DealExtreme Review: Is Deal Extreme Legit?

Last Updated on: December 5, 2021

DealExtreme is one of the many Chinese e-commerce stores out there. They claim to offer the coolest gadgets in the market. Not only do they deal in gadgets but also offer a pretty enticing collection of clothing, home accessories and much more.

Now you may think of DealExtreme as similar to the various other Chinese marketplaces online. But what sets DX apart from hundreds of other e stores is its direct relation with the customers. 

You have the privilege to directly deal with them as a buyer instead of finding a genuine offer from an infinite pool of sellers. 

Anyway, I have a lot more to say (both good and not so good) about DealExtreme. So let’s get right into it!

Is Dealextreme Legit?

While there are plenty of mixed opinions about DX’s services, their authenticity is not at question. They are an absolutely legit place to shop for a variety of things at amazing bargains. 

DealExtreme was founded over 15 years ago, in 2005. Despite being in the market for such a long time, they haven’t been able to achieve a stable reputation so far. But I guess that’s how it is for the majority of the Chinese e-com stores. 

All I can say is that you can, for sure, expect exciting deals and amazing products at DealExtreme but you should also prepare yourself for unpleasant experiences. 

Online Shopping Experience 

The shopping experience at DealExtreme is going to be pleasant for you. I browsed through the entire website and one thing I can say for sure is the website will be quite easy to navigate for anyone out there. 

A trouble free navigation through the website automatically means your shopping experience will be effortless. They have carefully curated diverse categories, each of which offers a versatile range of items. 

You can find mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, lighting, toys, apparel, accessories, and whatnot. In short, you can find anything at Dealextreme.

The thing about DX is that they offer both high end and cheap items. You get to buy from a variety of brands, however, it does seem like they’re mainly working with Asian companies. 

You can buy specifically from top vendors or the best selling items category. Overall, DealExtreme is quite versatile in its inventory. You can find something as basic as an ethernet cable to bathroom fixtures and laptops. 

You can filter the items according to the price, popularity, or even shop specifically from the EU warehouse. 

As for the payments, the options are super feasible for everyone. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card, whatever you prefer. Moreover, you can pay in your local currency as well as the option to pay in installments is also available. 


Just like many other Chinese marketplaces online, DealExtreme also offers really incredible price ranges on most of the items listed on their website. They purchase the items from over 3000 different retailers and so you can expect a versatile pricing at their website. 

You’ll find unbelievable bargains as well as expensive and high end items at DX. For instance, as I browsed through the Beauty and Health section I came across some really interesting products such as the Blackhead removing machine priced at $14 only while typically such tools are rarely found for under 20 bucks. 

Similarly, upon browsing through mobile phones I found out the prices to be slightly cheaper than market price. For instance, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global Version is available at DX for USD 157-159. In contrast to that, the mobile is originally priced at $161-178. Of course you cannot expect to find mobiles at crazy bargains but even a little discount is always welcome.

As mentioned earlier, you can find almost everything at their website. So I looked for the simplest of things such as this 4pc Silicone Thumb Stick Grip Covers for PS4 controllers only for $2. 

And the Home Improvement section features products that you didn’t even know you needed, at amazing prices. Like this 360° Rotatable Water Saving Faucet will cost you $3.99 only. 

Other than that, you can find daily deals and amazing promo/coupon codes that’ll help you shop for products at the most incredible prices.

All in all, the price range at DealExtreme is quite versatile. You can even find basic items for as low as 99 cents. Also, you can earn prize points with each order which can be used for the next shopping spree. 


Well, as for the quality of products at DealExtreme, I really am in two minds. And I guess that is particularly because they offer products from thousands of different manufacturers. 

So every time you buy an item from an unrecognised manufacturer at DX, you should be prepared for surprises beforehand. Anyway, I do not mean to malign the company’s name because it does offer quite amazing products too. 

As much as I know, DX is not the best place to purchase mobile phones or laptops, etc. However, it is a great place for things like toys, tools, small home improvement items, or smart electronics. 

And I’m not the only one who’s torn between two opinions about DealExtreme. Some of their customers have said similar things about them being irresponsible with the quality control. 

On the other hand, there were others who were satisfied with their purchases. Like this person on Reddit gave an honest yet positive review:

And another one who would buy again from Dealextreme:

But while I saw the majority of the reviews being negative on the internet, I noted that people complained less about the quality and more about something else that we’ll discuss later. 

All in all, you can expect to find amazing items at DealExtreme but on a bad day, you can expect a poor experience as well. I really cannot vouch for their quality. 

Store Location 

DealExtreme is based in Hong Kong but they’re only an e-commerce business. You can shop from their virtual stores. 

However, they do have two warehouses. One of them is located in China while the other is in one of the EU states, France. But as far as shopping is concerned, that can only be done via their online store. 

And so their store location is their website.



So in terms of shipping I have good and a bad news for you. Let’s start with the pleasant part and that is DealExtreme’s worldwide shipping service. DX ships anywhere in the world via their exclusive delivery partners American Express, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Toll, IB, and Nocnoc.

But the bad news is the fact that their shipping services are not the best. You should only try buying from them when you’re not desperate for your order because yes, the shipping gets super delayed. 

On top of that, you do not receive any tracking information for your package which makes things even more worse. The products are usually delivered within 15-30 days as per their claims. But you should expect more than that because that’s what people have experienced.

Just like this person whose package took forever to deliver:


Zero shipping charges is one of the few good things about DealExtreme. You can get your package delivered to any country in the world, that too free of any shipping cost.

The custom and duty charges are also eliminated when the items are shipped via a Chinese carrier. So shipping cost is something you do not have to worry about when you’re buying from DealExtreme. 

Return Policy

DealExtreme offers various return policies under different conditions. For items that are found dead on arrival, you only get 5 days after delivery to make a return claim or 30 days after shipment in case the delivery date is non-traceable. 

In case the product isn’t up to par or defective, you can make a return claim within 90 days from the date of shipment. In this case, the item is eligible for refunds and exchange, both.

But once you exceed the 90 day period, your item will only be eligible for an exchange. And while the shipping service is free, the return shipping cost is to be covered by the customer. 

The return shipping cost is up to 35% of the product cost and does not exceed $40 in any case. Find DealExtreme’s detailed return policy here.

Customer Service 

DealExtreme is not quite great in terms of its customer service as well, unfortunately. The customer service is sub standard to be fair. Many customers have had the worst experiences with their customer support team and that is exactly what most of the negative reviews were about. 

Many claim that their issues were not addressed at all while others didn’t even get a chance to establish any sort of contact via phone or email either. Check out one of the many negative reviews about their customer service:

But out of a hundred bad reviews, I got a rare sight of a positive one as well:

Anyway, if you wish to connect with their customer support team, you can find the contact details here.

Final Verdict

To sum up, I’d say that you can buy from DealExtreme at your own risk. While they are a legit platform for shopping online, the unstable reputation is something that is hard to get over. Their products sure are nice but the sub standard customer service and unreliable shipping makes DX a risky option for shopping.

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