One of the best things about the industrial décor style is that it is versatile. Indeed, industrial furnishings are often poised between the contemporary and the traditional, incorporating sophisticated modern elements while hailing back to classic factories and warehouses. For that reason, an industrial bookcase can look equally at home in an industrial, modern, or even rustic interior.

Moreover, industrial design tends to embody minimalist builds and neutral palettes. This too can make an industrial bookcase fit right in with your existing décor no matter your current style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best industrial bookcases that are available right now. Any of these can make a wonderful statement in your home or office.

1. Barnyard Designs Furniture 4-Tier Etagere Bookcase

From Barnyard Designs, we have the 4-Tier Etagere Bookcase, a beautiful, simple set of shelves measuring 55″ x 29.5″ x 11.75″. The design is wide open with lots of space between each shelf so that you can store taller books and items. The metal poles have an antique silver multi-step finish, and the shelves are made out of sturdy pine with a walnut finish.

Why We Love It

The assembly process for this bookshelf is fast and easy. Once you have it set up, you will love the antique look of the metal and appreciate the durability and beautiful of the pine shelves. This bookcase is one of the best options right now if you are after an old world look; it is easy to imagine it being right at home more than a century ago.

2. Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Style Bookshelf

The Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Style Bookshelf is another furnishing incorporating both wood and metal. It measures 54.9”H x 41.3”W x 12.7”D with 13.7 inches between the shelves, perfect for storing large and small items. The materials used in its construction include metal tube framing and MDF. Anti-slip pads offer protection for your flooring and also ensure that the bookshelf does not move around.

Why We Love It

This beautiful product is the essence of simplicity. Despite the fact that the shelves are not made of solid wood, they have a convincing appearance. They are also fairly sturdy, as is the frame.

3. HSH Solid Wood Bookcase

If you liked the overall look of the Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Style Bookshelf, but would prefer real wood shelves, you should take a look at the HSH Solid Wood Bookcase. The design is very close, but the shelves are made of real wood and not MDF. You can purchase it with 2, 4, or 5 tiers.

Why We Love It

This product is stylish, solidly built, and features stunning wood grain. You can assemble it within around 20 minutes. Considering that it features real wood shelves, it is also a great deal in the price range at which it sells.

4. HOMFA 5-Tier Industrial Ladder Shelf

If you like the ladder shelf look, you will love this product from HOMFA. Measuring 23.6L*13.8W*72.6H, it has 5 tiers made of particle board shelving featuring a wooden appearance and a frame of metal pipe rails.

Why We Love It

The minimalist appeal of the industrial ladder shelf makes a statement that is simultaneously subtle and bold. The simple design does a nice job conserving space as well.

5. VASAGLE Bookshelf

The 5-Tier Bookcase by VASAGLE is a compact budget option measuring 25.9”L x 11.8”W x 47.2”H and supporting up to 22 pounds per shelf. The shelves themselves are particle board, but have a nice finish, while the framework is metal. You can put it together quickly.

Why We Love It

Sometimes you don’t need or want a large bookshelf. This little shelf is ideal if you want to save money and space.

6. Homfa Industrial Bookcase with 2 Cabinets

Looking for an industrial bookcase that also features cabinets? You will love this beautiful product from Homfa that includes 3 tiers of open shelving over top of two cabinets. The frame is metal and the shelves and cabinets are made of chipboard. The shelves can support 22 pounds each, and the cabinets can hold 44 pounds.

Why We Love It

First of all, this is a beautiful and functional design, offering you a combination of open and enclosed storage spaces on a single unit. That alone would be enough to recommend it at the price point, but the sturdy design is another plus. Despite the fact that the shelves and cabinets are made of chipboard, they feel much more durable and look convincingly like real wood with a stunning rustic finish.

7. OIAHOMY Industrial 5-Tier Vintage Bookshelf

There are two versions of this bookcase from OIAHOMY. One is the “Classic Wooden,” which features a thin criss-cross design on the sides, while the other is the “Vintage Pine,” which features more of a metal grid.

Why We Love It

Both versions of this bookshelf are beautiful, sturdy, and easy to put together. You can complete setup in around 15-20 minutes. Even though the shelves are not real wood, they are convincing to the eye.

8. X-cosrack 4 Tier Bookcase Book Shelf

Another bookcase that may be a good option if you are looking for an old world feel with a softer character is the X-cosrack 4 Tier Bookcase Book Shelf. Like most of the products on this list, this bookcase features a metal frame with shelves made out of MDF. The measurements for the entire bookcase are 24.8 x 11.8 x 51.8 inch(LxWxH), and there are four shelves in all.

Why We Love It

What stands out instantly about this bookcase and what sets it apart from other industrial bookshelves is the wrought iron styling along the top and sides. This decorative effect makes the shelves look old-fashioned, but the design is simple enough to be subtle and not overwhelm the otherwise minimalist shelves with unnecessary visual clutter.

9. Homissue Industrial Open Bookcase

This industrial bookcase from Homissue is available with 5 or 7 tiers. The framework is made of steel tubing, while the shelves are high-quality MDF that has been finished to look like wood. Each shelf can support 70 pounds, so they are pretty robust. Assembling the product is easy, but buyers note that you need to be extra careful following the instructions regarding when to tighten the bolts.

Why We Love It

While this product has a lot of nice features and a sturdy build, what we like most about it is its distinctive appearance. The framing includes some simple but pleasing geometric designs that draw the eye.

10. Tribesigns Industrial Bookcase

This double-wide industrial bookshelf from Tribesigns measures 70.86” H x 39.37” W x 11.8” D and features 5 shelves on each side in a staggered formation for 10 shelves in total. The shelves on the upper left and lower right are extra tall, giving you room for larger items than you can fit on the rest of the shelves.

The shelves themselves are made of manufactured wood and feature a brown laminate finish with a rustic appearance. The black metal framing provides a nice contrast with the wood. It should take you around an hour to assemble.

Why We Love It

Both the metal frame and the shelves are heavy-duty and durable. Indeed, some buyers mistook the manufactured wood for solid wood. Appearance-wise, the bookcase is very attractive as well.

11. Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Pipe Solid Wood Wall Shelf

If you want a small bookcase that attaches directly to your wall and does not rest on the floor, you can consider this 4-tier product from Homissue. It features a simple ladder design with an industrial metal frame designed to look like water piping. The shelves are solid wood with a gorgeous finish. 

Why We Love It

The water piping frame is eye-catching and makes a statement. Also, it is great to have an option for those who do not have any floor space, but still want to install an industrial bookcase in their homes. If you need that kind of compact off-the-floor design, the Homissue 4-Tier Industrial Wall Shelf is the perfect product for you.

12. Tangkula Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookcase

Looking for a wide set of three tall bookshelves that are combined into a triple unit? Consider the Tangkula Triple Wide 5-Tier Bookcase. This unit features dimensions of 71”(L) X 12.5”(W) X 70”(H), and each of the 14 shelves can hold 30 pounds worth of books or other items. The powder-coated metal frame and thick particle board shelves are durable and beautiful.

Why We Love It

This product provides you with a ton of shelf space, but has a clean, open look consistent with the industrial style. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants to install a large set of minimalist shelves that are eye-catching, yet understated.

Where to Get These Industrial Bookcases

You have now had a chance to check out some of the most beautiful, durable, and reasonably priced industrial bookcases on the market right now. You can click on any of the links in this article to purchase one of these industrial bookshelves for your own home.

Nathan James Bar Stool

Whether you are shopping for a stool specifically for your bar or you are looking for a similar style of seat for your kitchen table or desk, the Nathan James Bar Stool brings you the modern style and versatile design you need.

Don’t know Nathan James? This company’s focus is on creating products which are not only stylish, but also affordable, easy and fast to put together, and able to stand up to everyday use and function beautifully over the years ahead. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Nathan James Bar Stool.

A Comfortable Seat With Pleasing Geometric Lines

The modern design of these seats stands out in an instant thanks to the satisfying simplicity of their design. Each stands 24” high on an open metal base with a rectangular cube shape. The width is 14” and the length is 18”. With this height, the stools are suitable for counters as low as 34” or as high as 36”.

As these are stools, not chairs, they have no backs. What they do boast is sumptuous comfort. Each is topped with a foam cushion upholstered in PU leather that resists scratches and stains. As the cushion is 4 inches deep, you can sink cozily into this seat with the full support you need. If you look toward the base of the metal frame, you will also notice a low horizontal bar that functions as a built-in footrest. The stool can support up to 275 pounds.

What We Like About the Nathan James Bar Stool

  • The base of the stool will not scratch your floors. This is a great feature since you will be moving them around a lot.
  • You can get the Nathan James Bar stool in four different colors. It is available with a metal base in a gold color with a gray cushion, with a black metal base with a gray cushion, with a black metal base with a brown cushion, or with a stainless steel brushed base with a gray cushion.
  • The height of this bar stool should be just right for a variety of counters, tables, and desks.
  • The clever integration of the footrest offers additional functionality and comfort without taking up any extra space.
  • You only need a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of scissors to complete the 25-minute assembly process. A clear instruction sheet is available online.
  • The stools are compact enough that you may be able to push them entirely underneath your counter and out of the way when you are not using them.
  • Nathan James offers a 90-day free return window as well as a lifetime manufacturer warranty. This is a company that stands behind its products.

Where to Get the Nathan James Bar Stool

Imagining yourself seated on the elegant Nathan James Bar Stool, and ready to bring it to your own home? To get the Nathan James Bar Stool now, click the link below.

Nathan James Round Piper Coffee Table

Those in search of a coffee table that can bring a touch of luxury and refinement to any room will want to take a look at the Nathan James Round Piper Coffee Table.

Like all of the company’s products, the table was designed to fit a wide range of styles and budgets. It is sturdily built to last through daily use, and should be easy for any customer to put together. Let’s take a deeper look.

Luxury Expressed Through Simplicity

The Round Piper Coffee Table features a faux white marble laminate tabletop on top of a steel metal base. For the base, you can choose between a black or gold brass finish. The cross design of the base is visually appealing and functionally stable. The legs of the stand hold the tabletop securely in place.

As for the faux white marble laminate material, you would never guess glancing at it that it is not real marble. It has a wonderfully convincing effect, and brings the marble look within range of a more modest budget. Needless to say, it will be the first thing anyone who walks into the room notices. Don’t be surprised if others mistake it for real Carrara marble!

With measurements of length: 36” x width: 36” x height: 18”, this table should be just the right size for most living rooms, family rooms, dens, and other gathering spaces. It can support up to 99 pounds.

What We Like About the Nathan James Round Piper Coffee Table

  • The table features plastic screw-in footpads that help protect your floor from scratches.
  • Both the marble laminate and the powder-coated frame finish are durable and scratch-resistant.
  • The shape of the base unites form and function, being simultaneously stable and beautiful to behold.
  • It takes a mere 20 minutes to assemble the table, and the only supply you will need is a pair of scissors. One person should be able to handle the job on their own.
  • Nathan James offers a 100% money-back guarantee on this table. You can try it for 90 days risk-free. We are pretty sure it will only take a you a moment to know that you love it. A lifetime manufacturer warranty offers long-term protection.

Where to Get the Nathan James Round Piper Coffee Table

If you want to bring the exquisite appeal of the Nathan James Round Piper Coffee Table to your own living room, you can click below to get it now.


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