Reviews Review for Publishers (Is it Worth?)

Last Updated on: November 25, 2022

For bloggers who are looking to monetize their blog and make some money, guest post selling is one method among others.

You have Google Adsense, Pop Unders and Affiliate marketing among other popular ones.

If you have a website with high DA (Domain Authority) score, platforms such as allow you to sell guest posts for a fee. Guest Posting

Anyone with a DA score of 5 and above can participate. The higher the DA, the higher credits you will earn.

Publishers earn credits based on the number of guest post(s) purchased from their blogs.

Only WordPress blogs are allowed at this time. You can select upto 3 categories or niches from where you want to sell guest posts.

Is Worth it for Publishers?

Short answer NO. The credits you earn from selling guest posts will be converted through their calculation at the end of the month.

you will get a share of the revenue based on the percentage share of your credits (to the total credits earned by all participating blogs). review for publishers

Here’s the reality now. If you have a site with high DA (say above 50), you will get hundreds of guest posts in a single day.

I once put my site with DA of 66 and on the first day itself, sold 865 guest posts. That’s a total of 865 new posts created in a single day.

The reward? I got credits of 34600. That’s a huge number and you’d be dreaming that you will earn like 800 or so.

After all, with DA 66, you’d expect to earn at least $1 a post, right? right?

Yeah, exactly what I thought.

The Shocking Result?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my earnings on the 2nd day of the following month after signing up for Guess how much…

A measly 14 cents! Yes you read that right. I earned 14 cents for a total of 897 posts (yeah I sold more in the coming days, what do you think?).

My pending payment shown was $0.14. Wow! Just wow. I am speechless. I contacted them to confirm whether all my credits were factored in for the calculation of my earnings to which they replied in the affirmative.

Peanut Earnings on Tens of Thousands of Credits

Now imagine what price you would have paid if you were to purchase that much credits.

To understand better the calculation, here’s how it works for advertisers. for Advertisers – Plans and Pricing

For advertise who are looking to build backlinks, they offer membership for a certain fee called packages. You can purchase 1000 credits for $49. Better deals are 5000 credits for $149 or 25000 credits for $499.

The idea is you purchase membership and then choose from among the participating blogs where to guest post by paying the fees in terms of credits.

That means that even if you paid $499, you would be having just 25000 credits. In order to be spending 35000 credits, you would have spent like $700-800, no? At least.

So earning about $800 from just the advertisers who purchased guest posts on my site whereas they were about to pay me a meagre 14 cents. Pathetic!

Their Calculation and Their Rules

Of course getting into someone’s programme you have accepted their terms of service.

According to them, the percentage share of the credits earned by a publisher is calculated. That calculated percentage is the percentage of the total advertising revenue share the publisher earned.

That means if you earn 100 credits in a month, and a total of 1000 credits were earned by all publishers, your share is 10% (100/1000). And say in that month, they made a total advertising revenue of $100, then you would have earned 10% of $100 which is $10.

No Transparency towards Publishers Earnings do not maintain any transparency with regards to the earnings of publishers. They will never disclose the amount of advertising revenue earned nor the actual number of credits earned by publishers.

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They can decide not to, of course. Now with that in mind, how do you trust them to pay you somewhere even remotely close to what you expect by selling guest posts? Good luck with that!

Conclusion and Final Verdict

My advice is that no matter how desperate you may be, or even if you are just trying out as a side income, for publishers is worthless.

They will inject poorly written articles, which are spun over and over (some even have the same heading, lol) and simply link inserted in between.

They claim to be adding value to your website by providing fresh contents to rank higher. In reality, they will destroy your site and it’s image in front of Google.

Get ready to be punished heavily by google including de-indexing. On top of that, they payment they sent you at month end will end up as PayPal fee. Yes, they pay via PayPal so. Whatever you do, just avoid them. Not just for publishers but even for advertisers.

You may be happy at first, but the publishers will not tolerate and remove your links in less than 2 months. That will do no good to your backlink building.