Solemates Review (Is Solemates Still Worth It?)

Last Updated on: February 18, 2023

Nobody wants to struggle with heels in an outdoor event and who understands that better than women? So we have a female founded and female focused consumer goods brand “Solemates” thanks to Becca and Monica. 

They put forward a unique concept of shoes protection by launching their flagship product which is a patented line of heel protectors. Their business is based entirely on shoes and heel protection so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself with unstable heels out in the open. 


Solemates is quite a present day concept. It was founded not back in the 80’s or 90’s but in 2011. The idea of heel protection was brought to life by two friends Monica and Becca, who met while working at Goldman. 

These former employees of Goldman went to the same business school that was the birthplace of the idea of heel protectors. Later, they worked on it and launched their brand as Solemates in the USA.

Solemates dealt primarily in heel protection products that were designed to protect stilettos from sinking into mud/grass. With the success of their flagship line, they expanded by producing blister blockers, anti-bacterial sprays, and other shoe essentials.

Website Navigation 

Browsing the website of Solemates is a breeze. On the home page, you’ll find a general overview of their company and categories for 3 of their most famous product lines; Heal protectors, Anti-bacterial sprays, and Anti friction balms.

Next, you have a navigation bar that houses several categories in addition to the ones we have mentioned previously. In the shop, you will find All Weather Protection that features products that are great for the protection of leather, suede, or fabric shoes.

Moreover, Emergency Kits, Sole Guards, and High Heel Thriver Collections are some of the other famous product lines by Solemates. 

Also, when you’re browsing through a certain category, you can filter it alphabetically either A-Z or Z-A as well as sort it according to price.

The filters, we do agree, are not many. However, they are quite apt and ample for the kind of shopping that will be done at Solemates. Overall, the website functioning is super easy for anyone and everyone out there!

Store Location

The store location of Solemates is exactly where you at right now. Sounds strange, huh? Well we’re talking about the Internet. Because Solemates exists mainly as an e commerce store.

 They have no physical stores of their own, located anywhere on Earth except for one headquarter that is located in Port Chester, New York. But wait … there’s more to it.

The good news is that they are available at different retailers such as CVS, CapeZio, David’s Bridal, etc. as well as many individual shoe stores or bridal boutiques. You can check out this store locator to find your nearest location. 

So if you want to shop from Solemates you can visit their website and browse through all the categories like you do in a physical store. Check all the features and grab the product that suits your needs. 

If that’s not an option, find an authorized retailer and opt for your shoe essentials by paying a visit.


The price of Solemates products is pretty justified. It falls in the category of neither expensive nor cheap brands. Every product is fairly priced, we’d say. 

Also, you’re probably not expecting a 3 or 4 figure price tag for mere shoe care necessities. So yeah that’s pretty much the case. For instance, if you check out their All Weather Protection collection you’ll not find anything beyond $75. Even a $100 gift card retails for $75. 

Now we know that this might sound too much to most of you given that they are just ‘shoe supplies’. But this cost doesn’t look much if you think about multiplying the durability of your shoes with the help of these.

The Suede, Leather, Fabric Protector Value Set retails for $30 only. Similar, a shoe buff will cost you around $10. If we talk about the Emergency Kits, the Complete Coverage kit that features a useful set of shoe supplies, it costs $50 only. 

The highest priced product at Solemates is the High Heel Thriver Set that retails for $105 and that is because it contains a huge amount of shoe supplies such as 

  • Heel Protectors in 3 varied sized
  • Blister blocker to prevent and treat blisters
  • Sole Guards to protect the sole from any damages
  • Deodorizer to eliminate any bad shoe odor
  • Anti-Skid pads to make the new soles comfortable 
  • Heel guards to enhance the fit and promote a comfortable long wearing time
  • 100% Flannel shoe bag to contain all your shoe necessities. 

All of this for 105 bucks is easily justified given the fact that they’re not for a one time use only.

Overall, we’d say that these shoe supplies are within the reach of everybody. They do provide luxury comfort but are not luxuriously priced.


Items that will maintain the quality of your shoe must be high quality themselves as well. So as far as our opinion is concerned, we’ll say that the quality of Solemates products is average to good in most cases. 

Their sole guards are a real deal. They do not let the paint of the sole scrap off. Also, they prevent any wear and tear of the sole and hence, increase the life of the shoe. 

Similarly, their Heel Protectors have received many satisfied reviews from the customers. While some customers have reported problems in sizes of the heel protectors, most of them were satisfied with their efficacy. Check the size guide on their website before making a purchase. 

Moreover, the anti-bacterial sprays are another great item by Solemates especially if you live in hot/humid climates. They not only prevent infections and bacterial development in the shoe but also prevent the any bad odor from lingering on to the shoe.

Overall, each of their product lives up to its claims. So we’ll say that Solemates is a winner in terms of its quality mostly, if not at all times.



Solemates offers a variety of delivery options with varied delivery charges of course. For shipments within USA there is no delivery fee if your order is above $25, as well as for Canada if it’s above $75. 

For the rest of the world free shipping is possible only if your order is above $100. However, in case of international deliveries you should be aware of your country’s’ tax and custom charges because that’s not the responsibility of Solemates.


Thankfully, Solemates delivers to a lot of locations. Their major delivery locations are USA, Canada, and Australia. However, they do ship all over the world. 

Solemates delivers through USPS within 2-5 days, UPS within 2-5 days. They also offer Next day Air, 2nd day Air and Ground shipping within 2-6 days. 

International deliveries are delivered within 3-5 business days or 6-10 business days depending on the type of delivery service you choose. 

Check the details of shipping and payments, here

Customer Support 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to them @ 877-356-3443. You can also contact them through their email [email protected]

Other than that, they also have a contact form on their website that you can fill up and reach out directly to them!

Return Policy

Solemates have a very basic return policy with not many terms and conditions or hassles.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can get a 100% refund for your item by returning it. Just make sure that your return package is accompanied by a packing slip or order number. 

Also, used items or items that are not in their original condition are not eligible for returns. Returns and refunds are processed the minute they’re received at Solemates headquarters. 

And we’re quite a fan of the hassle free return policy of Solemates.

Solemates Reviews

Solemates items are also available on Amazon which gave us a privilege of collection some authentic reviews about their products. We have found many satisfied customer responses. 

Such as this one

However, there were a few negative responses as well. More in terms of the sizing issues

Another one about their Blister Block Balms


All in all, Solemates products are worth a shot. The products are very capable of adding comfort to your long shoe wears. In addition to that, they also protect your heels and shoes and make them last for a long while. And honestly, there’s nothing better than keeping your feet at ease.

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