Insuladd Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

Scorching heat or intense cold, none of them is ever a pleasant experience, and with it comes the increased usage of cooling or heating systems. With that said, I wonder why don’t we ever think of insulations? I get it, it may have been difficult to create economical, safe yet effective insulating products in the past but now, you can just insulate your place as you paint. 

Insuladd is one of the leading brands in this domain and represents as “Why just paint when you can insulate as you paint with Insuladd?” And it actually got me wondering why!

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be interested in a quick review of Insuladd as was I. So get ready to find out all about Insuladd, its products, and experiences related to them. And I’m sure by the end, you’ll be able to decide if it’s worth the hassle and money!

Bottom Line Recommendation
Insuladd is legit, but you can find a similar(or probably better) product called TermaCels from Hy-tech store on Amazon. That’s probably going to save you a lot of hassle.

Is Insuladd Legit?

Yes, Insuladd is indeed legit. The history of this company goes way back to the late 1990s when David Page (the founder) attended the Technology Exchange Program at NASA. His participation in the program was followed by the development of Insuladd products. 

As per their claims, Insuladd manufactures non-solvent and low VOC products. Also, they’ve earned Energy Star Certification which means they’ve successfully met the energy performance standards set by EPA. In addition to that, they’ve been featured on renowned TV Channels. 

In short, they’ve developed a non-toxic, cost-effective, safe, yet highly efficient formula after lots of research and testing. You can find all that timeline on their website. But for now, I’ll conclude at the point that Insuladd is definitely authentic. 


Having access to insulating sheets or paints for homes may have been a far-fetched thought in the past, mainly because insulation was super expensive. Hence, not accessible to a layman. So trying to cut down the energy consumption with the aid of insulating material was harder than paying off the hefty utility bills.

But gladly, with Insuladd that’s not the case. Insuladd claims that “Reducing energy costs at home shouldn’t be a costly project.” And well they have proved it by developing cost-effective insulating paint additives. 

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Creating a cost-effective formula sure was a challenge for them. However, with the help of top researchers and NASA training, Insuladd succeeded in manufacturing a considerably less expensive formula. 

Prices of Insuladd paint additives are starting from $19 for a 1-pound pack. 1lb additive works well enough for 1 gallon of paint so that’s definitely a feasible deal for most people. Similarly, you can find a 5lb. Paint Additive Pack for $475 which is sufficient for 25 gallons of paint.

For industrial or commercial uses of insulating paint additives, larger quantities are required. In that case, you can call them for the pricing of Insuladd for commercial uses. 

Overall, I’d say they’re offering an amazing price. Creating a low-cost yet effective product sure must have been a challenge. But they’ve done that somehow and I think you cannot get a better deal than this. 

Online Shopping Experience 

Well, I’ll be really honest and let you know that their website is not something that you’ll enjoy browsing. The website interface and outlook are quite mediocre. That of course is not impressive at all. 

I mean the e-store is the only place the customers will visit if they want to shop yet not much attention was paid to it. The website is not even updated in terms of the basic stuff. You’ll find what exactly I mean, later. 

For now, let’s move on to their store where you can find out their insulating additives in 5 different quantity options. You can find 1lb. to 5lb. bags of the insulating paint additives. The shopping process from this point on is quite easy. 

You simply have to add the product to your cart and proceed to check out where you can provide your details and proceed to payment. You get the option to pay via PayPal or Credit Card. Other than that, you can also proceed to pay via cheque which has to be sent to their PO Box address.

Since there’s no variety of items on their website, you’ll not have to spend a lot of time browsing through products to find the right one. They specialize in a single paint additive product only so you’ll find exactly that on their website. 

Overall, the shopping experience will not be a problem for you. In fact, it will be a breeze if you land directly at their ‘Store’ section. However, Insuladd should consider working on making their website better and updated. 

Quality  of Products

Quality is all that matters when we’re talking about something like insulation or thermal paints as in the case of Insuladd. And well, Insuladd has passed all the quality tests with flying colors. They hold an Energy Star Certification which we mentioned earlier. 

Moreover, it has been a decade since Insuladd is being used in oil tanks in the Middle East, metal shipping containers, factories, warehouses, and even a US Navy Arctic Research Vessel. Also, they claim that Insuladd was actually developed via the NASA technology exchange program and they can prove it as well. So that’s definitely a claim that carries weight. 

Insuladd is capable of reducing heat gain by as much as 40 percent. Time and again, it has proven to be a means to decrease heat intake and lessen the amount of heat loss. 

Customer Reviews of Insuladd

Anyway, let’s leave what they say or claim, and let’s get to know a little about the real experiences of people with Insuladd. 

Here’s someone sharing their experience. 

“Temperatures inside the boxes dropped 15 degrees”, this reviewer says. Now that’s what you call efficiency!

“The AC hasn’t run as hard …” another one says:

But then, there’s a small fraction of customers like these who think Insuladd is mediocre at best:

However, what stays dominant are positive reviews like this one: 

Overall, it suggests that Insuladd delivers what it promises. Their insulating paint additives do the job quite well and most people have benefitted from the insulating paints. So why don’t you go ahead and be the next one? 

Store Locations

Insuladd is a US-based company, however, operates as an online store only. It is based in Texas, USA and you can reach out to them at their PO Box address mentioned at the website. But as of yet, you cannot visit a physical store if you want to purchase from them. 

If you want to purchase Insuladd paints, you can simply visit their e-store i.e. their website, and place an order over there. Alternatively, you can also visit their Amazon store and make a purchase through it, whatever seems more convenient and reliable to you. 


Well, to begin with, there’s no information regarding their shipping policies on the website and honestly, it put me off quite a bit. Like hello? I wanna know if my location is covered by your shipping services? 

But anyway, I hit on a workaround for that. So here’s what I was able to find:


Fortunately, the flexibility in the shipping locations covered by them was able to make amends for all that disappointment. Guess what? Insuladd ships all over the world. No matter what region you reside in, you can get their products shipped to your doorstep. 

They’re based in the United States so they are quick to deliver nationwide orders. Which logistics company do they use? That I don’t know because again, there’s no information about it. Anyway, International orders are also shipped within 7 to 15 working days depending on what part of the world we’re talking about. 


For orders within the US, a flat rate of $15 is charged as a shipping fee and I can’t say if the shipping becomes free of cost for a certain amount of package. But anyway, you can find that out later. 

If you reside outside of the US, you can find the shipping and handling fee at the check-out. Shipping fee for international customers varies from country to country so that’s not mentioned on the website either. 

Overall, I think the shipping services are pretty good considering the fact that they deliver worldwide. However, what can be improved is the amount of information put out for the customers on their website. 

Return Policy 

Well, again no mention of the return policy on their website which is a bit too disappointing. I mean what’s the point if we can’t find out what the return policy is before we make a purchase. The customers should know if the company stands behind its products and is willing for returns in case of any problem with the package. 

A good return policy makes it quite easy for customers to confidently make a purchase. Now Insuladd may have a decent return policy or nothing at all, we simply do not know. Of course, you can enquire about it via phone or email but that’s just another hassle for the customer. I mean updating this section of their e-store wouldn’t have cost them a lot of time, right?

Anyhow, if you make a purchase via Amazon, you possibly can get a 30-day return policy on most, if not all products. 

Customer Support 

Finally, what comes to the rescue in terms of your shipping and return queries is the customer support at Insuladd. You can contact them via a contact form at their website. Alternatively, you can also reach them out via email or phone. 

You can also find answers to all your concerns about their insulating paints and paint products. Their customer service is responsive and you can contact them for the best guidance about your purchase. Find Insuladd contact details here.


Insulating paint additives by Insuladd sure are the real deal. They do work really well to minimize energy consumption. The best part is that they deliver worldwide and hence, are accessible to each one of you. However, one thing that needs improvement is the website. Yet in essence, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t invest in it!

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