Totally Furniture Review- ( Is it A Scam?)

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

On today’s piece, we have Totally Furniture review. To begin with, Totally Furniture is a one-stop shop for all your home furnishings and decor essentials. When looking for an endless variety of furniture and its manufacturers, Totally Furniture should be your go-to place. 

They offer home furnishings from literally hundreds of brands out there. Totally Furniture has a ginormous amount of furniture options and they rightly claim that they have “something for everyone”. In short, it is the perfect place if you’re looking for a multitude of furnishing options in an affordable range.

History of Totally Furniture

Totally Furniture started off as a family-owned business back in 2002. It was launched as an e-commerce store in Florida 19 years back. 

Ever since then, it has maintained itself as an online-only store which is not a great thing to begin with. Purchasing furniture online always sounds like a lot of risks. The delivery hassle and risk of damage during shipping is one of the major concerns of online furniture shopping.

However, Totally Furniture has managed to gain a good reputation overall and has become one of the leading online stores in the market over the years. TF has collaborated with over 100 brands now to create a space that offers something for everyone.

Website Navigation 

Okay, so the website of Totally Furniture is by far one of the most detailed websites that we’ve ever come across. The categories … my goodness, there are very EXTENSIVE. 

On the home page, you’ll find 12 basic categories of furniture such as Outdoor, Kitchen, and Dining, etc. as can be seen in the picture below.

Just forget these twelve categories and try diving into any one of them and you will find gazillions of sub categories. Not even kidding.

For instance, if you check out the category of rugs, you’ll find them classified into area rugs 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, and around 7 more sub-categories, next there are Runners, Rug Pads, Kid Rugs, and Outdoor Rugs. 

Similarly, there are over 50 categories and subcategories in the section of Furniture. Like the Living Room furniture that has nesting tables, TV Stands, etc. Or the Office Furniture that has desks or workstations. 

In addition to all this wonderful categorization of home furnishings, you can also shop for furniture by a specific brand. You can check out all the available brands on their website. The brands can be easily filtered and searched alphabetically.

Lastly, for even greater ease for your online shopping, you can sort the products in each category by Bestsellers, Price, New, Most Viewed, Biggest Savings, or Product Names.

It won’t come off as a surprise to you if we say that we are a fan of the meticulously designed website of Totally Furniture. The extensive amount of categories does look overwhelming at first glance, however, it helps to keep your shopping targeted and precise. 

Store Locations

Unfortunately, Totally Furniture has not launched itself as a physical store anywhere. Since its beginning, it has been an e-commerce store only. 

The headquarters of Totally Furniture is located in Orlando, Florida. Other than that, the only place you can shop from them is their website which, by the way, is very easy to browse.

Product Pricing

We cannot exactly specify the price range of Totally Furniture. This is because it is not a manufacturer of furniture itself. Totally Furniture provides all kinds of furniture from affordable to expensive. 

Furniture from over a hundred brands is available at Totally Furniture and hence, the prices are according to those specific brands. For instance, a basic dining table from Ashley Furniture is available for $79 on their website. While this solid marble dining table with pop-up extensions that costs around $3000 is from Chintaly Imports. 

Similarly, when browsing through the table lamps, the least expensive option that you’ll get is the Brielle Table Lamp for $32 while the prices for some luxurious table lamps like this Primo 6 Light Gold Table Lamp can go up to 670 dollars. 

Likewise, curtains are starting at $22 only and the most expensive set can go up to $300. If you’re looking for inexpensive beds then you can find those too. Queen Size Beds at Totally Furniture are starting at $80 only. Whereas, the most costly option of a Queen Size Bed is the Houston Hickory Queen Murphy Bed for $4500.

So overall the price range at Totally Furniture is quite diverse. Your expense will depend on the brand and type of furniture you choose.

Quality of Products

One of the major aspects that everybody considers while making a purchase is quality. And especially when you’re shopping online it becomes a matter of too much concern. 

However, you can rest assured that the quality of your product will be excellent when buying from Totally Furniture. Each piece of furniture is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep. 

The product quality at Totally Furniture is exactly as defined. The orders are packaged well and are safely delivered without any damages, except in rare cases. Most customers have reported a satisfactory experience. 

As far as we have gone through the reviews of people, we can say that Totally Furniture is a solid option to shop for your home furnishings. Their items are wonderful and available at great prices. Also, assembling is super easy. 

They have met the expectations of most of the customers and we hope that they’ll be a good experience for you too!


So the product range at Totally Furniture is very diverse, but do they provide deliveries in diverse locations too? Well let’s see


To our dismay, Totally Furniture does not provide international shipping. They only deliver to 48 contiguous states of the US and nowhere else. 

This has been the one and only drawback of Totally Furniture so far. It would’ve been really healthy for the brand itself if it started international shipping. But anyway to each their own.

So you’ll only be able to shop from Totally Furniture if you reside within the 48 contiguous states of US.


There are no exact delivery charges mentioned on their website. They vary from place to place. 

If you wish to estimate the shipping charges for your location, then you can proceed to checkout where the estimated delivery charges of your product will be mentioned. 

Some brands at Totally Furniture also offer free shipping. Those products will have a free shipping tag on the website. 

No fixed delivery charges … not impressive. Totally Furniture could have done better in terms of their delivery service.

Return Policy

Totally Furniture offers a simple and easy return policy. They stand behind their products and cooperate with their customers in case they’re not satisfied. 

They offer a 7-day return policy. This means you can make a return claim within 7 days after your order has been delivered. The item should be in its original and undamaged condition. Also, don’t forget to keep the packing until you’re fully satisfied with your purchase. Because you’d need that in case of any returns. 

In addition to that, if your shipment arrives damaged or broken, you will have to contact Totally Furniture immediately so your claims can be processed easily. The claims should be made within 48 hours and they should be accompanied by their original packing in case of returns. 

Customer Support

For discussing your concerns or reporting a problem, you can reach out to their customer support representatives. 

If you want to reach out to them through phone, ring at 407-848-5000.

For emails contact [email protected]

You can reach them from Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm EST

Totally Furniture Customer Reviews

Reviews on the internet are the only way to learn about an online store unless you know someone with first-hand experience with them. So we searched and went through a lot of reviews on various websites. We’ll be sharing a few of them with you too

Totally furniture review

Their product quality is great. However, they should have done a better job with the delivery service.

An average customer response on Biz Rate Surveys.

Customer ratings

Someone’s not happy with the customer service.

true customer review of totally furniture


Conclusively, Totally Furniture is a legit place to shop for your furniture. If you want a pool of options then you certainly should visit their website. You will get an extensive selection of furniture from Top Tier Brands at better than market prices. 

The price range is very versatile. The product quality is commendable. Overall, they are a considerable option to shop for home furnishings.

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