Almost everyone can agree that they have dreamt of owning their own house one day. Some might already have achieved that dream, and some may not. But for those planning to buy a house or already own one, there’s a challenge involved.

Owning a house means taking care of it. Aside from regular cleaning and maintenance, you must also have a home inspection. And not just any home inspection, but a quality home inspection. A quality home inspection ensures that the inspector will check every area of your house for any possible issues.

As a homeowner who wants to care for their own, you must know how to choose a quality home inspection. The blog aims to empower homeowners with insights for quality home inspection results.

The Role of a Quality Home Inspection

A quality home inspection aims to use professionally accepted standards to report the condition of the subject home in terms of physical appearance and structural aspects.

There are different benefits that a quality home inspection can provide, such as

  • For buyers, you get to know the actual conditions of the home you’re about to buy 
  • For sellers, a quality home inspection can determine if the property will increase its value depending on its condition and
  • As a homeowner, you can determine potential issues that may occur in your home to prevent them and save money.

One thing to avoid getting confused is the difference between routine Maintenance and professional inspections. 

  • Routine Maintenance is your daily cleaning of the house, checking for leaks, etc.
  • On the other hand, professional inspections are thorough inspections of the house to check underlying concerns and potential issues.

To sum up, you know when you have a fever, but when you go to a doctor, they determine what’s causing it and how to treat it.

Choosing the Right Home Inspector

Choosing the right home inspector must be done correctly. You would want to choose someone with all the qualities of a professional. In addition, they should have the proper permits, licenses, and certificates to perform the tasks of a home inspector. Lastly, the person or company you hire should communicate openly and walk you through the process.

Preparing Your Home for Inspection

When preparing for a home inspection, remember that inspectors typically focus on a home’s interior, structure, and utilities. Ensure that your home is clean, that you have checked all your utilities, and that you have decluttered your things beforehand.

To be prepared during the home inspection, create a list of questions related to the issues of your home before the actual inspection. Let the home inspector do their work to provide you with quality results.

Interior Inspection: Beyond Surface Impressions

One of the critical areas for home inspection is the interiors. For interior areas, your inspector will check for your utilities, such as 

  • Electrical Systems
  • Fixtures
  • Outlets, and
  • HVAC systems like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Your inspector will access those areas and determine whether they need cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Exterior Inspection: Beyond Curb Appeal

Furthermore, your inspector will inspect the exterior of your home. They will check the overall appearance and cleanliness of the home, as well as the roofing, gutters, and downspouts. 

Since the appearance of your home, the inspection will determine the aesthetics by evaluating the windows, exterior doors, and many more. 

Unveiling the Foundation: Structural Integrity Matters

After the utilities and the appearance of your home, the structural integrity will be checked by your inspector. For the foundation inspection, the inspector will check the areas such as

  • Cracks
  • Crevices, and
  • Signs of water damage

Inspecting these areas will check for potential structural issues and provide implications for what to do. The inspection result will help you understand the importance of a solid home base.

Environmental Concerns: Mold, Pests, and More

The inspector will also check the environment and the interior and exterior of your home. As a homeowner, you might not recognize signs of mold and mildew growth. 

Furthermore, look out for pest infestations. One advantage of home inspection is finding signs of pest infestation and its potential damage. 

Lastly, homes built in the 2000s may contain chemicals that pose a high risk to one’s health and safety. For example, asbestos, which is especially harmful to those with respiratory problems, may be present.

The Inspection Report: A Roadmap to Informed Decisions

After all the inspections, you will be provided with a report, and here’s what you should expect

  • describe the major home systems
  • crucial components problems, and
  • conclusion of potential problems and what to do

After giving the report, you should prioritize the repairs and understand their potential costs. Then, based on the inspection results, you should navigate the negotiations.

Post-Inspection Action Plan

A post-inspectionA post-inspection action plan means maintenance and repairs on what the inspector checked on your home. Ensure you do all the recommended repairs and secure your reinspections for verified corrections.

It will help you prevent your home from doing it all over again. Therefore, regular maintenance and home improvement must be your long-term strategy as a homeowner.

Empowering Homeowners: Knowledge for Informed Living

If you’re still hesitant about getting a quality home inspection, stop stressing yourself. As mentioned, it can help you determine potential issues, recommend repairs, and check for health-related risks in your home.

For quality home maintenance and safety measures, you must schedule a regular quality home inspection in Philadelphia, PA. Another way to have a safe home is to have a community to share the knowledge and insights you learn.

Protect Your Home from Bed Bugs

Your home is your fortress; treat it with the highest care as much as possible. A quality home inspection empowers you, and you will gain valuable inspection experience.

To have a safe, secure, and happy homeownership, schedule your quality home inspection in Philadelphia, PA.


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