Hardware World Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

It’s time for you to forget your local hardware stores because Hardware World has got you covered with everything you need. You’ll easily find at HW what you’ve been looking for everywhere else. 

Hardware World offers a versatile inventory, housing over 40k+ items from bird seeds to drill presses. So that leaves us no reason to go to the ends of the earth for specialty tools and hard-to-find products because they’re a click away with online marketplaces like Hardware World.

To be fair, Hardware World gives us a lot to rave about but let’s unfold all that as we take you through a detailed review about them. 

Is Hardware World Legit?

Hardware World is an authentic place to shop for hardware and home improvement supplies. Not only is it legit but also one of the top online hardware stores in the US. So yes, you can rely on them to send you high quality products that’ll live up to your expectations. 

Product Pricing

Most people are in favor of just picking up the required stuff from the nearest hardware stores to eliminate the waiting period and shipping costs. And it’s pretty understandable.

But the pricing at Hardware World is what’s really going to convince you to buy from them. The most promising point is the fact that you can purchase even the smallest of items at prices that are typically available to professionals or bulk buyers only. 

But how do they make that possible? Well first, they don’t have a storefront which immensely cuts the expenses and secondly, they deal in high volume. This allows them to pass on the savings to us as they keep their costs minimal.

Anyway, they have a versatile price range in each category. For instance, if you look for glass cutters you’ll find one that costs you $2 and another that is priced at $28. However, you still get to save a few bucks in both cases, as compared to the market price. 

For bigger items, you get an edge to save a lot more than a few bucks. This chandelier is available at a price $70 less than the manufacturer suggested retail price. There are many other items like such, where you can find an opportunity to save your hard-earned money. 

A lot of tools and home improvement supplies are available at nearly half the market price. Even products like these hose clamps give you a margin to save 10 to 15 bucks which is the kind of privilege only accessible to bulk buyers at local hardware stores. 

All in all, Hardware World is a great find for anyone who’s looking for home and hardware supplies that fit the bill. We know it’s not easy to be convinced into buying hardware supplies online but the prices here are surely compelling, aren’t they?

Online Shopping Experience 

The website of Hardware World is quite user friendly and we couldn’t have asked for a better online shopping experience. 

What’s even better about an online hardware store is that you don’t have to move from aisle to aisle in search of your desired items and end up disappointed at last. The HW e-store offers you around 19 different departments ranging from automotive and builder supplies to power tools, workshop supplies and everything in between.

So you just have to scroll and click on your desired department which will take you to a list of further sections. Landing directly into your required department saves a lot of time and honestly, also prevents hoarding unnecessary stuff we otherwise pick up along the way.

They offer a huge and fully stocked inventory so you can expect to find everything here which is not otherwise easily available at other places. Here’s one of the many people who had just the same to say:

You’ll find the MSRP for each product along with the cost at Hardware World so you’ll also know how much you’re saving. 

Hardware World accepts payments via MasterCard, VISA, Discover, PayPal, and American Express. Overall, the shopping experience is pretty straightforward and hassle-free especially if you compare it to an in-store experience.

Quality of Products

Hardware World boasts a stellar reputation in terms of its product quality as well. Low price and high quality, is there a better combination than this? 

The products at Hardware World are no less than what you typically find at local hardware stores so you don’t have to worry about the fact that you cannot check them firsthand. Because although there is a lot of price difference, the quality is just the same as the products you find locally.

All the tools and hardware supplies have a decent life and work just as well. Basically, the items you’ll find at Hardware World are the same ones you typically find at your local stores so the difference in the quality shouldn’t even be a question.

But since they’re available at a far lower price, we just had to address the potential concerns about their quality. Here’s a customer sharing their experience:

And if you’re worried about the transit damage or packaging of the items, don’t be. All the items are impeccably packed before shipping to avoid any possible damage during transit. 

In short, we’re totally impressed by Hardware World and see no major reason you shouldn’t be buying from them (as of yet).

Where is Hardware World Located?

Hardware World does not have a physical storefront and that is exactly how they manage to cut down the costs of their products so we can’t really complain about that. 

Their warehouse is located in Atchison, Kansas and all orders are shipped from there. The development office is located in Washington which is also why Washington orders are subject to sales tax.



Hardware World does not offer worldwide shipping currently. However, they do offer shipping to all 50 states in the USA.  Orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx depending on your choice. 

HW offers both ground delivery as well as 1, 2, and 3-day express shipping options. Ground delivery times vary from state to state but the good thing is that orders are shipped the same day if they’re placed by 12 PM EST.


The shipping costs are actually a problem for most people. Some of them are of the view that the high shipping costs make the concept of low product prices kind of useless. It becomes similar to purchasing products from local stores and we cannot disagree. 

Hardware World should come up with a workaround to reduce their shipping costs as currently, the shipping charges vary from state to state and also, according to the weight of the package. 

The shipping costs are not fixed, however, you do get a quote during checkout.

Return Policy

Hardware World offers the usual return policy. You can ask for a return or exchange via their return process within 30 days provided the products are in their original/undamaged condition.

They do not charge a restocking fee which is definitely a commendable point, however, your shipping cost will not be refunded in any case. 

We would have loved to think that the return process is hassle free but turns out it’s not. Although the complaints are close to none but a few like this one do deserve a mention, just in case.

Yet overall, nothing about them seems to be a deal-breaker. Returns, more often than not, are an unpleasant process so the best you can do is try to avoid them from your end. 

Customer Support

Well, the customer service at Hardware World should get all the appreciation it deserves. Their customer support team is super responsive and helpful. They provide you with all the necessary details and also, patiently address all concerns.

“… my order was small but I was treated like a major purchaser …”, says this customer and it speaks volumes about their customer support:

As much as the response is par excellence via email, reaching out to them via phone is not as easy. But as long as you can get to them through email, there’s not much to complain about.

Find their contact details here.

Final Thoughts

If they have what you need, there’s no reason you shouldn’t purchase from them unless, of course, the shipping costs are making it more expensive than local hardware stores. But overall, Hardware World has a splendid service, pocket-friendly prices, and a marvelous customer representative team.