a few warehouses around the world. 

These warehouses are in China, Germany, Spain, UK, and the US. This makes the shipping easier and faster. You can shop for products from your desired warehouses. 

Anyway, I don’t mind the lack of physical storefront because shopping from their website is quite easy and convenient. 



The shipping services of Cafago are actually really laudable. According to their claim, it doesn’t matter if you live on a small island or a main continent, your package will reach your destination without any hassle. 

So this means that they offer shipping all over the world. With various warehouses in different regions of the world like Europe, US and China, shipping is much faster. 

Also, they offer various shipping methods such as Air mail, DHL, EMS, and UPS. But more often than not, you do not get to choose your shipping method because Cafago does that for you based on the best charges available at that very moment. 


There are no definite shipping charges mentioned on their website for any place/country. You can only get an insight of your shipping cost as you proceed to checkout for your order. Shipping charges are calculated based on your location, warehouse location, and of course the shipping method. 

But wait … this doesn’t end here. Cafago does offer free shipping on some products. Now of course I don’t exactly know which products because I haven’t searched the entire store. But as per their claims, free shipping is available for some items. 

Conclusively, the shipping service of Cafago is commendable because they offer a worldwide service. This is definitely a huge plus point for it will help them achieve a huge clientele all over the world with time. 

Return Policy 

The return policy of Cafago is not too flexible. A return claim must be filed within 14 days otherwise it will not be entertained. 

If the item was damaged during shipping, you can be eligible for a full refund but of course that comes with some conditions. You can check those out at their website. 

Similarly, if the received product doesn’t match the description at their website, you get two options. You can either keep it at a discounted price or even ask for a full refund. 

Apart from all this, there’s full fledged policies mentioned regarding returns that you can check here. 

Customer Support 

From what I have noticed, I can safely say that their customer support team responds to any complaints or queries within no time. Not only do they timely respond to emails and phone calls but also address the complaints across different platforms. 

For any information, concerns or queries you can contact them by using the contact details at their website. You’ll ideally get a response within a day or two. 

Cafago Customer Reviews 

Cafago has a fair share of positive and negative reviews in terms of their quality and prices. Well mostly prices because of the very reason I mentioned in the beginning. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by a considerable amount of good opinions about them because honestly, I wasn’t expecting those. 

So let’s have a look at some of them

Another person sharing a pleasant experience:

But then, there are horrible experiences like this as well:

Final Verdict

To sum up, I’d say that don’t blindly rush after the deals or discounts only. Stay on the safe side and know your facts before making a purchase. Make sure to do a thorough research about your potential purchase. I cannot 100% recommend buying from them but I don’t think of them as a scam either!

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