Not all waters taste the same and while this may not make sense to some of you, the people out there who can relate know what we’re talking about. The taste of water varies due to many reasons ranging from varying pH levels and mineral content to the presence of algae or bacteria. 

This means not all kinds of water is suitable for drinking but with the launch of companies like ‘Invigorated Water’, you can take a sigh of relief in terms of your water needs. They provide all the essential supplies that are required to make water healthy and fit for drinking. 

However, all of that is based on their claims and we suggest you to go through our review compiled along with people’s experiences to find out if they’re actually worth a shot!

Is Invigorated Water Legit?

Without a doubt, yes, they are absolutely legit. Invigorated Water was launched back in 2014 by Dan and Monika Carlin. And it’s surprising to see how they’ve earned such an overwhelming amount of satisfied reviews in under a decade. 

They’re immensely famous for their alkaline water filters and have surely made a mark in the industry. Alkaline water filters by Invigorated Water were featured at Nymag among the people’s choice products. They mention:

Dozens also report that the taste of their water is improved. “It’s too soon to tell if there are health benefits, but the taste of the water is enough to make me a customer for life, one reviewer reports.”

Invigorated Water boasts splendid reviews at Amazon. In addition to that, their products can be found at Walmart too. And all of that pretty much speaks for the authenticity itself!


Starting off with what’s mentioned by them at their website:

“While we wish our filters were accessible and affordable for absolutely everyone, the reality is they aren’t.”

That may have put things a bit into perspective for you. But this, in particular, was mentioned for people who unfortunately have access to neither clean water nor the means to buy filters. But gladly, Invigorated Water does work for that as well. They donate a portion of their earnings to charities that help in the provision of clean water. 

Anyway, let’s move forward and find out how accessible they actually are!

Starting off with faucet filters that work with several filtration stages. The faucet filters are super easy to install with a tap water filter attached to the faucet. One of the best sellers at Invigorated Water is this pH Regenerate Faucet Water Filter that will cost you around $74. 

Next, moving on to pitcher filters that come in really handy when going for a day out or while travelling. These pitcher filters are meant to remove heavy metal, fluoride, and chlorine from the water. The prices of the pitcher filters range from $35 to $55 only. And these do come with change indicators that’ll tell you when you need to change the filter. Check out this glass water filter pitcher for $53.99

Via: @invigoratedwater

A water filter bottle is a must-have for daily routines so you have access to healthy water while you’re at school or work as well. Invigorated Water offers a promising range of stylish filter bottles ranging from $21 to $45. Like this Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle for $28.99 is perfect for outdoor sports or gym. 

Overall, the prices seem to be quite fair actually. However, they do multiply because you gotta change the filters every so often. But there’s nothing that carries value beyond your health so spend a little extra, if you have to!

Online Shopping Experience 

The experience of shopping online at their website will be absolutely trouble-free and smooth for everyone out there even if you’re not an online shopping savvy. 

The website navigation is very simple. You can easily browse around the website and find your product of choice. They have categorized their water filters into a few major categories.

You can find pitcher filters, bottle filters, shower filters, faucet filters, countertop filters, and replacement filters. They also have pH Test Kits available at their store that allow you to test the pH levels of the water or your saliva, in order to help balance the body’s pH levels. 

Other than that, what I also admire is the fact how they’ve briefly mentioned the functions and working of each type of filter. This way you can learn about each filter before you buy, making sure to end up with the right purchase. 

Shopping at their e-store is absolutely hassle-free. Just add your desired product to the cart, check out and proceed with the payment. The accepted payment methods include MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and PayPal. So overall, the process of purchasing from Invigorated Water is quite a breeze.


The quality of filters by Invigorated Water is par excellence. They deliver a phenomenal performance as per the claims. With the addition of IW filters in your life, you’ll notice how a small change will make a big difference in your life. 

From the shower filters to countertop filters, everything works to reduce the harmful content in the water and add beneficial minerals to it. Once you start using the filters, you’ll notice a massive change in the taste of the water. 

Most people mention the water to be delish with the use of their filters. Like this person: 

Not only do these filters work to transform your water drinking experience, but also they make the water really easy on your skin and hair. Since these filters remove the harsh chemicals from the water, they’ll make your hair texture better as well as prevent excessive skin drying. 

This user mentions how she noticed an improvement in her skin: 

However, one thing that’s surely worthy of your attention is the fact that their glass filters are quite fragile. So if you’re purchasing glass pitchers or bottles, you’ll have to be careful with them. Many people have reported that they love the performance of the filters but have a problem with the thin, fragile glass of their pitchers. Like this one:

But overall, Invigorated Water is doing a splendid conscious effort to provide healthy water to people. Their products have a decent life and actually deliver what they promise so a solid 9/10 in terms of quality!

Store Location 

Invigorated Water is based in the United States, however, it is an online-only store. Ever since their launch in 2014, they’ve been flourishing as an e-commerce business. They have no physical store yet. So if you want to buy yourself the best alkaline water filters then, you’ll have to head to their website. 

Alternatively, you can visit their Amazon store as well and place an order over there. And to be fair, I think there’s nothing better than not having to move an inch from your couch and have the water filters delivered to your doorstep within days. 


Since they’re solely an online store, it is important for you to know if they ship at your desired location. But before that, you’ll be relieved to know that their shipping services are lightning fast as mentioned by this customer:


Invigorated Water offers shipping to all the states of America. If you’re located within the US then, good for you because you can have an easy access to the filters and other products by Invigorated Water. 

They use Amazon’s fulfillment network which means they utilize the logistics network of Amazon to deliver all the orders. Invigorated Water offers Standard, Expedited, and Priority shipping so the delivery times vary according to the chosen service. 

In addition to nationwide shipping, Invigorated Water also offers international shipping. However, that doesn’t take place via Amazon. International shipping can take around 10 to 14 business days. 

International shipping locations are not mentioned on their website. But you’ll be able to find that at the checkout. 


Yet another good thing about Invigorated Water is the fact that they offer free standard shipping on orders within the US. Standard shipping takes around 5 to 10 days depending on your location so I think it is a pretty good deal. 

International orders cannot be free of cost of course. Additionally, they are also accompanied by tax and duty charges depending on the destination country. And all of these costs have to be borne by the customer. Shipping charges for international orders are calculated at the checkout.

Return Policy 

Invigorated Water is quite flexible in terms of its return policy as well. They offer a 60 day no question asked return policy and honestly, is there anything better than that? Well, actually yes. A 100% refund in your account is even better than that!

On top of it, Invigorated Water is also responsible for the return shipping fee. I mean isn’t it just the best water filter company there is? So many perks of purchasing from them and a super customer-friendly return policy is what tops the list. 

Here’s a customer sharing their return experience with Invigorated Water:

So then, it’s not just all talk. They’re actually providing the best to their customers and of course, building a loyal clientele. 

However, keep in mind that if you’re ordering via Amazon then, in that case, the return policy will be viable for 30 days only. 

Customer Support 

Invigorated Water is splendid in terms of customer services as well. All I see are reviews by satisfied customers with the exception of a very few. Additionally, IW customer support team is quite responsive and active. They efficiently reply to almost every negative feedback by the customers and are willing to sort out the mentioned issues.

Here’s a customer appreciating the customer support at Invigorated Water:

In case of any problem with your order or product, you can easily reach out to their customer happiness team (as they call it) through phone, email, or the contact form at their website. Find all the contact details here.


Well, everything about Invigorated Water seems too good to be true but they’re actually great at what they’re doing. Their online store is excellent, the prices are fair, the quality of their filters is impeccable, the returns and shipping are hassle-free. So what’s not to like? If you’re striving to create a healthier lifestyle then, you should definitely consider them!

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