Furniture reflects your personality and magnifies your lifestyle. It is an emblem of your choices and exaggerates the exuberance of your home. The right selection of furniture will always be rewarding in terms of the way your house looks. This time we reviewed a place that has proved brilliant to pick out perfect pieces for your own home. 

Based in Gibsonia, PA, Fifthroom is a virtual marketplace for outdoor as well as indoor furniture. It produces spectacular garden structures, gazebos, ramadas, and other furnishings like porch swings and picnic tables, etc. 

The history of Fifthroom dates back to the time when Tim McTighe launched The Cedar Store in 1992. With time, Tim along with fellow retailers, launched what we call Fifthroom today, in 2011. It is a hub of five online stores working together, which is evident in its name. 

Is Fifthroom Legit?

Furniture is a risky story when you want to order online. Finding the right place to hold your trust can be a tough job. There’s always a fear of being scammed and robbed of your money. Getting looted after spending a handsome amount of money on something you perceived delightful, feels dreadful instead. Doesn’t it? However, with Fifthroom, we ensure personally that this place is authentic and will not rip you off your money.

In addition to our review, Fifthroom also has a rating of 4.5 stars on google which reasonably shows that it’s not a scam. On social networking channels like Facebook, Fifthroom holds a decent following and many people seem to trust them. Skimming through google trends, you can get to know that Fifthroom has succeeded in acquiring a reputation over the last 5 years. These pro points make it eligible for trust.

Online Shopping Experience

The online shopping trends have emerged dramatically with time. People all over the world have been shifting towards online shopping as it’s more convenient and doesn’t require a lot of effort from their end. Go through the website, choose your desired product, and place your order the right way. However, it might not be as smooth as it looks for some. We’ve reviewed the website bit by bit, carefully, so you can have your best experience without any trouble!

Website Navigation:

The website of Fifthroom contains a very simple, smooth, and user-friendly interface. It has aesthetically categorized all the items. Browse through and you will see a versatile departmental store enriched with different outdoor and indoor furniture. If you’re sure exactly what you’re looking for, you will find it in no time. Because everything is there on the home page. 

On the left side, you will see that the store is divided into 5 sub-stores containing a diverse range of items such as outdoor living, garden structures, yard & garden, indoor living, kid’s corner, customer service, shopping help, etc. Upon clicking outdoor living, for instance, a whole list of products will slide down hence making it easy for you to find your favored item.

Not stuffed with lots of unnecessary items, the website will give a near-effortless navigating experience.

Payment Options:

Fifthroom accepts payments via all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Moreover, it also accepts payments via PayPal and Amazon Checkout. Checks from phones, emails, and money orders are also acceptable. Find out more about it here.


Talking about the cost, the price might sound a bit high. However, when one considers the fact that the products this brand offers, from Gazebos to Ramadas, each and everything requires a lot of material, equipment to construct, and human effort.

Each item comes in a huge variety with an option where you can yourself buy according to your preference. For instance, you can buy Pergolas of your desired material, designs, or even customized sizes in kit or fully assembled form. Therefore, a moon plank garden bridge with a price range starting from $399 depending upon the size is fairly reasonable.

Usually, a porch swing can cost between $100 to $300 maximum. However, here it’s somewhere between $300 to $1000. Well, that’s costly. But we can’t ignore all the customizing options. It solely depends on us what size and what material we want. Prices are in order of our choice and the quality of product makes up for the range.

The cheapest article on the store, indoor and outdoor rugs, starts just from $39. Fifthroom is a little costly when it comes to pricing but you are surely aware of the maximum cost a certain product can have. For large structures like Pavilions, Gazebos, and others, I think the prices are practicable taking into account all the manufacturing elements. Needless to say, prices vary considering the material, size, and design of an item.


From indoor to outdoor, the quality of products seem fine to us. Everything is available in multiple designs and features. These things can be an exceptional addition to your house or garden, one that turns everyone’s heads.  

However, buying such large structures online can be risky. Who knows if a well-structured Pavilion starts leaking or trembling after a week or two? You surely don’t want that to happen. Here are some reviews that might aid you in having a quality check.

Store Location

As mentioned earlier, Fifthroom is an online marketplace, not made for in-store shopping. The store lies in your hands, on your mobiles or laptops. Every product is a few clicks away. However, the location of the warehouse is 5410 William Flinn Hwy, Gibsonia, PA 15044, United States.


Fifthroom ships via UPS, FedEx, and Motor Freight. Every product on the site has its lead time mentioned. They do not ship to a P.O Box. If it’s necessary, you can contact them for assistance. Usually, the minimum time to deliver an item is 24 hours. 

However, at the maximum time, a product can take 2 to 4 weeks to get delivered to your doorstep. Other than 48 lower states, you can order from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and any other international location.  


Shipping charges vary according to the nature, size, and shipping method of a particular product. 

Moreover, Fifthroom offers free shipping on UPS, FedEx, and Motor Freight service on all items except Gazebos, Sheds, Cabanas, Pergolas, and fully assembled Bridges, with reservations. To get more details about shipping information, head over to the website

Return Policy

In case of damaged products, you are supposed to contact them in 3 business days. Fifthroom gives 30 days to either return or exchange the product. However, the item must be returned in original packaging and should be in a good, unused form.

It is obligated to inspect the product after arriving and mention all the concerns on the delivery receipt. If not returned in original packaging, Fifthroom will ask you to pay a certain amount of fees. Head over to this page to explore more about their return policy.

Fifthroom has a certified limited lifetime warranty that its structures are free of any manufacturing or material faults. As all the products are made with different materials, Fifthroom has its warranty overview of every item available in stores.

Customer Support

Fifthroom has very reliable customer service. In case of any complaints or queries, you can reach out to them from either Live chat or you can try live calling their customer service representatives.

For additional contact information, you can visit their website and they will provide you with all the assistance you need.

Customer Reviews

We hear and prioritize the opinions of our fellows. It’s just the way we are made. On, Fifthroom has a rating of 4.5 stars while on, it has 4.8 stars. This shows that they do possess a remarkable reputation among their customers. 

Many reviews left on the site are of customers who are fairly satisfied with what they received. This sounds like green flag. Here a few-

In addition to our testing, most reviews available on the internet were good and people seemed quite happy with the brand. Here’s another one-

Final Verdict 

Furniture is a primal part of a home and elegant furniture is a cherry on top of your house decoration. Whether it’s something you want in your bedroom or your garden, it holds value. Fifthroom is undoubtedly a great store for versatile in-house and outdoor furniture. The extraordinary collection is a great perk too. After careful evaluation, we conclude that this store is good enough to be recommended, if not better. You can definitely count on this store if you’re looking for some magnificent furniture for your house, lawn or anywhere else!

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