LexMod Review (Is LexMod Legit?)

Last Updated on: October 13, 2021

LexMod is a well-known furniture store that offers an affordable range of modern, classic, Scandinavian, rustic, industrial, and bohemian designs. 

This store offers a diverse range of furnishings for bedroom, dining, living, outdoor, and even workspaces. Other than that they are also known for their decor items that include chandeliers, lamps, rugs, bathroom vanities and whatnot.

The quality of LexMod furniture does justice to the price. They offer cheap to mid or high range items that last accordingly. Therefore, LexMod allows everyone to create a perfect living space.

Moving on … let’s probe further and find out if LexMod is worth your money. Also, you can browse through some of their best items throughout!

Is LexMod Worth It?

If you’re looking for modern and durable furniture in an affordable range, then yes, LexMod is absolutely worth it. The contemporary classic fusion of furniture by LexMod is sure to make a statement anywhere. Just like this Bartlett Upholstered Corner Chair is a modern chair that provides contemporary allure to your living room along with support and comfort. 

The diversity in LexMod furniture is the reason why it has become a new favourite of many designers and architects. Their furniture holds enough class to make its mark in the interior designing industry.

Besides that, what you may actually find interesting is the fact that they offer free shipping. The quality of the item depends on the money you’re spending of course. But know that you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

All in all, LexMod is definitely a considerable option for all the design enthusiasts.

Is LexMod Legit?

Yes, definitely. LexMod is a genuine furniture store without a doubt with numerous customers all around; satisfied or unsatisfied, well that’s another story.

But we can say for sure that LexMod is a legit place for purchasing your furniture. They produce quality products at competitive prices. 

Moreover, it is a reputable store that has been featured in multiple magazines. Such as Lonny, HGTV, Brit+co., Architectural Digest and many more. LexMod has made its place in many designer industries as well as Fortune 500 Offices. 

LexMod Website Navigation 

As customers, we look for user friendly websites when shopping online. Customers are put off by knotty websites that makes product browsing very intimidating.

Thankfully, the website of LexMod has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Furniture is categorized as Living, Dining, Bedroom, Outdoor, and Workspace. A separate section has been devoted for decor that consists of lighting, rugs, vanity, etc.

What makes the online shopping spree of furniture even more promising is the availability of high quality imagery on their website. These pictures allow you to see your potential buy from each angle so you can be confident about what you’re buying.

Check out the simple and user friendly website at Lexmod

LexMod Pricing 

Setting up a new place and buying high quality furniture might break your bank. Most people struggle with the pricing and quality balance. LexMod gives you both. 

The prices offered by LexMod are better than the market. They offer luxury furniture at affordable prices. Not to mention they do not compromise on the quality of their pieces. Everything is crafted with great attention to detail with fine polishing and a neat finish. 

LexMod gives everyone a chance to create a living space of their dreams without overshadowing their excitement with hefty price tags. They offer a wide price range so you can easily select from whatever suits you.

Return Policy of LexMod 

Lexmod offers a 30 day return without any restocking fee. If you’re not satisfied with the furniture upon its arrival you can immediately ship it back to LexMod. This return should be within 30 days from the date of shipment.

Also, like the return policy of every other brand, LexMod also accepts returns only if the item is in its original/undamaged condition, except if received damage. The shipping or exchange fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Where Is Lexmod Located?

Lexmod is located in Hightstown, NJ and you can contact them at their customer service support at 1-800-768-7750 from 9am – 6pm EST from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, LexMod can be contacted between 9am – 2:30pm EST. 

You can also reach out to LexMod through this contact form on their website.

LexMod Reviews

We have gone through several customer reviews all over the Internet. We reached one conclusion that the quality of LexMod furniture is impressive overall, however, they lack good customer support. 

Like this person looks really happy with their purchase and has given a 5 star to LexMod on Reseller Rating 

Contrary to that, this person states that they’re not happy with the customer support or delivery time.

Yet another one who is happy with the purchase but the shipping time was problematic

Similarly, we checked US Reviews and found out quite a few positive customer responses. 

This one’s happy with the durability and quality of their furniture. 

Another one, unsatisfied with the customer support and delivery time

Perhaps, it’s now time LexMod should work on their customer service and timely shipping. 

LexMod Empress Sofa Review 

Lexmod has a variety of options in Empress Sofa. You can find the basic Empress Upholstered Fabric sofa that is heralded with deep tuft buttons and luxurious cushions. The comfortable armrests and solid wood legs covered with plastic to avoid scratches while moving are the key features of this empress sofa that make it an amazing option for your living room.

You can also find an Empress 3 piece Upholstered Fabric Sectional Sofa that features two love seats and a corner sectional. With deeply tufted buttons and fine polyester upholstery, this sofa is yet another amazing option from LexMod. 

You will also find other options of Empress Sofas such as Empress Armchair and Sofa Set and Empress Bonded Leather Sofa. 

LexMod Engage Sofa Review 

Lexmod Engage Sofa also has a diverse range. From a 2 piece sofa set to a set of 5, everything is available. 

The Engage Bonded Leather Sofa is definitely going to make a statement anywhere it is placed. A very plush option for anywhere in your home or office. Seven tufted buttons of this sofa create a very eye-catching look. With two large cushions and smartly design curves, this sofa guarantees utmost comfort.

Another fantastic option from the Engage Sofa Range is this 5 Piece Sectional Sofa. This sofa is perfect for completing the look of any living area. You won’t need another thing after adding this beauty to your place. It features finely upholstered fabric and four sturdy cherry stained rubber wood legs. The cushions are very comfortable and the overall appearance of the sofa is exceptionally elegant. This sofa is definitely a durable and worthy option.

Other options are also truly considerable. You can browse through the complete Engage Sofa Range here.

LexMod Chair Review 

The variety of chairs at Lexmod is by far the most impressive. From office chairs to recliners, dining chairs or lounge chairs; everything is available.

This Expedite High Back Office Chair is a super affordable and comfortable option for all the workaholics. The ergonomic design of this office chair assists the back and shoulder posture. For lumbar support the lower portion of the chair is densely padded that will provide you all the comfort you need.

Or this opulent Duchess Vinyl Dining Chair looks chic and luxurious. It will effortlessly add grace to your dining area. This dining chair will be a perfect option for any modern home. 

Browse through other chairs from LexMod over here. 

LexMod Lippa Table Review

The Lippa Table from LexMod is a complete collection of tables in various sizes with different options of wood and designs. 

Square or round, wood or artificial marble, 24 inch or 60 inch, dining tables or coffee tables; you name it. 

Lippa 47″ Square Wood top Dining Table is a timeless piece. It gives a neat and stylish look to any dining area. With chip resistant finish and a coated square top, this Lippa Table is going to last you a long while. 

Lippa 28″ Round Coffee Table is manufactured with an artificial marble top and a tripod base. This coffee table is ideal for a living room, office or lounge. It features a chip and scratch resistant finish with tapered gold metal legs that makes it one durable option.

Browse through other Lippa Tables here. 


Lexmod is a reliable online furniture store with fantastic contemporary and classic furnishings. It is an ideal option for anyone looking for an affordable yet classy range of furniture. The customer service of Lexmod is a concerning issue for many. However, most customers are satisfied with the quality of their furniture. 

The shipping time is another weak point for Lexmod so you gotta place your order way before you actually need your furniture. On the other hand, price range, affordability and quality is truly a strength for Lexmod and that’s what we root for the most anyway.

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  1. This is so untrue.
    LexMod is an awful company to purchase from

    The sofa I received was missing 3 parts so I can’t assembly it and the customer service team is useless, they never reply to emails and when they do pick up the phone they don’t help in any way ” they just say I need to wait 7-10 business days to get a response” I have waited already 12 business days, called again and they said I need to wait another 10 business days while in the meantime I have a huge box in the middle of my living room with a sofa that I can’t even assemble. DON’T BUY FROM LEXMOD

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