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Last Updated on: June 17, 2021

Moving out of a town, a state, or even shifting to a college dorm is exciting but well it can be really taxing too. You need to gather not only a bunch of packing supplies but also a lot of patience. Uboxes is one such online store, that’ll help you with all of that. 

They manufacture moving supplies such as packing tape, stretch wrap, bubble rolls, and all other essentials of packing. Also, if you need help moving you can apparently contact Uboxes to find local movers, find storage or find labor without any hassle.

Nonetheless, let’s see if Uboxes is actually the life saver that it claims to be, in times of moving!

Is Uboxes legit?

Uboxes is owned by David Holt and was founded back in 2004. Uboxes existence in the industry for so long suggests that it is indeed legit and is here to stay. However, I didn’t quite find much of people’s opinion about Uboxes as I searched here and there.

Anyway, the Google trends for Uboxes clearly suggest that people have been talking about Uboxes for all these years. 

The above data represents the popularity of Uboxes over the last 5 years. The fact that Uboxes hasn’t come to a decline even after 17 years suggests that it IS doing some legit business.

Online Shopping Experience

The website of Uboxes has a very basic and user friendly design and so shopping from their online store is absolutely hassle free. On the home page, you’ll see some of their most popular and quintessential packing supplies such as Room Kits, Boxes in different sizes, and Packing Supplies such as packing paper, packing tape, and foam wrap, etc. 

The moving kits are categorized ranging from 1-2 Room Kits to 10+ Room Moving Kits. Similarly, the Moving Boxes include specialized boxes for kitchen, pictures/mirrors, mattresses, TV, and lamps etc.

In addition, all the essential moving supplies from packing tapes to glass and dish packs can also be found really easily on their website. Also, you can get your hands on printable checklists that’ll make moving and packing less troublesome. 

Once you’re done adding all the required stuff to your cart, you can proceed to payment via Amazon Payments, DISCOVER, PayPal, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. 

Overall, Uboxes provides a very trouble-free online shopping experience. It’s a one stop shop for anyone who’s in search of moving services, packaging, shipping, and industrial supply needs


As far as my opinion is concerned, I think that Uboxes is fair enough in terms of its pricing. I know there are competitor companies in the market that offer moving supplies in a lesser cost. However, if you add up the shipping cost and look at your total payment, you’ll get to see an unpleasant surprise.

So basically, Uboxes doesn’t trick you into buying low cost stuff and compensating it with a shipping that’d cost you an arm and a leg. Anyway, let’s look at the prices of some of the basic moving supplies at Uboxes. 

A basic moving boxes kit that is more than enough for 2 rooms. This kit includes 9 small moving boxes and 9 medium moving boxes. In addition, it includes 110 yards packing tape, 1 clamshell tape dispenser, 24’ of bubble roll, 3 lbs. wrapping paper, and a marker. All of this will cost you $54 only. 

Next I found their kitchen moving supplies kit really handy. The last thing you’d want is your crockery and dishes getting damaged in the process of moving. So you definitely need the right supplies to keep them safe. The Kitchen Moving Supplies Kit at Uboxes will cost you only $49 and save your dishes worth hundreds of dollars. 

This kit includes 4 Premium small boxes, 4 Partitions, 48 Dish Foam Pouches, 24 Glass Foam Pouches, 3 lbs. packing paper, 55 yards packing tape, 1 clamshell dispenser, and a marker. 

Likewise, they have many useful packing supplies such as glass wraps, mattress covers, bubble wraps, etc. A Pack of 2 mattress covers made out of 2 mil thick polyethylene to keep the mattresses safe from any damage while transportation will cost you around $14. Similarly, a pack of 3.5 cubic ft. bag of Packing Peanuts that prevent damage to fragile objects is priced at $16 only. 

To sum up, I’d say that the prices at Uboxes are fair enough. And I guess spending some money to preserve your sanity in the nerve wrecking process of moving is totally worth it!  


 Most people tend to neglect the quality of their moving boxes and opt for cheap options because oh! It’s just cardboard … a quality check wouldn’t be that important. If you’re thinking the same, immediately get that thought off your mind. Because not all cardboard boxes are the same. 

Uboxes offers both 32 ECT and 44 ECT boxes. 32 ECT boxes are ideal for light to medium weight items and are super economical. For larger and heavier items, 44 ECT boxes are recommended because they are double wall corrugated cardboard boxes. 

LED TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc. at Uboxes are 44 ECT stamped heavy duty boxes so you don’t have to worry about damaging any of your heavy/large items while moving. The standard 32 ECT boxes are also super versatile. They’re sturdy enough to safely carry all medium weight items. 

Uboxes moving supplies are easy to use. They are spacious and easily portable. The boxes help keep all your items very organized and make unpacking less troublesome. Ordering specific packing kits such as for a kitchen or bedroom makes it really easy to pack all the stuff in an organized manner. 

Overall, Uboxes offers a pretty decent quality of all the moving supplies. Anyone who gets a chance should buy from them because not having to take the stress of gathering all the moving supplies would make moving 10x easier. At least, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Store Location

Uboxes is an online store and has no physical retail locations anywhere. Their headquarters are located in Florida, USA. However, you can shop from their e-store only. 

Obviously, you can’t have a store-like experience online but to make shopping easier for you, the size guides of boxes and room kits are available so you can choose the ones that fit your needs. They do not offer collection of orders from their distribution centers in person. 

Anyway, I think lack of a physical storefront is something that does not bother most of us now!



Uboxes has its distribution centers in New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, and Kansas. Shipping origin depends on the item and stock availability. Currently, Uboxes offers shipping to 48 contiguous US states only. 

They do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. PO Box addresses are also not acceptable. The best part is that they offer a very rapid delivery service. Orders placed before 3pm are shipped the same day provided they’re in stock. 

But unfortunately, international shipping is not available at the moment.


All orders below 35 USD will be accompanied by a $3.95 handling fee. But the good news is that all orders above $35 are eligible for free of cost shipping. Uboxes offers shipping via FedEx Ground, UPS, and USPS. 

In case you have to change your delivery address while your package is in transit, an additional $17 will be charged as an intercept or correction fee. 

Overall, I’d say that free delivery over $35 packages is really promising and a huge plus point for Uboxes since similar companies that I know of, charge a hefty amount of shipping charges. 

But the unavailability of international shipping is something that I do not appreciate of course! 

Return Policy

Uboxes offers a 30 day return policy. The 30 day period starts right from the day you receive your package. This means in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase or you received a damaged or incorrect item, you can always contact Uboxes for a return/refund. 

Return shipping cost and type of carrier is the responsibility of the customer. A refund amount is typically issued upon receipt of the return. However, a $5 restocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount.

And if somehow you don’t need what you ordered anymore, you must contact them for free cancellation before 3pm the day your order is scheduled for shipping. On the other hand, if you cancel an order in transit, you’ll have to pay $17 return shipping as well as a $5 restocking fee per package.

Customer Support

Well, the customer support team of Uboxes is all ears in case you want any advice or tips regarding moving. Not only do they offer answers to your queries, they’re also available to help you make the best choice in moving supplies. 

You can contact them for any inquiry regarding your order or even just for guidance while you’re shopping. They offer fast and instant solutions to your problems via live chat only. 

You cannot reach them out via call which is kinda odd because a lot of us prefer that over anything else. But anyway as long as we’re receiving instant responses from live chat we’re okay! 

Contact Uboxes via Live Chat here.

Uboxes Customer Reviews

Despite their presence in the market for so long, I couldn’t find a lot of customer responses. However, I did find some customer reviews about Uboxes on Amazon. And it certainly looks like they’re really good at what they’re doing.

“Sturdy, stacked well and do their job well”

But someone had a terrible experience with their size so you may want to pay extra attention to that maybe … 

While this one highly recommends Uboxes: 

Final Verdict

By now you do know that I’d recommend buying from Uboxes, don’t you? Having professional help and the right type of moving supplies will literally cut down your stress of moving to half. Disorganization of items while you unpack is the biggest nightmare. So if you want to avoid that I’d suggest you to go for moving supplies and kits from Uboxes and save yourself from extra hassle.

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