They say “your morning is as good as your mattress” and well, we couldn’t agree more.

Today in contrast are two popular brands that specialize in mattresses. We’ll be comparing the quality, comfort, price, returns/exchanges, and customer service of the two, so you can choose the right one for yourself!

Slumberland is a well-known furniture store that specializes particularly in mattresses. They aim to provide comfortable mattresses that help their customers deal with their compromised sleep conditions. Not only is their quality par excellence, but also they’re known for amazing shopping experiences.

Similarly, Sealy is a company that deals solely in mattresses. With a wide range of mattresses, they offer a flexible price range as well. Sealy has specialized in mattress technology by bringing innovations that aid in providing maximum support to your body, exactly where it needs. 


The first Slumberland mattress made to the market in 1967 when its first ever store was launched in Richfield, Minnesota. Slumberland has been in the market for over 50 years now and has built a solid reputation for its innovative mattresses. 

Slumberland was one of the first stores that started producing king and queen sized mattresses. Later, they started expanding their store and today Slumberland is known not only for its mattresses but also for its furniture.

In contrast to that, Sealy has been in the game for longer than we thought. It was established in 1881 in America and has been working night and day to provide sleep comfort to their customers for over 130 years now. A magnificent history, ain’t it? 

Sealy is best known for its mattresses designed with posturepedic technology that help you sleep in the perfect posture and hence, maintain your health. Their mattresses have been therapeutic for many in that they help in curing aches and sleep disturbances due to bad posture.


Both Slumberland and Sealy offer affordable to premium priced mattresses. 

The starting price of Slumberland mattresses is 100 dollars. For reference, you can check out this mattress for $140 from the Essentials collection by Slumberland. This one is a basic mattress that provides ample support while sleeping. The mattress is firm in feel and is recommended for anyone looking for a cheap but firm mattress. 

On the other hand, jumping to the premium collection that starts from $1299 and goes up to a soaring amount of $5000+. You will find Tempur Pedic Luxe Breeze for 5300 bucks. It is loaded with all the premium features such as the PureCool+ tech that absorbs heat, maximized airflow, motion cancellation, dual cover, and breathable design. Precisely, the price of each mattress is justified in accordance to its features. 

Now let’s talk about Sealy. The starting price of Sealy mattresses is $399. When browsing by price you’ll find different ranges on their website such as $399-$799, $799-$1099 and a few others that go up to $2499. 

In the introductory range, you can find the Chill Memory Foam Mattress infused with cooling technology, adjustable shape and a robust memory foam that is perfect for anyone looking for a mid-ranged, high support mattress. 

Similarly, in the premium range you can get a Sealy Hybrid Mattress that is posturepedic and supports cooling technology with targeted support and reduced motion transfer. 

Slumberland mattresses are priced fairly higher than Sealy, however, both have their own worth.

Slumberland or Sealy; which is more famous?

Sealy has been in the market for a longer time as compared to Slumberland which suggests that Sealy might be more recognized in the market. With over 130 years of service, and a store chain in various countries such as UK, Australia, Singapore, and China etc. Sealy has emerged as a very popular and trusted mattress brand. 

However, Slumberland seems to be becoming the new talk of the town. Slumberland being relatively new is still building its reputation amongst people. One major con that halts the popularity of Slumberland mattresses is the fact that the stores are located only in USA. Despite this, we can see people considering Slumberland mattress a potential buy. 

At the moment, the competition among the two is nothing to write home about. The competition and popularity may slightly be rising for Slumberland for now but let’s see what the future holds!

Online Shopping Experience 

For an incredible online shopping experience, the website that you’re surfing should be super convenient and user friendly. And the two brands in comparison understand that. 

Slumberland, without a doubt, has a spectacular website navigation. When looking for the perfect mattress, you’ll be glad to see the extensive amount of filters that their website offers. 

You can narrow down your search to minimum by selecting filters that range from size, price, color, firmness level, height, popular collections and mattress construction. This way you’ll be able to find the perfect mattress for yourself in practically half the time you spend at a store browsing through different mattresses 

Sealy has also developed quite a user friendly website. Offering mattresses and bases in a huge variety, Sealy provides a very basic yet helpful filtering on their website. 

You can choose from their exclusive collections such as innerspring mattresses or memory foam mattresses, or shop by specifying the feel you want i.e. Ultra firm to Ultra plush. Or even better is the fact that you can also filter out the mattresses according to the price range that starts from $199 to $2499. 

In our opinion, Slumberland’s website navigation is a step ahead from that of Sealy. However, the assistance of Sealy’s navigation is quite adequate as well. 

Store Location 

Store locations are a big deal for anyone who doesn’t like to shop online. Even more so, for anyone who wants to find out which of these two mattress manufacturers are available in their region. 

Sadly, Slumberland is available only in the US. That, for us, was slightly disappointing. However, laudable is the fact that they have spread a network of over 120 stores in 12 states throughout the Midwest. If you belong to The States, check out this Slumberland Store Locator to find out your nearest store.

Contrary to that, we are pretty impressed by the store chains of Sealy. They started out in America but now they are located in numerous countries of the world. UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, and New Zealand to name a few. 

So you see, the network of Sealy Stores is very widespread. Nearest store locations can be checked here for UK, here for Australia, and for Singapore. You may also check out other locations with respect to your country. 



Delivery locations for both Slumberland and Sealy are limited to the regions where their respective stores are located. 

The only difference is that Slumberland mattresses are available only in USA while the delivery locations of Sealy are spread across Singapore, UK, South Africa, India, China and everywhere else they have a store.


On their website, Sealy states that the delivery is free. And that sounds very promising as well. 

However, we did a bit more research and guess what? The delivery is not actually free. Don’t really know what made them mention two different policies at two different places on their website. 

The terms and conditions here state that the prices of their products are inclusive of taxes and delivery charges. And that means you’ll be paying for the delivery cost without even noticing. Customers are usually naive to these terms and conditions and companies seem to be taking advantage of that!

As opposed to that, Slumberland offers a completely free doorstep shipping. This means that your package will be delivered at your doorstep free of cost. However, if you want assembling, unpacking, and inspection in addition to the delivery, you’ll have to pay $99 for that service. And well, that’s quite justified.

Mattress Quality 

Two brands, both specializing in mattresses so you must be eager to know if they can meet your expectations in terms of quality. As a matter of fact, they do.


Slumberland mattresses deliver exactly what they say. When they mention that their mattress treats aches, it does. People are quite satisfied with the functions and efficacy of these mattresses that are designed to deal with sleep disturbances. 

Most mattresses by Slumberland adopt to your shape, weight, and temperature. They are particularly great in terms of ergonomics. The pocketed coils that provide great support help in achieving a better sleeping posture. Ultra plush or ultra-firm, no matter what type the mattress is; it maintains its shape and flexibility in the long run. 

Overall, their mattresses are comfortable and worth a shot.


When it comes to Sealy, their posturepedic mattresses are beyond amazing. They have been developed by orthopedic specialists, therefore, are helpful for back pains and support.

The memory foams by Sealy are very effective for lower back support, available in different firmness levels. The Essential collection by Sealy is easy on the pocket as well as helpful for the back pains. Numerous customers have reported a better sleep and reduced back pain with Sealy mattresses.

Over time, Sealy mattresses retain their shape, quality, and functionality. The mattresses are quite sustainable and come with a 10 year warranty. 

Return Policy

We are not a fan of Slumberland’s return policy since it does not offer any refund or returns in case of their mattresses, unlike furniture. A one-time reselection/exchange is offered within the first 120 days of your mattress. A minimum 30 day period is recommended before you make any exchange. In short, no refunds, no returns, only exchange is offered that too, only for once. 

While Sealy’s return policy is worth all the applauses. They offer a 100 Night Trial period and if you’re not satisfied with their mattress you can contact them. They’ll offer you exchange, returns and refunds without any hassle. 

The best thing about them is that the refunds are processed within a day or two. We haven’t seen a service as quick as that! So Sealy is clearly way ahead of Slumberland in terms of their Return Policy.

Customer Support 

If you ever need assistance at Sealy contact @ 1-800-697-3259 from Monday to Friday within 8:00am-8:00pm and on Weekend reach them between 9:00am-8:00pm.

The contact timings of Slumberland are quite flexible as well. Call @ 1-888-95-SLUMBER from Monday to Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm. 

Moreover, you can also reach to Slumberland through this contact form on their website.

Slumberland Vs Sealy On Reddit 

Slumberland and Sealy both do not have enough reviews on Reddit. However, the reviews that we found are quite basic, lacking any details and stuff. 

But let’s see what this person says about Sealy mattresses

Not bad … but not too promising either!

And this one has something to say about Slumberland Stores

The Bottom line

Internet seems to be a confusing place for it is filled with huge amount of mixed opinions about everything. However, we believe that both Slumberland and Sealy are considerable options. If you’re skeptical about your purchase, the best thing you can do is visit their stores and then, make your final decision!

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