Fashion comes, and it goes. You can either keep pace with all the trends, rock the outfits you love, and keep up your looks. Or you can sit and consistently go through all those repeated dresses, jewelry, shoes, and bags. Until, of course, you lose even the last stitch on the suits. All because they are designer clothes you can’t afford every other day unless you have some extra kidneys, which you do not need anymore.

But today, we have a new platform at hand where fashion in all its magnificent glory blooms at a price that doesn’t break the bank. It goes by the name Current Boutique. It is called ‘Current’ for a reason. The boutique is made for people to keep their wardrobes current and refreshed while they maintain the cost of it too.


The founder and CEO of Current Boutique, Carmen Lopez, can be called a woman with ambition. She had a little rough start in life, but her passion carved the way to Current Boutique. No doubt, this is an old and proven principle that dedication carves out greatness.

 Her journey started when she was relatively young. She was raised in Prince George’s County with her father and mother, both of them sharing a similar affection towards hard work.

As a youngster, she didn’t have enough money and used to do odd jobs in middle school. For clothing, she would hang out at secondhand stores. In a store where it was a little hard to find quality items, she would look for hidden gems.

After doing majors in psychology and marketing, she took off her professional journey. With time, she managed to save up to $75,000, and with this, Lopez laid the first brick towards her path to Current Boutique. This chain’s ideology was to provide people with space where they could shop quality secondhand items. Also, for those with a full but unused wardrobe, she aimed to get them a place where they could recycle it.

It started with a small business, with contributions coming from friends and family but grew into something significantly more extensive. Cameron succeeded, and her plans bloomed out wonderfully for all.

Is it Legit?

Unless you are deciding to go and check out the brick-and-mortar part of the Current chain, this question could be pulling at the strands of your brain. Is it going haywire with questions like; Is it legit? Will it deliver what it says? Are they even worth it?

Well, yes. They are legit, and you can expect to be getting what you ask for. For more clarification, we will add some reviews at the end so you can rest your mind. So far, we haven’t received any complaints about scams from their side. None of the customers seem to question this chain’s authenticity, and did they provide us a reason to. So we guess you can safely order without fearing about your card details or receiving a battle-worn item.

How Do Things Roll?

The aim is simple; take and give pre-loved gems. And just like the aim, the process is pretty simple, too, unless you go through it. They take in items brought in by consignors only if they are gently used. Otherwise, they would have to say a simple no, which is very hard at times.

And Lopez knows it. She claims that it is hard to teach new employees the story behind every piece which is brought in. The way the consignors connect to the item itself! It might be easy to reject the items by a simple no, but she realizes the situation’s magnitude. So, every time they turn down an item, they try to provide a soothing explanation with it.

However, the items which are in mint condition, they decide whether or not they will sell. The boutique does not accept pieces that are heavily faulty or unattractive and dull. Once they think an item will generate a sale, they will have it added to the collection. If they want it but find it dirty, they ask the consignor to take it, wash it, and then return. The money received from the item is divided 50-50 among the consignor and the Boutique.

Website Navigation

If you are deciding to be at the shops yourself then you will be guided enough. If you are going to shop from the website then we are here to help. All you need to do is enter the website itself. After that, it gets even easier. Their interface is fairly simple whether you want to become a part of the selling squad or a valuable customer, the directions are super easy. In the above screenshot, you can see the icons like just in, shop by look, trends, etc.

When you click on just in, you will find all the stuff which has been bought recently. You can optimize your search for specific designs, sizes, etc.

And if you like to keep your style up to date and take inspiration from beauty icons around the globe, the trends icon is for you. Be it Denim on Denim or French Chic, they have something to cater to everyone.

The shop by look is another genius icon where you get the chance to choose from a variety of looks so you get exactly what you have in mind for your look on a certain evening. Whether you want to keep it classic, professional, or spice up your outfit by adding pieces from our Boho Romantic or Sexy Siren looks. You always have the option to go for a 90s look by choosing items from the Vintage Lover section because you really can’t go wrong with vintage plus why would we let go of an opportunity to live our Rachel Green dreams?


In hindsight, the prices of some items may seem higher but rest assured when you make a purchase with them you’re bound to look like a million bucks! Keeping that in mind, the prices are pretty equitable for what you receive. Items from all the most reputable brands in prime condition, all of which undergo very thorough inspection for complete quality assurance before they’re displayed and the jewelry pieces go through an extreme examination to assess every minute detail before they’re accepted from cosigners so you can shop stress-free! You can read more about the authenticity of their products by clicking on the authenticity promise buttonat the bottom of their website.

Conclusively, we’d say prices are pretty balanced ranging from $20 up to $6000 so you look chic on a budget and easily feel like an icon without your outfit costing an arm and a leg and leaving you bankrupt. Or if you feel like it’s high time to splurge and reward yourself, they have options for you too from all the top-of-the-charts designers.

As Lopez said, the team goes through every individual piece and you’ll realize some of them may be pre-loved but they look brand new. In fact, a lot of them are tagged too. So when you are purchasing from them no need to worry about the authenticity of the product or the wear and tear. You can simply add your favorite articles to your cart and let them do the worrying instead.


We’ve already been through this a couple of times but it sure is worthy of mentioning. At Current Boutique, they have a number of brand names adding sustainability glory to the gently used pieces. All the top-selling designer brands from Gucci, YSL and Chanel to Tiffany & Co. So you can fulfill all your shopping desires be it for dresses, tuxedos or your next Hermes bag, it’s all in one place!

Here are some of the pre-loved gems::



Their team makes sure all the pieces in their collection are trendy and stylish so whatever you wear you’ll definitely be turning heads and grabbing the attention of those around you. They also have pieces from specific trends all curated in one place so you can go and look for items that fit exactly your style, there’s no need to scroll through pages and pages to find something that appeals to you and fits your palate.

If you can do that while also being sustainable and giving perfectly wearable gorgeous pieces a second chance, why won’t you?


We are sure you’ve realized by now that not shopping from them would be a mistake and you’ll be missing out for sure. But what if the brick-and-motor part if the chain is oceans away from you? Then you may have a million questions running across your mind; how do I order? How much does the delivery cost and what is the return and exchange policy? Will I need two limbs for this shops delivery or will it take one? Don’t sweat,we’ve got you covered! By the end of this you’ll find the answer to all your questions and will be all set to place your order hassle-free.

Order Processing

It takes 2-3 days at maximum. If it takes any longer than 10 days, contact customer service and they’ll surely help you out. The customer service is always at your back and call in case you have any queries regarding delays, delivery or return and exchange policy. All you have to do is leave an email at or give them a call at 888-905-1280 during hours of operation. If you want an even faster response, they also have a faster response form on their website which you can fill with your details and query.


To make your shopping experience as effortless as possible, their shipping policy is very straight-forward. You can check it out on the Shipping menu at the bottom of their website.

And if you’re located in the U.S you’re in luck because they’re offering free shipping on orders over $100 within the continental U.S.

However, if you are located elsewhere, the shipping cost varies depending on your location and how much your package weighs. All duty, taxes, and other charges are added to your bill at checkout so you don’t need to make any additional payments when you receive your order.

Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied with anything you’ve bought from them via their website, do not worry! The Return Policy can step in in this regard. You can postmark your item(s) for return within 21 days of purchase. However, this is not for the products bought at the Current Boutique retail store or marked “Final Sale.” The “Final Sale” items are not eligible for refund so keep your eyes peeled for that mark.

To return, all you have to do is:

  • Fill in your order details in the space provided on the website and follow the step-by-step guide to completing the process.
  • Place your items in the shipping package along with your packaging slip and send your package off to the address given on the website.

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