Slumberland is a furniture company that is owned by a family in the United States, and has now been established across 12 states with a network of 120 stores.

Overview and History 

The purpose of Slumberland is to provide a comfortable living to every person by manufacturing top tier furniture, especially mattresses that are designed to cope with aches and pains. Slumberland mattresses are built to provide a better sleep every night. 

Slumberland deals in mattresses, living room, dining, bedroom furniture and home decor. It basically started out with mattresses and bed frames and later on expanded with the diverse furniture range available today.


Let’s get into a bit of a backstory of Slumberland. The first store of Slumberland was established in 1967 by Ken Larson. Also known as ‘the sleep store’ Slumberland established a new trend by selling King and Queen sized mattresses as well as sleeper sofas. 

Moreover, the sleep experts in Slumberland stores guide you through the process of buying the right mattress for yourself based on your body size, sleep habits, and other needs. 

Later, they realized that their customers not only need bed frames and mattresses but also other bedroom furniture such as dresser, nightstands, etc. That’s where the beginning of whole house furniture happened. Check out their Dining Range Here.

Over the years, Slumberland has proved its commitment to provide quality, style, and affordability all at one place.

Who owns Slumberland?

The first store of Slumberland was launched by Ken Larson at the age of 25 in 1967. The store is still owned by the family. Ken Larson’s son, Kenny Larson is now the CEO and President of the furniture retailer. 

Even after years, Slumberland has remained steadfast in manufacturing quality and stylish furniture that will help you create a home filled with love and comfort.

Where is Slumberland Located?

The first store launched in 1967 is located in Richfield Minnesota. However, with the expansion of a network of 120 stores Slumberland is located in 12 states across the Midwest US. 

The headquarters of Slumberland are located in Oakdale, Washington. To find your nearest store you can visit the store locater on their website. 

Is Slumberland Legit?

Slumberland is definitely a legit place for buying premium quality furniture and mattresses that will not only add to the beauty of your place but also help in your well-being. 

The sales representatives at Slumberland are very professional and cooperative which ensures a great customer service. To make your decision easier, you’ll be guided throughout by their ‘sleep experts’. 

Slumberland Pricing 

A good amount of investment in furniture that is going to last you a long while doesn’t hurt. Also, when you’re buying mattresses that promote your fitness and well-being, you’re basically investing for your health. 

Sealy Harriet II Firm Queen Mattress is a basic mattress for a very affordable price, while Sealy Seafront Luxury Firm Queen Mattress is a mid-range mattress offering luxurious comfort.

Slumberland mattresses may cost you a bit higher than regular mattresses. But you will notice a visible change in your sleep with these mattresses. Many customers have reported reduced pains and elevated comfort by use of Slumberland mattress. 

Other than that, their furniture is very durable and priced accordingly. Salesmen at Slumberland guide you according to your price range, however, you can rest assured that the quality is not compromised no matter what.

Is Slumberland Worth It?

If you can’t afford waking up with aches or experiencing drowsiness throughout the day, then definitely Slumberland will be worth a shot. Since they specialize in mattresses and bedroom furniture our review is more directed towards sleep and comfort. 

Different types of mattresses such as innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses are available at Slumberland in a variety of sizes; single, double, queen, king, and California king. 

You can find a detailed guide describing the efficacy of each type of mattress on their website, Mattress Buying Guide etc. You can easily select the mattress of your dreams with the detailed guidance.

Besides the mattresses, their furniture range consists of a limited array of dining sets, tables, sectionals, sofa, and decor items, etc. All the furnishings by Slumberland are made to accent the beauty of any place. They are durable and stylish and therefore, worth it. 

Slumberland Website Navigation 

Navigation of the Slumberland website is pretty easy. The website is designed in a very basic and user friendly interface.

You can browse through all their items that are categorized as Mattresses, Chairs, Living Room, Dining, and Home Decor. These basic categories are further sub divided so you can browse exactly what you need. For instance, the Living Room category is divided into sofas, sectionals, sleepers, chairs, TV stands, and Ottomans etc.

You will also find buying guides on their website so you can gain a thorough knowledge of the purchases you’re going to make, beforehand.

Where to Buy Slumberland Products?

You can easily purchase Slumberland products at your nearest Slumberland store. You can find the nearest location, using the store locater on their website. 

If you do not want to pay visit to the stores, absolutely no problem. You can place your orders online and your product will be delivered at your doorstep in a short delivery time. 

Delivery Service

Currently Slumberland doesn’t offer overseas delivery. Deliveries are available only at places that fall in their local store delivery zones. They offer a Free Doorstep Shipping that’ll be made right at your doorstep. 

And the Full Service Delivery for some extra bucks that offers unpacking, assembly and inspection of your purchase at the desired location in your home.

Slumberland on Reddit

Slumberland has managed to gain an esteemed position overall. The reputation of Slumberland on the Internet is pretty decent as well. You can find what fellow Redditors have to say about their experience with Slumberland

Reddit being an all time popular social discussion platform, the reviews are pretty honest and free. Most paid reviews are positive as reviewers already get paid for the same.

Slumberland on Trustpilot

On the contrary, the reviews on Trustpilot seem pretty off. However, the average ratings are based on 4 to 5 reviews only that doesn’t make them a deal breaker. 

Check out what this unhappy customer has to say about their customer service 

Slumberland on Consumer Affairs

We found mixed reviews about Slumberland on Consumer Affairs. Most of the customer reviews suggest that Slumberland is an amazing place to shop for your furniture. While others were not happy with their service.

Return Policy of Slumberland

The return and exchange policies of Slumberland are quite promising. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase you can get a full refund within 5 days of yours purchase. 

In case you want to exchange one thing with another thing of the same value, you can do that within 30 days of your purchase. These conditions are applied to Slumberland Furniture only.

In case of mattresses, a refund is not available. However, you can exchange your mattress within 120 days of your purchase. An extended period other than the standard 30 day policy is provided in case of mattresses only. 

This is because Slumberland understands that it takes time to examine the comfort of a new mattress and getting used to it is a whole new story. If you feel that the mattress is not your type even after the first 30 days, then you can easily contact Slumberland store for an exchange.

Check out the terms and conditions, here

What Does Slumberland Deal In?

Slumberland is known for its mattress range the most. Bedroom furniture comes next in line. Since it started off with mattresses and bed frames, it specializes in the same. Check out this Sealy Lights Out III Queen Mattress with Foam Cushioning guaranteed to provide more comfort.

Besides that, Slumberland deals in furniture required to set up a complete home. From dining chairs and sets, recliners, sofas, TV Tables, Stools, sideboards, to rugs, lamps, lighting, cabinets, sheets and pillows. This Jensen Merlot 5 Drawer Chest is a versatile and affordable option for anyone.

All in all, Slumberland deals in all the home basics. Slumberland houses all the necessary items required to set up a bedroom, living or dining area.

Are Slumberland Mattresses Any Good?

Slumberland mattresses provide a good amount of support and comfort that your body needs for a sound sleep. They are especially designed for sleep problems.

They are available in a huge variety of modifications. The 3 basic construction types extending to different levels of firmness ranging from cushion firm to ultra-plush. 

Also you can shop from different collections such as Gold Chill Plush, Luxe Breeze Firm, Rockwell Firm and dozens more like that. For a firm support and plush, luxurious comfort check out Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm Tight Top King Mattress

Each of them designed to serve a specific purpose, suit different body types and provide support for various types of sleep disturbances.

Slumberland Furniture Review

While Slumberland is top rated for its mattresses, furniture from Slumberland is not a bad idea either. We have done a lot of research and found quite a few happy customers of Slumberland furniture. Sure there were unsatisfied customers as well.

Internet is full of mixed opinions. However, the positive reviews has a put a shade to all the negative ones. Mattresses are definitely worth a shot. But if you’re unsure about the furniture, you should visit the store in person to have better look at the finishing and quality of the furniture.


Slumberland is a reliable store for buying furniture and especially mattresses. We’d recommend their mattresses to anyone with sleep disturbances. 

We did our research and found both positive and negative opinions about Slumberland. Bad experiences are bound to happen no matter what the company. The customer service and support is what makes a difference for unsatisfied customers. 

Also, if positive reviews are outnumbering the negative ones, then the store is most likely worth a shot. However, to be on the safe side do your research and pay a visit to the store before making your final purchase. 


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